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Comment 06 Aug 2020

Ive always thought that nick saban was the perfect mix bw tressel and urban.  My way too early take on Day is that he might be as well.  A combo of tressel type loftiness, calmness and attn to detail with a urban type competitive edginess below the surface.  

makes me wonder if urban knew what they had in Day and did osu the greatest favor ever by graciously stepping aside.

Comment 02 Aug 2020

Accepting a full ride scholarship in exchange for playing a sport is a voluntary choice.  They can choose not play, just need to find a kid that wants the scholarship so they can get 85 on the roster.

seems pretty staight forward and win win win for everyone.  I think its great that we have freedom in America.

Comment 13 Jul 2020

Please god no.  Ive never understood fans fascination with getting the ball to the slowest player on the field.  I guess i should look at the positive, at least we dont have an equal number of... “are we finally going to utilize the fullback” this year posts anymore.  I will dream for the day we stop trying to get the ball to ryan hamby instead of ted ginn jr every off season.

Comment 15 Jun 2020

I think a lot of it is a result of there being no sports.  And im not so sure it is more or less entertaining than everyone losing their mind about osu being left out of cfb playoff if they have 1loss bc SEC bias and is michigan “back” w the #1 defense in america.... 2 weeks in to the season.

Comment 31 May 2020

No doubt.  Please dont mis understand, the question was who was loved more.  At no point did i suggest there arent some that like urban more.  Urbans a great guy.  Everyone liked/loves urban.  There is nobody that thinks... this guys sucks.  Just comparing tress to urban thats all.  If i had to guess in a room of 10... 6 would pick tress 4 urban. Mainly due to overall intensity.  Its a lot, and i dont believe thats a secret.  Urban had to have a life plan to address it and his health.

Comment 30 May 2020

I think tressel no doubt.  I dont think its a big secret that urbans driver-driver personality and intense competitiveness was a lot.  Hell, it was a lot for his own personal health.  Everyone i know that interacted with him respected him and appreciated that he got the best out of them, but they arent knocking down his door to be friends and have dinner.

tressel , with a more amiable personality was much more liked by players, staff, coaches.  not more respected, just more liked.   

the comment i received was from a player recruited by tress but coached by urban.  He loved tress, and was scared shitless of urban but admits urban got him into the nfl, tress prob would not have.

i think you see a little of that too in the zach harrison recruitment.  Urban is just very very intense.

Comment 26 May 2020

I feel like that article could have been written for me.  I make being a great dad look so easy people dont even know how great a dad i am.  Going to use that everyday w my daughters until he catches his first pass this fall.

Comment 16 May 2020

They are kids.  Earle bruce used to say they can get hyped up for two games a season.  The rest of the time you are managing kids going to school, partys, breakups with girlfriends, homesick, not happy w playing time etc...

i see it as the opposite.  I see it as big crowds get all sides fired up.  More likely osu (read 20 year old kids) will play down to opponents imho.

Comment 07 May 2020

Leadership drives culture which drives behavior.  You cannot change behaviors without changing culture.  You cannot change culture without changing leadership

so to answer the question, no its not going to change for ttun.  Sadly, the same applies for my beloved Browns.

Comment 02 May 2020

Im old enough to remember when schools honored scholarships, didnt oversign, kids played out their careers at one school, fans got to know kids and kids got to know the fans.  There werent luxury boxes and non stop advertising and commercial timeouts every 90 seconds.  The games werent for sole purpose of cfp playoffs and losing 1 game didnt end the season.  parity was much more widespread and bowl games were the reward for kids that were trying to earn a degree.  There was no such thing as picking OSU for the sole purpose of getting to the NFL.  technology and money limited national recruiting.  There was a time the head coach couldnt just hop on a private jet and have dinner w a kid in CA and Being a second round nfl pick didnt make you an insta-millionaire.

The disconnect between fans and players is real.  Fans expect to win now, free up ships for better talent, get rid of the coaches after 2 years of underperformance.  Players transfer immead after not winning the starting job, coaches can make millions losing at rutgers.   

the amateur game has been gone for a while in Cols OH, Austin TX, Tuscaloosa etc...  It will make the playing field more unfair but the truth is there are only 6-7 teams that can make the playoffs and only 3-4 that can win it anyhow.

As an osu fan i have no connection to justin fields.  Thats the harsh truth.  Transfer in, win and get out or dont win and get out.  You win a NC for Cols OH and Cols OH makes you a 1st round pick.  Thats the arrangement.  I promise you that was not the arrangement Pitt had with Dan Marino in the 80s or Ohio State had with Art schlichterr  They were hometown heros playing for the schools they loved.

 I dont see how the new rules change anything.  Theyve already been changed for quite some time now,  please dont take this post as claiming it was better back then.  Not saying that at all. 

Comment 28 Apr 2020

Agreed .  Raise your hand if you want to be the coach that has official visits, kid gets virus and dies.   Yeah... lets leave those front page headlines to another program.

Comment 17 Apr 2020

In the early 90s cable tv changed everything.  They started picking up games that would usually never be braodcast on tv and airing them nationally.  In the 70s and 80s if you wanted to be seen Sat on TV you had to go to nebraska, tn, michigan, usc, osu, nd, texas... the traditional powers on abc, cbs, nbc.  It wasnt until 1984 that the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling to even allow ESPN to bid on college football games.   By the mid 90s you could be a NC kid stay close to home and pick UNC and be seen every week on ESPN2.   

When that shift occurred the power houses without great in state h.s. talent were finished...  Neb, ND, TN, Mich could no longer walk into any h.s.From LA to NJ and pick the kids they wanted.  Factor in population shift to the south and it was over.  

Okla was spared only because texas h.s. football is basically a home state for them.

its not going back for any of those schools unless by some miracle an urban meyer type coach at the top of his profession decides to leave Florida and picks one of those school.  How many times in history has that happened?  3? 4?

Comment 14 Apr 2020

thats not how endowments work and sports arent the only part of the university that has been hurt.  damage done to all areas of the university probably far out weighs a few non revenue producing sports.  And likewise a few non revenue producing sports are probably not the only areas being cut.

Comment 05 Apr 2020

Now do potter, carton, gaffney....

i dont care what his stats were.  You cant win championships turning your entire roster over every season.  The notion that a coach shouldnt be expected to recruit kids and have them on the roster is absurd.