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Comment 06 Aug 2019
I'm actually 29 and have family moving to Sparta Georgia. We live on the Montgomery/preble county line around Dayton and tbh we really don't like living here much anymore. Lived here all our lives and looking for a change. I've looked at blue ridge actually. Being in the mountains, how is things like water pressure and you know, bears?
Comment 30 Jun 2019
Who doesn't enjoy a large population of stuck up Hollywood type people, human shit on the sides of the streets, insane amounts of homeless people, raging wild fires, conserving water to the point where you can only flush the toilet once a day and take 1 shower a week because of record rain droughts, also be aware that the San Andreas fault can year your state in half at any moment. Top it off with elected officials who are insane with power that they raise your taxes every chance they get and it's easy to see California being the best place ever. Dont forget the amazing traffic and the most expensive gas prices in America. Amazing place to live.
Comment 19 Jun 2019
Haha. Astros rarely lose series man. Come on they are 48-27. Your team has it going on.
Comment 29 May 2019
I always hear it referred to sounding like a train. I just wanted to be different and thats what popped in my head. For the record I never witnessed or heard anything relating to Mongolian warriors storming a castle.
Comment 28 May 2019
I live in Brookville and was 1 block away from the tornado. Luckily, My property didn't get damaged at all last night. I grabbed up my 4 kids took them to the basement and then came back to grab all the blankets and flashlights I could. I came back upstairs to monitor the news station when the power went out. I stood by the doorway listening when the rain stopped and it started lightning like crazy. Once I heard something that sounded like Mongolian warriors storming a castle I headed to the basement. About 10 mins later I came back upstairs and walked outside and my whole block was outside with flashlights. I live a block away from the high school and the roof was ripped off last night. I guess this particular tornado stayed on the ground from around Brookville high school through trotwood, through Dayton and finally lifted around yellow springs. People were already putting roofs on there homes by noon this morning.
Comment 24 May 2019
Fact: The Earth is triangle but the flat sides are round. Deal with it.
Comment 17 May 2019
Never really hated anyone until I seen stephen curry and his face. Hands down most punchable face in existence. I'm pretty sure he makes his voice deeper than it actually is.
Comment 12 May 2019
Perfect scenario, day wins 2 Natty's in the next 3 years, nfl calls day, urban gets the coaching itch and leads osu to 10 straight Natty's and rides off into the sunset with osu being an unstoppable juggernaut. The end.