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Comment 17 Feb 2020

It is a bit odd to me how little, many of the members of this board, think of Kaleb's pro potential - and to a large degree, his abilities now as a college player. He is by far the team's best offensive player, and has made incredible strides defensively this year. There are not many guys in college basketball who are 6'9, shooting 43% from 3 point range, and grabbing 9.5 rebounds per game (while being an incredibly efficient rebounder on both the offensive and defensive glass - with a near 11% O. Reb. efficiency and 26% D. Reb. efficiency). Also. he draws nearly 6 fouls per 40 mins - and with all of these stats he leads the team and is inside the top 100 nationally. On top of all that he has made incredible improvements in his conditioning, which has allowed him to be a much better player defensively and has significantly contributed to him being in foul trouble much less often than previous years. 

He does need to improve his finishing around the basket and turning the ball over less. I think he needs to be a bit more dominate and take some games over more often, as well - too much this year he has been passive and lingers out around the three point line for too long on offensive possessions. But some of the users on this board make him out to be like an average Big Ten player, which is not the case at all.

Against the best big men this year (most of whom on this list have NBA potential), Wesson has largely held them well below their scoring averages:

  • Nick Richards, Kentucky - 2 points (season average - 15ppg), while getting in foul trouble defending Kaleb.
  • Daniel Oturu, Minn - 11 and 14 points (season average - 20ppg).
  • Jon Teske, Mich - 3 points (season average - 12ppg)
  • Trace Jackson-Davis, IU - 6 and 7 points (season average - 14ppg)
  • Nate Reuvers, Wisc - 9 and 17 points (season average - 14ppg). Reuvers scored above average i the fist game vs. Wisconsin, but has shot a combined 6-20 from the field against Wesson (3-8 and 3-12).
  • Jalen Smith, MD - 11 points (season average - 15ppg)

From the discussion around him as a pro over the last few threads, I'm not sure how many people posting actually pay attention to the current climate of the NBA and NBA draft. Kaleb would fit as a stretch 4 in the NBA who can knock down open shots, finish inside on put backs, rebound the ball and defend NBA 4s and 5s. I believe he will get drafted this year (likely mid second round), and will a solid shot to make a NBA team. If this team makes a run in the NCAA tournament and Kaleb plays well, I could see him getting picked in the late first round. Anyone who has made the suggestion that staying another year too help him improve his draft position clearly doesn't follow the NBA draft - short of coming back and averaging 22 and 14, there is nothing another year would do for him other than hurt his draft stock. Even with KBD who had an incredible final year with BTPOY couldn't get into the first round - Jared Sullinger went from a projected top-5 pick after year 1 to a late first rounder despite posting almost identical stats in year 2. The NBA draft is all about potential, and Kaleb can sell potential this year based on his drastic body transformation, defensive improvement, and 3 point shooting improvement. From his perspective, his draft stock is never going to be higher than this year, and if he wants his best shot to play in the NBA he should enter the draft after the season.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Is anyone else a bit concerned about the lack of a true big man being a part of the 2020 class? With the likely higher than 50/50 change Kaleb leaves after this year, we look really thin inside. Diallo looks like he is going to take 2+ years to develop into a player ready for significant minutes, and the only other guys who could potential play the 5 are Liddell (6'6-6'7) and Young (6'7-6'8) - both of whom are more 4s.

I know Zed Key is listed anywhere between 6'7-6'8.5. But I'd hate to rely on an undersized true freshman to contribute significant minutes at the 5.

It doesn't seem like we have any offer out to uncommitted big men in the 2020 class after Loveday chose Baylor. Are we just going all in on Holmgren in 2021 and hoping Kaleb stays?

