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Comment 11 Jul 2017

I work 70 hours a week and come back after asking the opinion on something pretty innocent and you act like I asked you all to watch my kids..I come back when I can to read the opinions. Thanks to those who gave theirs without being a D- bag 

Comment 22 Jun 2017

If this was a confederate flag on a tank top from a white kid in Alabama, I don't think the black community would even raise an eyebrow, no matter what feelings it stirs up in them. Because it's been discussed over and over and the country has put it in the category of "It is, what it is". But this kid finds himself on the opposite end of the color spectrum and racial divide and it's somehow national news. I'm happy for him. I hope more kids do it and it gets discussed until everyone is blue in the face. Then maybe one day a black kid can talk about equality and perceived injustices and be free to have that opinion without disturbing the waters of what's expected by white america.

Comment 17 Jun 2017

I'm all about Ohio kids getting the nod on the tie breakers though. And I feel to a degree that, in what I believe is an attempt to strengthen pipelines and keep the flow going, that Urban defers to the cultivation of pipelines from traditionally rich talent producing states like Florida. The type of player that fits Urban's style is going to, more times than not, come from Florida and not Ohio. Until Ohio gets its act together and starts springtime football, it has no chance to change. I understand it. I agree with it. But it still is upsetting every time I see a player like Taco Charlton get away. I know it's always going to happen. You can't always know. But with the current system, it will happen more often. And the passion a player from Ohio has who plays against Ohio State and got passed on,  is even more in my opinion, than the Ohio player who HAD TO BE a five star to be a priority and sign.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

No way we get anyone that makes people stand and cheer. It's going to be some ho-hum person with "potential".... I had hoped that Thad was rushed away because it was a "shit or get off the pot" situation with a big name guy. Unfortunately it seems to be very underwhelming characters that are coming up. 

If they don't make waves with some real good hire, it really is going to make the unceremonious firing/"early retirement" of Coach Matta go from a black eye to looking like full on brain damage. 

Im already upset, push out Thad, our all time wins leader, to troll for unproven, middling nobodies. 

Slow sarcastic clap for you, Gene Smith. Good job.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

QUICK! Get this guy a hard line to the next coach's cell phone. Why, with that incredible hindsight and ability to make adjustments like "this guy is struggling, let's try this guy" and "You shoot it, not you" we will be winning titles in no time!

Thad made it seem so difficult. Balancing family life while watching game films until he passed out in his office. Recruiting while game planning. Dealing with poor health and the pressure of knowing, that his best players would leave for the NBA and he would have to try to make magic again the next year with new faces. Essentially needing to revamp the entire attack based on who he had left, Because failing to do so, would bring out the most ignorant, uneducated guessing fans  of this fan base and their torches, with one of the most self absorbed ADs in the country in tow.

When really he just needed to relax and tell the people missing shots to stop shooting and put someone else in when someone was preforming poorly. BINGO!

Comment 06 Jun 2017
My favorite book. The Giving Tree. Thad was The Giving Tree of this University. I hope that people from prior threads can show some tact and respect and just let this thread be appreciative for everything he gave of himself to the Buckeyes. Leave the criticism for somewhere else. I wonder General Patton's legacy if all his best fighters left after one battle.
Comment 05 Jun 2017

Sad for him. He loves Ohio State. Just got in a rut and was stale. Not exciting. Can't help but look back on the shithead who had his "They didn't even make the NIT" comment blasted all over the internet. I hope he catches on somewhere. He could recruit in the beginning. He still has value. The "Don't let the door hit ya" crowd should be ashamed of themselves. 

Comment 04 Jun 2017
I'd have to visit Michigan. I'd have every crystal ball saying Michigan. They would feel so confident that they would already have my name on a jersey and have extended an offer of employment to my high school football coach, per standard operating procedure at Michigan, and then I would tear their hearts out, temple of doom style, on signing day. It would be magical. I would be a Buckeye Legend before even attending a practice.