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Comment 24 Jul 2019
I know we talk about this WR class over and over but it can't be stated enough how big of a haul this is. It's hard not to look ahead when you add these guys to the mix with Wilson, Olave and Harris. Our QBs are spoiled with riches.
Comment 17 Jul 2019
Are we sure it wasn't a misunderstanding based on Kourt's own tweet? I recall a few people saying they saw a tweet from him and thought he was announcing his commitment when in fact he was not. Maybe Bobby was also under that assumption.
Comment 16 Jul 2019
I previously had a 2016 VW Tiguan. It was awesome. Compact SUV with a good amount of power (200 hp turbo) and good gas mileage. Really enjoyed driving it. I also like the VW Golf. You can easily find both models used well within your price range.
Comment 10 Jul 2019
Have been to both Paris and Barcelona on separate occasions. Barcelona is amazing, though they primarily speak Catalan, Spanish will do you just fine. Paris can be overwhelming at times but I do not speak much French so you should be good. I wouldn't try to fit too many destinations into a 10 day trip, especially when traveling to Paris and Barcelona for the first time. Look up Fat Tire Bicycle tours. They do tours in Paris and Barcelona and they are a terrific way to see the city and cover a lot of ground. I did a bicycle tour of the Versailles gardens which was awesome and highly recommend. Also, siesta is a real thing. Places will close up shop early afternoon for a few hours. People eat dinner much later in Spain so plan your meals accordingly.
Comment 21 Jun 2019
The "Zone 6" name lives on and is very much still alive with the current players and recruits. Not for us to decide what's in and what's not, that's a decision for the people within the program.
Comment 17 Jun 2019
Interesting recommendation, never heard anyone talk about map room pizza.
Comment 07 Jun 2019
Highly recommend Butcher and Brewer on E. 4th. Great beers and very well priced menu. Lots of seating as well. If it's a nice sunny day, hit the rooftop at Greehouse Tavern (also on 4th). You can also check out the new Southern Tier Tap Room on Prospect. If you are looking for more of a bar atmosphere before the game, Thirsty Parrot, Wilbert's and the Clevelander are the spots for no frills drinking. Let me know if you need any good restaurant recommendations. W. 25th has several good spots including Great Lakes Brewing Co. and they even have their own shuttle that will drop you off at Progressive field.
Comment 03 Jun 2019
Didn't Erick Smith kind of ruin the commitment? They were at the Under Armor AA game and we're announcing at different points during the game and I think Smith said something alluding to playing with Marshon at the next level. Could have been the other way around, I can't quite recall the specifics.