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Comment 16 Apr 2019
CJ Saunders is pretty good and not talked about much. He doesn't have size/speed that jumps out at you but he's a very talented receiver. That said, hard for him to get much PT with the WR corps we have.
Comment 06 Apr 2019
Now that he's in the league, I'm team Baker all the way. He's firey confident and borderline arrogant but and he actually backs it up by practicing/studying/training. By all accounts he's a leader and a guy that gets the most out of everyone. That's all you can ask for. Odell and Jarvis are both work extremely hard at their craft and will push each other and hopefully lead by example for Calloway. The Browns have talent on paper and they have to prove it but I like (read: LOVE) their chances.
Comment 28 Mar 2019
Get ready for some heat because ZS isn't holding back. We have a man on the edge with nothing to lose. Fwiw, based on some of his recent tweets, his anger is not geared towards OSU or Urban for that matter.
Comment 25 Mar 2019 Sorry I couldn't embed the tweet. As of yesterday, Dan says Babb is still working to get back on the field and is still recovering from previous injuries. No reports of new or re-injury.
Comment 20 Mar 2019
Thanks, really appreciate the detail. I'm glad to hear it is as impressive in person as it appears to be online. Excited for my trip. It sounds like the hotel has the swanky cocktail part down, did you happen to find any neat low-key places around there for a beer?
Comment 20 Mar 2019
Have been to HH in Chicago a few times. Each time I left feeling a little remorse... And I loved it!
Comment 17 Mar 2019
I'm listening! Feel free to pass along any suggestions. I'll definitely have a stick while I'm down there.
Comment 16 Mar 2019
Thanks everyone. Definitely a wealth of knowledge shared here. I've heard good things about Charleston for a few years now and am just getting the opportunity to get down there. Looking forward to trying a number of the recommended spots. Go Bucks!
Comment 16 Mar 2019
Zona, lots of good info here. Will be there the first week of May and we are staying at the Dewberry. I'll definitely look into some of your recommendations. Thanks much!