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Comment 24 Nov 2020

Here’s a change-up for y’all:  Notre Dame. Since their last natty in 1998 they’ve always been in the top teams in the country to underperform under the big lights and I expect the same this year. 
Always bridesmaids but not a bride. Their fans have suffered humiliations galore in the modern era of CFB.  Even their women are mirages (see Teo). 
Not to mention they are insufferable d*ck heads when it comes to talking about SOS. For several years we played at least 3 common opponents Purdue, UM, MSU and a couple years Pitt was in there. 
I’m happy they get what they get. The last 4 times we played them we beat that *ss 142-80 and they haven’t been close. Screw ND!

Comment 17 Nov 2020

Life in Fairbanks Alaska is my new normal. Move up in 2015 and don’t regret it a bit. I’ve seen every game the Bucks have played since we got up here. 

The new normal part that’s my fav is right now -25 degrees, bright sunshine from 10:00 am til 3:30 pm. Get home, hunker down, eat dinner then go outside, start a fire and enjoy a good cigar and the northern lights. 

Flew out at 1:35 am today and before we were south of Anchorage the lights were dancing across the sky in yellows, greens, and light reds. Amazing! 

Comment 11 Nov 2020

I’m in 2020 - last year is history. If the 2020 version cleans up the penalties and dials in the D - watch out. Coach Day will get stuff settled on the DL & DB sets and they will ratchet it down tight. 

Comment 06 Nov 2020

As a society we’ve become numb to indiscretions of any kind. Cheating at UNO as kids opens our minds to bigger and better ideas to cheat - so it becomes a part of what we do and who we are. Whether it’s taxes, marriages, UNO, doesn’t matter in a society with no conscience. Ok rant off!

Go Bucks!  Beat Rutgers!!!

Comment 28 Oct 2020

My younger brother. Back in the 80’s played QB & S for Tiffin Calvert 1st All-State O & D, POY for A level ball. Averaged 20 PPG in basketball, double digit rebounds a game, played baseball at the highest level as well. Not to mention a 4 handicap in golf. All around fantastic athlete

Comment 07 Sep 2020

As I get older (60) I realize that today’s “utes” haven’t the foggiest idea who some of the greatest to play the game in the last half-century are. Ask about basketball “Lebronze” football Lamar Jackson, baseball Bryce Harper. 

What’s really sad is that folks today don’t really know the greats - guys who pitch complete games are dwindling because of all these specialist and set up guys. Give me a 9 inning game dominated by Nolan Ryan or Greg Maddux any day over a 5 or 6 inning outing. Now they’re playing 7 inning games for a D/N doubleheader. Are you kidding me?

Lou Brock was an amazing ball player, offensively and defensively. Batting almost .300 career meant he was a problem when he came to bat. Opposing pitchers had to be careful with him because a base hit would quickly turn into a runner on 3rd before the pitcher had 2 strikes in the next batter. 

You’ll be missed Lou and thanks for the memories!

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Yes but we’re they playing against like-for-like talent? There isn’t a school in the PAC12 to compare with UGA/LSU et al - they are more like Vandy

Comment 23 Aug 2020

The Book You Were Born To Write want to publish my 1st of 2 books in early 21)

Crushing It - Gary Vanderuyk

Living a Life on Fire - Reinhard Bonnke 

Operating in the Courts of Heaven - Robert Henderson

Comment 23 Jul 2020

How many years did we suffer through a 3 play offense?  It was Dave left, Dave right, an either or of the above on 3rd down and punt. 

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Believing for an upcoming season first of all, one of the biggest benefits of beating every team on the schedule by huge margins (which anything over 10 if you're ranked is huge IMHO), is that your pups get a lot of playing time.  The Bucks were running cats out there early in the 2nd half and they played a lot of time against opposing 1's.  That game speed experience is invaluable in Soph & Junior years.  The DBs played a ton - Brown, Banks, Proctor, etc., as did Gant, Popel, Mitchell, Z Harrison.  

On O - I expect to see Wilson & Olave have incredible seasons and Jamo W, and the younger pups Fleming, Scott, & JSN ready to fly around out there.  Harry Miller played a ton of reps last year and you've also got NPF who should be up to about 310 finally to get a start.  Paris Johnson ready to come off the pine.  RB may be committee at first until someone cements the starting role - I believe it'll be Sermon - dude is tough!

It is absolutely crazy the depth that is there - depth with some experience.  I don't know how many other elite teams can say the same?

Comment 25 Jun 2020

The team that OSU returns is fairly experienced - our DL, LB corp, and secondary will be solid.  Those guys back there led by Shaun Wade will be solid.  The Ducks have a lot working against them in what should've been a very advantageous environment.  Without a stadium full of disruptive fans a little momentum for the Bucks will be a problem for the Ducks.  All the way around I think the Buckeyes are far more talented and have played together on both sides of the ball enough to be a very difficult matchup.

Comment 22 Jun 2020

Two things stand out from the Glory Days. Weekend my son was born back in ‘84, we went to Berlin for a weekend softball exhibition. Over 5 games batted 19 for 21, a dozen dingers, and 7 doubles - it was feast or famine. The one thing I could always do was hit the baseball or softball - very much!
The second was running the Columbus marathon on my 25th wedding anniversary. Mistake - Julie has bought floor seats for a concert that same night at the Nutter Center - PROBLEM!  You need your quads to control your descent - mine were still in Upper Arlington. 

Comment 19 Jun 2020

Not only Shane Falco, but Tony Dinozo was point guard at The Ohio State University. Key & Peele featured Jammie Jammie-Jammie from The Ohio State University.   As an aside Bizmo Funyans was the funniest name in that East/west player intro. IMHO that is!

Comment 29 Apr 2020

Spicy halibut tacos with Alaskan halibut caught with these two hands.  Served with white cilantro rice, homemade guacamole, homegrown jalapeno peppers, and chased down with a couple Alaskan Ambers.  So good!  Um excuse me, I'll be back after while.

Comment 19 Apr 2020

IMHO the biggest advantage for OSU is the fact that incoming freshman are in the field in live game reps an awful lot compared to other BIG schools and other programs in general. The talent on our 1st teams is outstanding and they put games away early in 2019 allowing a lot of young kids to get high quality reps against opposing 1’s.  Pays huge dividends in years 2 & 3. 

Comment 03 Apr 2020

The schadenfreude will be complete when the MgoBlog writes that beating ND or Purdue is the high point of the season.  Then they will have completely given up on life.  As soon as them f*ckers are wearing socks with crocs outdoors - it's over!

Comment 29 Mar 2020

Praying for you Cruiser - if the Lord felt your work here was done He would have already called you home. But He hasn’t - that means you’ve still got work to do. I’m praying that your body be strengthened and your spirit lifted to carry forward the work you have ahead. I know this life has asked much of you and you’ve sacrificed much - and we are honored you’re a friend here on 11W. Thank you for your faithful service.