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Comment 03 May 2019

This rule is so broken. Player safety is the priority, but removing the player from the game and suspending them half the next is just wrong. Many of these kids have 40-50 if games if they are extremely lucky and then it’s gone. To rob a player of a game is just wrong. Even more sad when you remember that removing and suspending the player doesn’t negate the play in which safety was breached

Comment 06 Apr 2019

Buckeye fans are soft af.. and this is coming from a lifelong Buckeye. I was born in Columbus. I’ve been a buckeye since I could understand the game of football. I’m a buckeye now as I’m an undergrad student at our beloved university... But God forbid a true competitor whoops our our football team, which Mayfield surely did and having respect for him because of it. Getting downvoted for saying Mayfield is an ultimate competitor more than proves this. Sorry but I was a Marine in our beloved Marine Corps.. I don’t buy into this soft culture of oh we got whooped so I must hate someone for it. Respect your enemies for your enemies make you better

Comment 01 Feb 2019

Smart move keeping Joey out.. and hopefully we see some improvement from everyone not named McKenna, Jordan, Martin, and Moore. Good opportunity for a lot of the guys to get rebound matches in