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I'm Maggie, a third (and final!) year postgraduate student (dual MPH-MSW) at Ohio State, having completed my undergrad studies (community health and sociology) at Tufts. My dad is a Buckeye alum, as are both his parents. Other family members (uncles, aunts, cousins) are also tOSU alumni.

Despite being born and raised on Long Island, I've always followed Ohio State (especially in football and basketball), because of my dad's influence. He's delighted that one of his kids is finally attending his alma mater!

Having been to games in The Shoe before, on a handful of occasions, it's great to now be in a position where I can attend every home game.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Wolves being promoted to the English Premier League in 2018, after a dominant season in the Championship!
  • NFL TEAM: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Brooklyn Nets
  • MLB TEAM: Pittsburgh Pirates
  • SOCCER TEAM: Wolverhampton Wanderers

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Comment 27 Dec 2019
Well I'm getting married tomorrow, and the color scheme is Ohio State colors, as we met at tOSU (I'm still a graduate student), so I'm hoping that'll do the trick!!
Comment 14 Aug 2019
Vintage buttons - because yep, I'm cool. Seriously though, after my Grandma passed away and we were going through her stuff, a couple of buttons fell off an old favorite jacket of hers. I decided to keep them, as a memory, and I realized how beautiful these vintage buttons (from the 40s) were. I wondered whether this was something people collect, and indeed they do, so I started collecting too. I'm always finding old buttons them for sale on eBay etc.
Comment 02 Feb 2019

I will watch, and despite the controversy from the Saints-Rams game, I will be rooting for the Rams.

I'm not sure I can stomach another Belichick-Brady win. Alas realistically, I think that will be the outcome, but I'll be wishing otherwise.

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Team websites - as usually I'm only interested in my teams. I count 11W within this group.

BBC - for the British sports I follow.

Sky Sports - also for British sport, but they have a pretty decent NFL section, as they broadcast the NFL over in the UK.

Comment 11 Jan 2019

Oh I've got more than enough to make the time pass by quickly.

My grad studies.


Vacation (off to Iceland).

And I'm getting married in December, so I have a wedding to plan, and I want to get as much of it out the way, before football season starts up again, because you know, priorities.

I hate off-season, but I find it I keep busy, it flies by.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Nothing wrong with the name. It was the name of a Celtic saint, from Ireland, but who ended up in Wales. It wouldn't be unusual for someone with Welsh heritage, to have a Tathan in their family tree (I have three in mine!), if they go back further enough. Yes it might be a bit archaic, but it's a legitimate name.

Comment 25 Dec 2018

The usual.

Clothes, books, music, jewelry, various gift cards, chocolate, and four bottles of Baileys (this makes me very happy).

It sounds a lot, I know, but these are Birthmas gifts - today is also my birthday - so it's all I get gift wise for the year! ;-)

Comment 17 Dec 2018

I graduated last year, so a recent grad.

I knew early on in the admissions process, I wanted to major in a specific subject (public/community health), which narrowed the pool of colleges I had to apply to in the first place. There were two colleges I really wanted to receive offers from, Tufts and Ohio State (my dad's alma mater). I was preparing for Ohio State, as thought I'd be rejected by Tufts, but I wasn't. Then I found myself torn.

There were numerous factors that came into play for me, but the main two were, (1) I preferred the curriculum of the community health major at Tufts, and (2) the campus of Tufts was a better fit for me at that time. I wasn't a confident person at 18, and ultimately I concluded that I potentially could be swallowed up by a school as big as Ohio State, at that time in my life. I grew a lot as an undergrad, and am now at tOSU as a postgrad student, so I came here when the time was right for me.

It's a bit of an obvious statement, but ultimately only you can decide the right college for you. Sit down, write a list of the things that matter most to you about what you want from your college experience, and then compare that list to both schools you're considering. Don't just look at things like academics, but the campus as a whole, the atmosphere and ethos. And as a previous poster has already mentioned, also factor in the environment/setting of each college.

Oh and congratulations, and good luck with your decision.

Comment 16 Dec 2018

Congratulations to all the student-athlete graduates, gaining a degree alongside their commitment to athletics, is no mean feat. I had a couple of friends at Tufts (my undergrad school) who were student-athletes, and while Tufts isn't exactly a hotbed of athletic success, the athletes obviously still had to devote much of their time to their sports, as well as studies. I can only imagine that here at Ohio State, the commitment to the sports has to be even more intense. Therefore it is a great achievement.

And it's great to see Campbell, Dixon, and Jones graduating as sociology majors, a very fine choice of subject. ;-)

Comment 16 Dec 2018

Christmas isn't Christmas for me, until I've baked some mince pies, something that we always have in our family, as my grandpa is originally from the UK (where they are pretty much a Christmas staple). Once I smell that sweet mincemeat, it starts to feel like Christmas. The recipe is I use, is the one my great-grandma passed on.

The first time I ever helped to make the mince pies, was actually with my great-grandma, on Christmas Eve 2000. She was in her late 90's then, but still insisted on making them, and said that as we were six on Christmas Day, my twin sister and I were old enough to give her a hand. I'm not sure how much help we actually were, but we did our best. That Christmas ended up being her last one, she passed away the following May, and that memory of 'helping' her in the kitchen that Christmas Eve is one of my most treasured ones. I only got to have her in my life briefly, but I adored her, and I guess in some small way, baking mince pies (using her recipe) every Christmas is my way of making her part of this time of year.

I'm definitely the baker in the family, my mom has never really enjoyed it, and my twin just burns everything. It's always up to me to bake it all each year; pies, cookies, Yule log, and Christmas Cake. The only thing I don't bake is mine and my sister's birthday cake, my mom orders that in.

Happy baking, all bakers!

Comment 29 Nov 2018

Brilliant show, but technically not a Netflix Original, as it was produced for and originally aired on the BBC in the UK (and on RTE in Ireland). Netflix did purchase the broadcasting rights for the ROTW though.

Comment 24 Nov 2018

To quote Bill Shankly, the late, great Liverpool manager...

 A lot of football success is in the mind. You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are.

Yes it's about the other football, but it applies here too.

Believe you're the best. Go Bucks!

Comment 12 Nov 2018

Over the last few days, with the fires in California, I've seen Twitter at its best. For example, within just half an hour of one woman tweeting if someone could take her dogs in while she was evacuated (as the emergency center didn't allow dogs, and a local shelter was full), someone came forward to take the dogs in.

This however, is Twitter at its worst, and I suppose if you want the good, you have take the bad too.

Oh Zach.