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Comment 10 Nov 2019
BS or not, IF it does turn out to be 2 games then I can live with it. Chase didn't need film against Maryland or Rutgers to help his draft stock. Probably best he gets some rest before the important stretch. Fact that he is will be practicing is key.
Comment 10 Nov 2019
What would Worley and Webb know anyway? IF it were even a thought that Keandre was the "rat", do you think the players currently on the team would be unaware of it and be taking photos with him after the game? It's more conceivable that the current players would know what's up before Webb or Worley.
Comment 05 Nov 2019
Seem like a solid group of individuals. I don't really care where we are ranked this week or any week until the final poll. It would be different if we were on the outside looking in, but we need to win out to win a title and that doesn't change if we're ranked 1 or 4. We just need a seat at the table.
Comment 28 Oct 2019
Let's talk December 9th. Until then, we have work to do. Wins over PSU and *ichigan and B1G Title will cement us at #1 or 2.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Don't get me started on last year's defense, or lack there of. But yes, a couple big runs for a bad offense against a top defense. Nothing major but next week will be a real test against the run.
Comment 19 Oct 2019
Not to nitpick but we gave up a handful of big runs. Not something I liked seeing the week before playing Wisconsin. Hoping it was a vanilla scheme we were running to hold back for next week. Thoughts?
Comment 17 Oct 2019
45-6. Fields gets us rolling early and then MTIII bludgeons them into submission in the second half.
Comment 16 Oct 2019
Our real username or our burner account? Jekyll and Hyde.
Comment 08 Oct 2019
Damon Arnette posted a picture to his Instagram story of his right hand in a cast. It was a soft cast not a hard one so hopefully it's precautionary during the bye week. Let's hope so anyway.
Comment 07 Oct 2019
A&M is trash but the other games seem intriguing. Joe Burrow and the Tigers should roll the Gators. Can Iowa find any offense? PSU looks solid on both sides of the ball. Oklahoma gets its first real test. Can the fighting Herman's keep pace with Lincoln Riley's offense? They did a pretty good job against LSU.
Comment 06 Oct 2019
We said he didn't stay in the pocket long enough to start the season, now he's waiting too long... Give me a break. He played a hell of a game and did just about everything we could have asked of him.
Comment 29 Sep 2019

Oh, I completely agree from Nebraska’s perspective. They were looking forward to this game and wanted to make a showing against us, but outside looking in, this game should never have been close and it wasn’t. Let’s not pretend Nebraska was a top 25 team. We handled our business and were on to the next one. The next few weeks will provide us an opportunity to make a real statement to rest of the country.

Comment 29 Sep 2019
I don't put too much stock into last night. Nebraska had the potential to be a trap game but that's all it ever was, a potential trap game. Nebraska was overmatched in every phase. October will be a measuring stick.
Comment 23 Sep 2019
He would appear to be "ass, my dude", however Starkel is at least seeing the field AS A QB!
Comment 23 Sep 2019
Martinez will make a few plays and will keep it close through the 1st half. Second half I see adjustments and the talent disparity taking shape. 41-24 good guys. Solid win on the road in what should be a very raucous atmosphere.