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Comment 25 Sep 2020
Known as Skinemax, fortunately with internet kink widely available Skinemax is mo longer needed
Comment 17 Sep 2020
When Burrow has time to throw he is very accurate. And I know Cleveland has Garrett, but he's no Bosa and I'd say see Chargers D line is better then Clevelands. The Bengals beat up Cleveland late last year, and the Bengals roster is no doubt improved. Also the Browns secondary is injured and sucks, I actually think Burrow will have a coming out party tonight against the Browns. And the Bengals D looked ok last week. I worry about Clevelands rbs, other than that im not too worried.
Comment 16 Sep 2020
Yes! Buckeyes are winning it all this year. And really since most of the other B1G schools schedule a lot of wimpy G5 teams, this year the B1G is basically just trimming the fat off the schedule. No one is playing the likes of NMSU or Akron. Ohio State had a big game with Oregon but oh well. Eligible for playoffs and go.undefeated and osu is in! Now I can enjoy cf in the weeks leading up to our first game.
Comment 14 Sep 2020

Pretty much how I see it.

Burrow's little shovel pass was an anomaly. I don't think he'll try anything like that again anytime soon.

They never should have resigned Hart. I know they felt like they needed too, but he is atrocious. 

The Defense with Bynes, Reader, and Bell in the mix look much improved from last year. They will only get better when Atkins returns. It's also too bad Waynes is out but the D looks at worst average.

Just as we should with the defense we should reserve judgement for the OLine as well. Hart sucks, Hopkins and Jordan are decent and Wiliams doesn't have enough to experience to really tell.

They definitely should draft OLine next yr in 1 or 2 but whether they also need one in 3/4 is too early to tell

Comment 02 Sep 2020

Hate to be one of those fans that only likes the lead singer but for me Belinda is The Go Go's. Yeah they are all immensely talented but Belinda is the one that has always stood out for me. And definitely the cutest of them all.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live in Los Angeles in the late 2000's (2009 I believe) and they sounded fine tuned and excellent.

Comment 01 Sep 2020
By not abandoning the NFL when Vick came back, millions of fans said it wasn't bad enough for them to quit watching. I just think it's funny that bringing back a guy who committed such heinous crimes wasn't what made people quit watching, but kneeling was just too much.
Comment 31 Aug 2020
By the time the game starts on TV, the anthem has usually already been played. I know a lot of the guys in the league aren't exactly stand up citizens, but that's never been why I watch the NFL or any football.
Comment 31 Aug 2020
I get slightly amused at people who said the kneeling was what turned them into snowflakes. Bringing back serial dog murderer Michael Vick was cool, but dagnabit that kneelin was just too much! I mean hey whatever offends people these days right? I have never cared too much about a pro athletes political views or much of anything about them other then how they play the game. Also I love the NFL because it's the best football played at the highest level. But that's why I asked the question, I wondered who may and who may not take another look at the League.
Comment 20 Aug 2020
He sucks as a play by play guy. Which us a surprise considering his dad is a legend. Thom comes off as not being very knowledgeable about the sport he calls every summer. Good riddance. I say bring back George Grande. Him and Welch are great together.
Comment 12 Jul 2020

So you prefer coming close then actually winning anything of substance? The Browns are like a less successful version of the early 90's Buffalo Bills. Close but no cigar. 

I get it and I'm not belittling your choice.

And they came oh so close in 2016. Boy what a year that could have been for Cleveland. I was even rooting for them, but that's because  as a Reds fan I couldn't stand seeing the Cubs win anything.

Comment 12 Jul 2020
Most Cleveland sports fans I know are easily Browns 1, Indians 2 and Cavs a casual 3. Don't get me wrong my mom was absolutely delighted when the Cavs won the NBA Title but seeing the Browns win the SB might be her biggest wish in life. Bengals have definitely bern better then the Browns over the last decade, though the last 2 yrs the Browns have the edge. Still, both teams pretty much suck consistently. Indians have been better over the last 25 years buuuut at least the Reds have won 3 WS since color TV has been around where as the Indians last title was closer to 100 years ago then 0 years. BEST sports town has to be Boston right? Patriots, Red Sox have had tons of success in the last 20 years. Also, if this is all based simply by most successful sports cities then the #s don't lie, but I would argue best sports towns should also take in consideration how engaged fans are. Browns fans care much more then 49ers fans even though SF has been more successful the last 10 years.
Comment 12 Jul 2020
Yeah 2018 vs Michigan may be the most satisfying. The mere thought of losing to them is hard to swallow but that year truly felt like we would lose and we deserved to lose. The funny thing is after Michigan recovered that botched kickoff return and quickly made it a one score lead at halftime I fully expected osu to lose. But the 2nd half was a blowout, and I realized that day that Michigan really is OSUs bitch and even though we are always superior talent wise we have definitely gotten in Michigans heads. It was so fun going out shopping later that day and seeing some Michigan fans heads look down when they saw me and my strutting around in our osu gear.