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Comment 03 Jan 2020

Disappointing to see so many buckeye fans underappreciate big, strong straight line backs like byars, eddie george, clarett, beanie wells, carlos hyde...

of all the fan bases that should see the potential with teague you would think it would be this one.  

RB is one of the least of osu concerns next year imo.  Especially with the heart of the oline returning and an outstanding passing game.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

He is thinking what all recruits think.  With myself and the other incoming players we will take the profram to the next level.   

Comment 28 Dec 2019

Defenses in the ACC arent even in the same stratosphere as B10.  You could take the fifth or sixth best defense in the B10 and they would be better than anything Clemson faced.  Not so sure these stats matter.

that said, i think osu has a better chance of slowing down ettienne than clemson does dobbins.  And that is all that really matters in this game as i believe whoever wins that battle wins the game.

Comment 26 Dec 2019

Well they are 19-20-21 year old kids.  I would argue common opponents dont mean anything either.

games between kids with comparable talent almost always comes down to mistakes, a tipped ball for a pick, a  muffed punt, roughing the punter, a late hit out of bounds on 3rd and long but you cant speculate on those things.

  I think its reasonable that people can watch film and understand talent on the field and make projections.  Vegas does it all the time with pretty good accuracy.

Comment 24 Dec 2019

Its hard to win 10 on 11 vs good teams.  I would expect all top programs to single chase until they cant.  I would expect clemson To get rid of the ball quickly which psu, wisc and mich had some success with, at least early on in games and take chase out of it.

Comment 23 Nov 2019

As others have said he is a TN grad and made his career covering bama football.  His rise to fame was because he was smart enough to get out in front of the conference wave and morphed into SEC guy.  He does not hide this.  His book is literally titled “My Conference Can Beat Your Conference.”   Of course famously they did not.  OSU routed bama that year.

regardless he cant leave the SEC network.  It would be the equivalent of jim lachey heading out to cover pac12 instead of being an “osu homer”. Wouldnt work.

Comment 21 Oct 2019

Well there wasnt anything else on.  That said count me as one that thinks taking away from ohio hs football fridays is an abomination.  I get money will always win and im fine with that.  Thurs night, mon night, sat morn, sat afternoon, sat night, christmas day, thanksgiving day, new years eve.  Count me in.  My personal line in the sand is hurting hs friday nights.   

That said i watched the whole game.  But come on, stand for something.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

You can not evaluate play unless you know the defensive calls, which none of us do. And even then you dont know more than urban and day.

what if browning isnt going to class?  What if he is dogging it at practice? What if he is showing up late to film study or lifting or doesnt know all the calls or cant make the calls.

hell, he could be playing hurt, less than 100%

not suggesting any of that is true but those kinds of things matter and do affect playing time at the college level.  there is more to college sports than 40 time and vertical jump. And fans arent privy to 90% of it.

bottom line is anyone in the stands making a call as to playing time is doing so with less than 10% of the information needed.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Im old enough to remember when aj hawk and bobby carpenter were an absolute tran wreck in a loss to NOrthwestern.  as youngsters.

Breaking news...young players get better.   In my life i can think of two times a returning incumbent got beat out.  Terry glenn did it to buster tillman who was the supposed heir apparent and cardale jones over jt.

does nobody remember  how bad the parris campbell, kj hill, terry mclaurin, johnnie dixon clown show as fresh/soph?

i can see the future.. when these guys are seniors they are going to be an unstoppable force.  LOL

Comment 14 Jul 2019

I can confirm this to be 100% true.

Love him as a buckeye, and nobody is perfect but he There is most certainly a screw loose.  

Not surprising to me though.  People that seem to relish aggression and physical contact usually are a special breed.  We’ve all seen it on the field.  Him ramming defenders as though he likes it... Its not “normal” and its not usually something you can just turn off/on.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

Wrong.  Urban was forced out by idiot administrators.  He will be back coaching within a couple years.  I like Day, think he will do well and am excited about a younger staff and new blood.  But urban could have been here 15-20 years and douche bag administrators took that from OSU fans.  

To be fair, i also thought Miami was going to curb stomp OSU in 2002 and OSU was going to curb stomp Florida in 2007 so....

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Used to be they didnt let black kids or girls play.   My dad used to tear his knee up back in the 50s as a youth and you just wrapped it up tighter each time so it wouldn’t “wobble”.  Hydrating was a sign of weakness....

i just think theres more information available and more free time to analyze it.  So no, rock bottom to me was a long time ago.

Comment 05 Jun 2019

On the flip side i was falsely accused.  It cost me a lot.  Thankfully the truth finally came out.  Innocent until proven guilty, while imperfect, is best.  Unfortunately, as hard as it may be i disagree with you.  Everyones “word” should be questioned, nobody should be presumed guilty no matter how difficult that might be for victims.  Most of the time justice prevails, as it did in your daughters case and mine.  

Comment 31 May 2019

Joe terranova in the late 70s.  That said, he typed rankings on a typewriter and would mail out carbon copies.  I think a decade or so in he had a few thousand subscribers for his news letter.  Back then there was no way to really expand your audience.  And he was really limited to doing profiles on players from word of mouth and coaches.  I think he only ranked top 50 or 100 kids in fball and bball. but those were only ones he knew about.  Im sure there were thousands of kids he didnt even know existed.  He picked up steam in the mid 80s but not until internet did recruiting really take off and by then it had passed him by.

i know this bc my father was an early follower and convinced him to rank my brother last in his bball rankings as a surprise bday present.  I think it was #100.  That was the fall of 1987.