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Comment 05 Jun 2020
I have a road bike that I bought slightly used for $750. It serves me well both on the road (obviously) and paved trails in the metroparks. Not great when you hit gravel and dirt so I've been looking for a hybrid bike. Here's the problem, I've been to 3 local bike shops and they just flat out don't have any for sale. The covid crisis shut down manufacturers and supply chains. Any inventory they did have went quickly as people were looking for outdoor activities during the stay at home period. I've been told that supply issues may last until fall. As others suggested, try Craigslist of Facebook marketplace. For light trails, you probably don't need suspension. Specialized, Giant and Cannondale all make decent hybrids that can handle on and off-road use.
Comment 01 May 2020
Well I guess he's a firm believer in his word "Just because you can post doesn't mean you should post." That is a credo I can stand behind.
Comment 26 Apr 2020
Njoku is as good as gone. Between his inconsistent play and his health, he's just not a guy we can rely on any longer. Same as Kirksey, talent was there but you just couldn't count on him.
Comment 25 Apr 2020
While not mutually exclusive, I think there's a difference between "best fit" and best position to win. I'd like to see the guys land where they have a shot to play immediately and make an impact early on.
Comment 25 Apr 2020

I think they all managed to land in good places. Okudah in Det and Young in Washington seem like no brainers and even Arnette in LV all seems like great opportunity for instant impact. Dobbins going to Bal is interesting given they have Mark Ingram and 2 other RBs they rotated in pretty heavily. I think he has a real shot at being their RB2 and limiting the rotation to him and Ingram but I really wish he had landed somewhere where he would have been able to step in and potentially be the RB1. Still waiting on KJ to land somewhere. I think Jonah Jackson landed in a great position with the Det as well.

Comment 10 Dec 2019
Ticket prices will drop significantly week of and even more so days before. Got decent seat at Jerry world for $250 day of back in 2014. Hotel rooms will open up as many have reserved rooms which will cancel if/when their team doesn't make it. Prices will still be up there but you can stay a little outside of the French Quarter, like the CBD, and save some money, just be sure you research the area. I would love to make the trip but Phoenix/Glendale is calling!
Comment 03 Dec 2019
$85 per ticket plus $30 processing fee (per order, not per ticket).
Comment 01 Dec 2019
Have to play him next week, period. We need to lock up #1. Doesn't have to be a blowout like the last game against Wisc, we just need the W. Lean heavy on Dobbins and Teague and the defense controlling the game. Keep Fields to quick passes and limit designed runs. We've had JT do the same and come out on top.