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Comment 01 Dec 2018
We not only don't deserve to go to the playoffs, we kinda suck most of the time. What a shame. We have the talent to beat anyone.
Comment 18 Sep 2018
I was at the local Twin Peaks in Birmingham with my wife and nephew for the game. After that play, I got up to go take a piss, but before walking away, I watched the replay to confirm what I thought I would come back to. When I returned, my nephew told me they overturned it. "What the actual fuck!" blurted out of my mouth, as rage filled flashbacks of Denzel Ward getting robbed of possibly the best defensive play in all of college football last year streamed through my head. On the second part, it's early. I've seen teams fail to put it together until rivalry week magically kick ass from then on many times. I'm just some guy that drinks and swears too much on Saturdays. All I can do is watch, and hope they don't drop one like Iowa last year before they get it figured out.
Comment 15 Sep 2018
Gary Patterson has visible sweat stains by the second quarter, in an indoor stadium with the roof closed.
Comment 15 Sep 2018
In their lone 2014 loss, they let a team put up 61 fucking points. SIXTY-ONE! Playoff teams don't give up 61. FSU was getting tackled by ghosts (should be illegal) and literally giving the ball away against Oregon and didn't give up 61. Every sentence in this statement says 61 somewhere. Sixty Fucking One.
Comment 12 Sep 2018
Most are tired of DESIGNED QB runs, not a scramble with a beautiful juke we haven't seen since Braxton, and following through calling blocks all the way to diving for the pylon. All from a backup that completed 100 percent of his passes after people bitched about him even being in games. Tate, you have my vote.
Comment 11 Sep 2018
55 -17 Buckeyes, in a game that's close for about 6 minutes. Then Monday, I'll get to hear on the radio how underwhelming Ohio State is. Gotta love the south. By the way, for some reason, the radio assclowns down here have a hard-on for Wisconsin. Not sure why.
Comment 31 Aug 2018
I'm not usually like this, but I really want them to run up the score on everyone they play this year. Just relentless football for 60 straight minutes, using timeouts inappropriately while up big in the 4th. They say they're playing angry. Show the world how angry. Sorry, oSU.