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Comment 21 Aug 2019

And I think he is exactly what the Brown's need.  You said it yourself, you are going to watch the Browns because of him.  I also typically don't like players like this, because they are assholes; but in this case, he's our asshole.  I do like how he has embraced the culture of Cleveland, which either shows that he is really saavy, or that he truly fits in.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I think it's interesting how Mattison has taken to this team.  Not that I doubted that a coach who has been in the game as long as he has to really get attached to his guys.  I never watched him speak while he coached elsewhere, but to me, it's like he is giddy about the level of talent, as well as the dedication to each other.  He seems to be really enjoying himself.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I'm late to the party on this one, anyone care to elaborate on the PED claim?

Comment 15 Aug 2019

You still don't get it, it's clear you are watching the news and taking sensationalist stories as what is truly going on.  The people who are "manning up" are repressing these mental issues, and sometimes it leads to serious consequences.  So to answer your questions, it's just better to keep opinions to yourself.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

This reminds me of the DENNIS system.  (Always Sunny)

"The D.E.N.N.I.S. system refers to a fool proof system enabling men to obtain a woman's undying love, accompanied by life love devotion (if the man so desires). 

D- Demonstrate Value 
E- Engage Physically 
N- Nurture Dependence 
N- Neglect Emotionally 
I- Inspire Hope 
S- Separate Entirely

The way to win any girl's heart."

For those who have never seen the show, Dennis is best described as a sociopath.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

YOU are part of the problem, and I do my best not to point fingers or call anyone out on here.  Part of the reason people don't seek help is comments like this.  Situational depression is still depression, and it helps to talk about it.  But according to you, people are snowflakes if they don't tough it out.

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Not a collectible knife by any means, but I just picked up a Morakniv Companion.  Great knife.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

We cancelled with Georgia because we had a deal with the PAC 12 for more home and home games that would have conflicted, I don't think that the SEC is the best, and I do believe that Saban is afraid to play a big name OOC up north.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Here's the thing, if he said it drunk he at least thought it sober.  Minimizing a slur, because he "continued his season and school year as if nothing had happened" is unfair and dismissive.  I'm not going to try and guess his reasons, but if something like that happened to me, I'd always have a feeling of unease knowing what some people were thinking.  And to your point, if he were starting he'd still be there; probably, but it would also probably be easier to drown out the negatives if you are the starter.

Comment 01 Aug 2019

I appreciate what you are saying; it gives us a different perspective, otherwise it can be just a bunch of homers thumping their chest.  Another reason to come to eleven warriors?  The website is well done; It's easy to navigate, and the articles are usually pretty well written. On top of that, they are funny! The big names sports media's attempt at humor sucks, so it's refreshing to read articles here.

Comment 26 Jul 2019

Ohio needs more public lands; I'm not making a political statement, but it would be wonderful if ODNR could purchase all of the AEP Power Lands for public parks.  Ohio is seriously lacking, and it's why many outdoorsmen go north.  

Comment 26 Jul 2019

I hear ya, I wonder how Homeland Security feels about having the big vehicles so close to a lot of people.  I imagine security is a big reason here.