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Comment 25 Sep 2013

Curious if this is an Ohio State decision or Nike influenced. My close friend in the Nike Football group who works on the OSU gameday attire told me he's "not aware of anything" in terms of Ohio State rocking an alternate this weekend. That doesn't preclude the Bucks from reusing a jersey from previous season I would think though.

Comment 11 Feb 2013

Ha...yeah. That'd be cool of course, but probably impossible. Nike outsources a lot of their categories because A. they don't have all the man power and B. they want fresh perspectives from outside firms. But on the elite uniform and innovation stuff they do it all in-house. They consider that their forte and pride themselves on their creatives and process. I'll let you know if something crazy goes down though. Do you work at an agency anywhere in particular?

Comment 10 Feb 2013

(Not sure anyone will see this at this point...)


Appreciate the feeback. Again, these are done in just a few hours and I literally comp'd up the first 5 I sketched. Ideally, you're given days of time to get many options to pick from and then do iterations and changes. Regardless, it was a fun experiment and I love the Bucks and wish they'd solitify some branding that doesn't need a facelift at all (like even the original "Block O"). Lastly, this kind of notoriety came so quickly for doing these that it was kind of a shock, and differing opinions come with the territory of course, for better or for worse (sick rhyme). I work pretty closely with Nike at my real job and it'd be great to be a part of the process, but I won't hold my breath...

Comment 01 Oct 2012

What a stud. So well-spoken and seems to be incredibly down to earth. His no-excuse explanation of the massacre in Glendale speaks volumes of his character. Good luck to DRIVEN and his future endeavors.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

For anyone who was at the game, what was the reaction like when The Baus was announced for senior day?

Comment 19 Nov 2011

I never would've imagined this season going like this. Pretty disappointing. A new staff can't get here fast enough.

In the words of Michael Fredo: "This time around, no more tears."

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Only concern is the burnout factor with him. If he's over it in a few seasons, I don't know if it's worth it. But on the surface, yes, this is great news.

Comment 28 Sep 2011

wow on time this time, don't have to predict an asinine score like 18-2.

Shartans - 17

Bucks - 20

Comment 30 Aug 2010

Just saw that Nate Williams is out for Marshall....if for some reason he can't go against Miami, should we press the panic button?

Comment 30 Aug 2010

How many reps do you think Johnny Simon could do if he was bench-pressing Jacory Harris?