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Comment 23 Aug 2018

That`s about $500,000 fine. He can earn that in the playoffs but he did lose the Bob Evens show. Urb looked very tires and slow to react like I would do for the media from now on.

Comment 17 Jul 2018

Alum status is not checked when you buy your ticket.

Comment 08 Apr 2017

Love student interaction with football but something is missing, non student interaction day. A lottery for two passes to the same arrangement.(not everyone can go to the University) There should be 1000 pairs of tickets drown from a list of people who want to enter. Keep it easy names should drawn electronically and passes should be awarded for one hell of a day.

Comment 28 Mar 2015

Zeke`s motivation for the Alabama game was when Berry Sanders said "their is two great running backs in this game and they both play for Alabama", after Zeke just ran over Wisconsin. Guess he didn`t see that game.  LOL

Comment 18 Mar 2015

I was one of the many who was at the 2014 Spring Game. We all hoped that Braxton would be able to be the starting quarterback but not knowing how he would turn out, I paid attention to the skills of  JT and Cardale. I`m a foot and motion nut and by far Cardale did a better job than JT. I wasn`t at all surprised that Cardale did so well when given the chance. The whole team was supportive of him and he didn`t let them down. Yes he did sometimes screw up the foot work but the three and five step looked good. Thank you Cardale.....