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Comment 26 Dec 2019

I totally expect to seem some Funky Shit™ on D this Saturday. Blitzing LB and DB's, strange alignments, anything to get pressure on Sunshine. Make Etienne beat you. He's a good back, with gaudy looking numbers, but a lot of them were put up against the Georgia Tech and Woffords of the world. Against teams with a pulse he was mediocre.

Comment 26 Oct 2019

Badgers keep it close for a quarter. Like 10-3, 14-7 Buckeyes.

Buckeyes put up two TD in the second, up 24-10, 28-7 at half.

Bucks come out hot, two TD in third, go up by 28. All but done.

Couple scores in garbage time, final 42-17. 

If the Buckeyes go up more than two scores Badgers just aren't built to overcome that. And by then their defense will have been on the field a lot, with their bench not nearly as deep.

Comment 03 Apr 2019
To be fair, most years Tressel started running time off the clock on Tuesday of Michigan week.