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Comment 07 Jan 2018

I'd like to see the Silver Bullet pants come back. The flat gray is traditional, but I'd love to see:

The silver pants

Wide stripe chrome helmets

Scarlet home jerseys with the gray shoulder stripes.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Agreed. And even the best laid plans go to hell when they are poorly executed. Football, unlike other sports, requires that fluidity and precise execution to work. Trap, fake, block, cut, throw, catch... hopefully for positive yards. If those are not completed to standard then you get a sack, TFL, drop or INT. I believe Wilson and Day have the best intent, but I also believe they had no real concept on how much work there was to be done upon arrival.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

Great talent can be recruited- See Thomas, Smith, Samuel, Miller. The overarching and multi thread question with Smith seems to be the development of the other receivers. The expectation seems to be that we'll bring in someone who will lift the team from the ashes- but some of these WRs have been in Smith's WR room for years and the question of development is still hanging over them, but primarily over him.

A player like Thomas came to Ohio State with ability, and was known for working hard to better himself outside of practice.

I get it that Smith is a great recruiter who can compete with the best of them on XBox and on Twitter to some degree (minus the NEB WR coach), but as a squad should they be called Zone 6 by their coach if he can't lead them there?

Comment 28 Jun 2017

Agree with the Armani Reeves hit. That was brutal and amazing at the same time! I was at that game- and the PSU faithful were pissed!

Comment 08 Nov 2016

Stock Up:

+ Fans at the 'Shoe who cheer for the opposing QB after a scary injury on the sidelines.

+ OSU's offensive play calling in the Nebraska game. (Keep that script handy gents)

+ Joe Burrow, who made the most of his time on the field vs Nebraska. Great throws and heady Red Zone play.

+ Urban Meyer for continuing to get freshman playing time and looking to put the best product on the field.

+ Illinois for not pulling a Sparty against Sparty

Stock Down:

- Maryland's UA uniform designer for the Tenacious Terrorizing Turtle all red unis the Buckeyes will play against on Saturday

- Any ABC/ESPN cameraman who focuses on Buck-I-guy

Comment 25 Nov 2015

The thing to remember is this:  Beat Michig@n and everything will get better.

-New wining streak starts

-Seniors go out with 4 sets of gold pants

-Better bowl game

-Confidence rebuilt

-Recruiting is helped

-Jim Harbaugh is sad, starting 0-1 vs Urban Meyer (Only time that letter is not to be crossed out this week is in referencing the Ohio State Head Football Coach's name).

 GO BUCKS, BEAT Michig@n

Comment 22 Nov 2015

Being amazing, relating to players and having a great personality sounds more like a cheerleader than a WR coach though. Who was the HS recruit this year who said OSU doesn't develop receivers with Smith? Talent is talent, but have we seen anyone really develop into a MUCH BETTER receiver through Smith?