Comment 08 Mar 2017

He's stuck in "why doesn't what worked five years ago work today".  Those first 8 years he won the B10 5 times. That's crazy good. But then kids starting jacking up 3s and not playing defense in AAU ball and Thad never adapted. He's still preaching defense first and you end up with a bunch of guys limited on the offensive end.\

 I simply don't believe this is true. While OSU has been pretty good defensively under Thad, I think they have always been just as good offensively. In fact if you look through their past KenPom Offense and Defense efficiency ratings, there is only one year (2014) where there Defense was much better than the Offense. In fact several times in the last 5-6 years OSU has had a top 10 Offensive efficiency rating (#1 in 2011). 

I think the main thing has been a struggle in recruiting the past few years. The players on average OSU is bringing in have been a notch lower than the past. We are now bringing in mostly mid 4-star guys with some high 3-star as opposed to 5-star and high 4-star. These guys we are bringing in aren't as developed offensively, so there is an emphasis on defense for them to be able to get on the court. If Thad had brought in more talented guys the past couple of years I think it would be a lot easier to open it up offensively.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

The reversals aren't arbitrary like you suggest. The four games I pointed out each had situations where if they would have played out only slightly differently, the result would have been different. I did not suggest that OSU should have beaten UCLA or won @Wisconsin.

I understand that the games can't be reversed, and the Bucks inability to win these games is on them. The point of the post is to be illustrative of the fact that the team is not as bad as you think. 16-13 with several narrow losses to good teams is much better than 16-13 and gets blown out in every game. I concede that 16-13 is not good and well below expectations for OSU basketball, but the point is that they are closer to those expectations than many make them out to be. And the foundation for them to be really good next year is there.

I love Tate's effort but he's not an All-B1G player like you think.  Trevor Thompson is a good rebounder, but the gap between him and someone like Swanigan is massive.

Tate averages 14 ppg and 6.3 rpg, for comparison Ethan Happ who will be 1st-Team All-B1G averages 14.4 ppg and 8.9 rpg. I don't think its a big stretch to suggest next year Tate may be able to up those numbers a little bit and absolutely be an All-B1G caliber player. Also, I did not suggest TT to be level with Swanigan, who is likely a NPOY finalist. Again, TT currently averages 10.1 and 9.4, if he can manage to get his fouling under control and manages to continue even half the improvement he did between last year and this year, he could be averaging 13 and 11 next year no problem. Those are easily All-B1G type numbers.

Comment 24 Feb 2017

Just to clarify, I didn't state and don't think Beverly or Funderburk will be key contributors, they will just provide some added depth. I think our key contributors will be Tate, TT, KBD, and Lyle will be the key guys next year, with CJ, Potter and both Wessons providing solid contributions.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

At this point it is probably better for Tyvis and Jalin not to get drafted. I'm sure for pride they want to be picked, but as an UDFA players get to pick the team and the situation that fits them best, and in some cases, get paid more or equal to late 7th rounders

Comment 31 Mar 2016

With the likely possibility of JT having extremely productive seasons the next two years, its possible he could help some other guys enter the record books. If a couple of the younger guys like KJ Hill or Austin Mack are able to win position battles, or at least significant playing time at WR, they could be poised to put up huge numbers with JT throwing them the ball. Its possible JT throws for 6,000+ yards and 70+ TDs over the next two seasons and there are going to be some WRs on the receiving end of those throws putting up some huge numbers as well.

Comment 23 Feb 2016

Hope he is okay, this would be a huge blow to the team and really hurt the chances of a NCAA Tourney birth. Seemed like it popped out then popped back in quickly in the last game, but he had to go out for a couple minutes due to the pain.

Comment 09 Feb 2016

Second half was great, everyone in the starting lineup had a very good game and was in double figures. That second half press was insane. Big win, keeps slight hope for the Tourney.

Also, I liked how Thad kept Kam in the game despite him not hitting shots (it seemed like almost every shot win down then popped out). Kam didn't make a single FG, but I thought he was very good defensively in the press.

Very big game for Trevor Thompson, I love his ability to score down low and he really hustled and rebounded well in the second half. I think our front court is going to be insane in 1-2 years, TT should continue to develop into an all-conference level player and Giddens should polish up offensively, improve his FT % and get better at not fouling. Not to mention the additions of Funderburke and Potter.