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Comment 22 Sep 2020

I'm hopeful that the teams in the big ten recognize how hard they fought just to play, that they make the sacrifices necessary to limit their exposure.  Hope is all I got tho.

Comment 20 Aug 2020

Honestly, this is just wrong.  What ever happened to personal responsibility?  If a player gets hurt on the field,  for example, a really bad head injury, there isn't fear that there will be a lawsuit.  Is this really all that different?

Leadership from Mark Emmert and the NCAA would have been the correct course of action.  Their inaction amplifies the argument that the NCAA is unnecessary. 

Comment 20 Aug 2020

As bad as a coach JH is, he does believe that he can win.  The guy is nuts, he would do anything to play.  Franklin is less delusional, and might plan it this way, but he has been pretty outspoken that he wants to play.  I think that most of the coaches if asked, want to play.

Comment 03 Aug 2020

I'm not seeing where you see this?

Here are the mandatory rules for spectators as listed in what you posted.

• Spectators must conduct daily symptom assessments. Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.* • Six-feet social distancing must be maintained between individuals. • No congregating before or after practices or games is permitted. 

Comment 07 May 2020

I get your points, and on the surface I agree.  Your last paragraph is what brings it all home for me.  Think of how many kids could be swayed by an agent or a family member giving bad advice.  Kids need the strength and conditioning staff to get their development to the NFL caliber.  I think the money aspect is criminal, and I like the rule for undrafted Jr's but keep the 3 years removed.

Comment 07 May 2020

Thanks for clarifying, is it next year the NFL renegotiates?  And if so, what is the likelihood of this change.  I remember one of the reasons for the provision, is player safety; the majority of 18-19-20 year olds have not matured physically enough for the NFL.  Thoughts?

Comment 22 Apr 2020

Was listening to a podcast, I think it was Letterman Row, and that was their opinion.  Kenny was encouraged to earn his stripes as a D-Line coach, so that he could be hired back.  (If people hadn't heard, he was hired at Fordham).

Comment 22 Apr 2020

I agree for some kids that's true, but a lot of kids become Buckeye fans because of the national appeal.  Good example would be Dwayne Haskins.  We've all seen the video of him touring the facilities as a kid.  When OSU wins on a national stage, which they have been doing, it is creating fans around the country who are in the formative years, and some of those kids grow up to be pretty good football players.