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Comment 28 Apr 2017

I was triggered by that move too.....and I'm a Steelers fan. 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Actually I am pretty sure most of the Mac teams have been open enrollment for quite a while. There just isn't much shuffling to be done. There have been a few, but not many. Not even from the historically poor performing teams (New Bremen, Parkway) to the historically well performing ones that border them (ML, Coldwater).

Comment 02 Dec 2016

I think your counting is off, if you are referring to Catholic schools, there are only 6. Perhaps you are thinking Maria Stein is a parochial school. While I don't doubt they have a higher percentage of Catholics than most of the Catholic schools, I can assure you they are public.

Edit: Just so I have it straight in my head, (1)LaSalle (2)Hartley(3)St.X(4)Iggy(5)Hoban(6)CCC

Comment 22 Oct 2016

Is it just me, or does he look like Brian Posehn?

Comment 16 Oct 2016

As a long time hater of everything ND football related, I keep myself in formed about how much they suck by the numbers. Since their last championship 28 years ago, they have averaged 4.14 losses per year. So this year so far is just a little bit worse than average. Which makes me very happy. =)

Comment 01 Aug 2016

The OSU amateur radio club station, W8LT, was housed in the Southeast bell tower from 1963 to just after 2000. They had two or three floors right under the bell and a crazy long longwire antenna that stretched to the east to the top of one of the buildings smokestacks.