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Die hard Buckeye fan. Retired SGM from USAR. Reside in Naples,Fl with spouse(ordained minister) of 52 yrs, youngest daughter and dog Minnie. Proud father of 5 and 6 grandchildren. GO BUCKS!!


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Comment 02 Jul 2019

Mr NW Montana Buckeye,

i have never seen anymore inept LB play until Pete(glove man), Werner, he’s constantly messing with his gloves like he is next up to bat, came on the scene. Urban andDavis were both ensnared with this kid and he is horrible, constantly out of position and piss poor pursuit angles. Browning should be moved outside to Werner’s spot. Tuf will battle to the end for the middle. He was not close to 100% last year. He is the smartest LB on the team. Blame last year’s LB play onto Davis’s inept coaching and Schiano’s too technical scheme. 

Enough said!!!

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Baldwin was committed to Colorado State, not exactly a powerhouse. Where in Texasvis he going to transfer to sure as hell not A&M or TCU or Houston, not likely Texas or SMU or UTEP. Maybe good old Sam Houston Institute of Technology (SHIT). Grow up kid! Stupid ass NCAA and their bull shit rules.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

What a dumb ass coach. That’s great supply us with bulletin board material. He’s as big of a psycho as Hairball. Keep opening your punk as bitch mouth moron. Coaches don’t shoot off their mouths about an opponent. Bush and Hudson were good LB’s because of Al Washington, not Partridge in a pear tree. He has the same mentality as Hairball, psychotic. If he is the top recruiter in the Big 10, wonder why we have never heard of him, until he ran his idiotic, moronic and asinine mouth. You have to bite you tongue till it bleeds dumb ass!!!

Comment 11 Apr 2019

What has happened with the Brunk kid from Butler. If Wesson leaves and I seriously doubt it, Brunk could be the atarter. Then would also need to get the Diallo kid. DO NOT need any more undersized wing players. 

This is how I see next year’s team:

PG Carton / Walker

SG Mohammed / Washington / Jallow

SF A. Wesson/ Gaffney / Ahrens

PF Young / Liddell

C K. Wesson(if he stays) ?

up shit creek if Wesson leaves and don’t get Brunk and/ or Diallo

Comment 31 Mar 2019

Get the Brunk kid from Butler. Get Diallo too if we can. Then get the 7’ kid from Eastern Ohio who went across the river to play this past year. Loveday, or Lovelady. Name slips this old man. I saw film of him and he is good.can rebound run the floor and shoot the three.

Comment 30 Mar 2019

Don’t be surprised if Ahrens transfers. I personally like the kid. He can handle the ball and rebound, tremendous if he can square up(like Diebler), but weak defensively, but so is Washington. Holt an needs to get Luther and Washington under control, too many stupid and ill advised shots. But you guys are right we don’t need a grad trasfer wing . We need a post player. I would go after Brunk big time, get the Roderick kid from Olentangy(?). Then hold the one for 2020 for the 7 footer who went to WVA to play his senior year. Brunk is big and won’t be pushed around in the post. Go get him coach!

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Not worried about Hartline’s boys. KJ Hill will be another Michael Thomas. Austin Mack, Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson will light people up as well. QB’s will be exceptional. Remember going into last year Haskins only had the relief job against turn. RB’s Dobbins will be great Master Teague and Marcus Crowley will go around McCall. He should have gone into the transfer portal. OL will be fine with Jonah Jackson at LG. Brandon Bowen is in a mission. He will be the LT. Cupp, Alabi, Miller, Brown and Petit-Frere will be second line. TE’s as good as last year.

Defense back as Silver Bullits. Lb’s will shine with Tuf and Malik leading the way. Mitchell, Hilliard and Gant behind them with White as the “Viper”. Peter the not so great should enter the transfer portal. He’s horrible. Marotti has said Tuf is a new man, quicker and tougher than ever. DB’s should be Wade and Okudah at corner, Arnette will wish he had gone to NFL. Safeties will be Fuller and Proctor with Riep. Banks will back up corners. D line will be so deep the other team won’t have time to figure out who to Block.

Nuff. 12-0 with a whole 55 gallon drum of ass whoopin on several teams to include Wisky, Sparta, State Penn and -ichigan.!!!!

Comment 11 Mar 2019

I agree that “Jimmy” I mean Ahrens should have taken the last shot. Set him up with an old fashion double screen and he would have drilled. Sorry but CJ is not only NOT a PG, but NOT a good shooter. Just because he has had a couple of “lucky” game winners, doesn’t cut it that he should take that shot. Don’t understand why Young doesn’t shoot more. He was a good shooter in high school. Also I think Kaleb should not be allowed back in the tournament. Whatever he did was an embarrassment and egregious or he would have been back sooner. He is a “Pouty Faced Spoiled Coddled Brat”. He can’t cut it. NO GUTS. Not like his daddy at all. When things are going his way, he disappears mentally. I have coached both boys in baseball and girls in softball and have coached kids like that. When they disappeared mentally they were “sitting beside me” on the pine!!! True PG coming next year!!!

