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Ohio native, lived in suburban Cleveland southwest side 1956 to 1981.


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Comment 16 Jan 2020

Oops my prior note said ACC, but I seem to recall the officiating crew in the OSU game was from the SEC. But still pretty sketchy for a tournament game with Clemson in it.  Also the championship game was Tigers versus Tigers, just noticed that duh.  

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Lawrence ducked his head into the hit.  He was essentially a runner and was not defenseless. Terrible move by corrupt ACC booth officials, to call targeting after the fact and eject Shaun Wade.  Of course they had to do it, because it was a nasty lick on an ACC qb, and he was laying on the turf afterwards.  ln the championship game, Clemson got to feel the sting of a cheap targeting call against Skalski.  But they didn't have to suffer with a scoop and score taken away,  or a cheap touching the kicker penalty turned into roughing.  Instead LSU and Joe B just gave them a thorough beat down.  Buckeyes might not have won, but would have fared better against the Tigers, my opinion.

Comment 06 Jan 2020

For sure those SEC officials were biased.  Either that or the NCAA needs to do some intensive re-education (i.e. brainwashing) on all their zebras to inform them (and all the fans) what a legal pass reception is or is not.  The Clemson guy caught the ball solidly with two hands away from his body, and moved it around during the course of three steps, all the while controlling.  If he had crossed the goal line on the third step .. touchdown.  Or had gone out of bounds .. legal pass completion.  But because Jeff Okudah whacked the ball loose as the receiver's third step hit the ground, apparently causing a fumble .. which was the (correct*) ruling on the field .. the corrupt officials in the booth when given their chance overturned the correct call.  Amazing.  They got to see the whole thing in slo mo, over and over, and purposefully blew the call.  All the mumbo jumbo about "football move" and "secure the ball" was just a load of bs to cover up a horribly bad overturn by obviously biased and corrupt officials in the booth.  A bad call on the field sometimes happens, and there were a few of those.  But an overturn needs incontovertable contrary evidence and that was not apparent on the video replays we all watched.  The only thing apparent was the stench of corruption.  Those booth officials should get disciplined, and the ncaa should use non conference officials in the booth and on the field, in the future.  

* If anyone thinks the call on the field was incorrect, then okay what if the receiver runs many steps after catching the ball, say 10 or 15 steps, all the while holding it solidly away from his body?  Catch or not?  What if he then drops the ball in the field of play?  Fumble or incomplete pass?