Comment 10 Mar 2019

Kaleb Wesson is a spoiled selfish BRAT. Needs to have his dad plant a number 12 on his ass. He will not make it in the No Basketball League(NBA). I hope he is happy for what he did to his teammates’ hopes. He needs a good old fashioned blanket party. We would still not beaten Purdue or Wisky with him and maybe not Northwestern. I coached girls fast pitch softball for several years in Ohio(after coaching baseball for 35+

years. When we moved to Florida 12 years ago I took a job coaching softball again at a local High School. Had an outstanding pitcher and we were 6-0, with four shutouts. This girl thought she was above the rest of her teammates. I had just about had enough of her attitude, when one night she ignored a take sign on a 3-0 pitch. None of my players ever swung at the 3-0, no matter how good they thought they were. She grounded out, meaninglessly, but I pulled her out. She threw her helmet off the dugout wall. My players did not throw equipment. I told her to pick up and get her equipment bag. She threw that too. I told her to turn in her uniform to the athletic office tmw. Her dad called me every name in the book. Tough shit she was DONE. We did not win another game that season. My point is sometimes you have to cut the cord and kick the kid “to the curb.

he should be done. Have lost respect for Holtman since he is letting him come back. Oh and Jaedon Ledee is afraid of his own shadow and lazy. Can’t cut it!!!!

Comment 02 Mar 2019

Too bad Chicago you don’t know much about Tuf. He is tough as nails, playing on a partially healed Achilles, not KNEE. Most people can’t even walk on that kind of injury let alone run. I had a strained Achilles as an adult playing fast pitch softball back in the day. I was in pain for weeks and I have a high tolerance for pain. Werner is the one who was constantly out of position and took poor angles. Not sure where he can play, but it is not at outside backer. Annette should be beaten out at corner by Wade. He is horrible!!!!!!

Comment 01 Mar 2019

Jordan and Prince’s dwficiencies reflect on Studrawa. Jordan likely wouldn’t have fared much better by staying one more year under Stud!  He is as horrible a coach and RECRUITER as Urbans’s buddy Billy Davis was. Why couldn’t see this. Stud was another of Urban’s buddies, along with ZS.

Hire Mangold as O Line coach and get rid of the last piece of drift wood.

Comment 26 Feb 2019

Hey guys, if Borland was bad, Werner, Urban and Billy Davis’s boy was worse. He was more worried about his damn gloves especially when he screwed up, which was often. He is not an LB and too slow to play safety. Tuf played on a bad wheel and most of you couldn’t even walk on it let alone run in it. That injury affects everything. Plus look at the dumb ass coach the backers had and the worthless scheme that Schiano had in place with the backers in the line of scrimmage. No wonder they got run over. That stupid scheme was criticized by Bobby Carpenter and “Little Animal “ all year. Browning is or was a 5 star, who looks lost when he is playing the Mike. Everyone expects him to be the next Raekwon. He is an outside backer!!! 

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Regarding the QB position Haskins didn’t have much experience except the comeback win over turn. LB’s are critical. Harrison is a lock. Too me Borland will start at the Mike. He is a natural. He played on one bad Achilles last year. Not many people could walk on that let alone run. My orthopedic doc said it affects lateral movement, quickness and speed. He is 100%. He will be “Tuf”. Werner is the weak link. Browning should play that other outside spot. Mitchell back up Tuf with Hilliard, Giant, Pope and maybe Werner as backups. Both Urban and his buddy Davis were enamored with Werner. Washington will not be. Maybe move Werner back to safety where he played in High School.

Comment 24 Feb 2019

Very proud of a Justin. The kid is a gamer. Reminds me a little bit of another kid named Chris Jent, hustles, dives for loose balls, excellent shooter. CJ Jackson is not a team player nor is Woods. Thought at the beginning of the season Woods was going to be a solid addition. Hope the other transfer, the Walker kid from FSU, is better than Woods has shown. Looks like he is trying to impress someone rather than play the game.Jackson is horrible. He has had two years to improve his “point guard skills”. NOT!!! I reiterate I will be glad when DJ Carton gets here. Walker will be his backup. Luther is resting on his couple of very good games. Like Jackson plays out of control. They might make the NIT. 4 games left, will be lucky to beat Northwestern up there.