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Comment 03 Mar 2020
I don't know if it's this way for anyone else but I feel like I almost need to thank John Cooper's lack of rivalry awareness for intensifying my feelings/hatred for everything Xichigan. Having to endure the Cooper years was excruciatingly painful. Year after year it seemed like he had the more talented team by far, at least on paper and each game had a lot on the line for the Buckeyes but each time his teams failed to win the big game in sometimes inexplicable spectacular fashion. Biakabutuka running roughshod over the Buckeyes for 313 yds in 1995 comes to mind. I also think the 92 game that ended in a tie was probably a high point in embarrassment when OSU Pres E Gordon Gee touted the tie as a great Buckeye "victory". Yeah my Xichigan fan co-workers had a great chuckle with rubbing that display of desperation and every other loss in my face. I guess that's why Buckeye wins over Xichigan in every sport now are so appreciated and gratifying and my dislike for TTUN is so strong.
Comment 07 Feb 2020
Ok smart guy, where in my post does it say anything about the NCAA being in cahoots with anyone. Clip that section from my original post and repost it. I'll wait. Yeah it's not there because I didn't write that. Face plant gif! If you dont think there are individuals officiating games that don't have bias then you have your blinders on. I believe most officials are professional enough to put aside that bias but in this case it's blatant. The video evidence is incontrovertible. It was a catch and fumble.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
So if a running back puts his head down to plow over a defender and makes helmet to helmet contact he becomes a defenseless player and it's targeting on the defense? I don't think so!! I don't care if he's a QB or not. He became a running back when he pulled the ball down to scramble and he didn't attempt to slide so he's fair game. Jack Coan got drilled in the head at the end of the Big Ten championship game and it wasn't flagged because he became a running back when he tucked the ball just like Lawrence. Bullshit calls by the booth changed the result of the game with blatantly bad and biased rulings.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
How the hell did the Big Ten agree to let referees from the SEC to officiate this game? Should have been PAC 12 or some other conference not from the south. I don't usually complain about referees but every call especially the fumble went against us and completely changed the game. Lawrence was not a defenseless player. He became a running back when he pulled the ball and tried to scramble. They don't call helmet to helmet when tackling running backs. Southern bias by SEC officials. Missed opportunities by OSU, sure but blatantly bad calls by the refs can't be overlooked in this game. The refs stole this game for the South.
Comment 28 Dec 2019
Totally agree Buckeye 24. I think the defensive scheme put the linebackers in bad spots. They seem like they played most of the game on the line of scrimmage last year which takes them out of the play unless the play just happens to be called to go where they're lining up. The linebacker coach had to place his players where the defensive coordinator specified according to the play call. You cant blame the linebacker coach for that. It would be like putting Justin Fields in the Army offense, expecting him to pass for 400 yds a game and then blaming the quarterback coach for him not reaching those performance statistics. Davis may or may not have been a good coach but Schiano's stubbornness to stay in the same defense all year is the bigger reason the defense was historically bad last year. The very first game should have sent up red flags with Oregon St setting records for longest TD from the line of scrimmage against an OSU defense.
Comment 08 Dec 2019
I've listened to their rhetoric and it doesn't follow the so called guidelines of the selection committee. Its all based on SEC's perceived strength. Strength of schedule matters? No, not really. OSU played all Power 5 and Group of 5 teams and beat all of them by double digits. LSU played Georgia St, Utah St and Northwestern St. LSU beat Texas by 7 points but Texas proved preseason hype about them was all wrong. They were not a good team and they can't be counted as a good win on LSU's resume. OSU beat two conference champs and a conference runner up in their non-league schedule. The more complete team will be rewarded with a higher ranking? OSU's offense is # 1 in scoring offense LSU is #3 with 2 pts per game separating them. In yards per game LSU is #1 and OSU is #4 separated by 18 yards per game. Offenses are comparable. OSU scoring defense #3 LSU is 27. LSU gives up a TD more per game. In yards given up per game OSU is #2 and LSU is #28. LSU gives up 100 more yards per game. OSU is the more complete team offensively and defensively. OSU game control is evident by them winning every game by double digits. LSU has won 3 games by 7 pts or less. So apparently game control is not a factor. So the only thing that pushed LSU to #1 is beating an overrated #4 Georgia team. Georgia loses to a 4-8 team at home, beat a not so good Notre Dame at home by 6 pts (Notre Dame was beaten a mediocre Michigan team by 31 pts), they beat a not good Texas A&M team by 6 at home ( scoring only 19 pts) and the very next week LSU beat Texas A&M by 43. Georgia's offense has been terrible all year so is it a surprise they got gut stomped by a high powered offense? No, it wasn't. OSU was ranked ahead of LSU for a few weeks so the Georgia game was the difference in putting them 1st this week. So tell me why the jumped LSU over OSU if ESPN/SEC bias was not involved?
Comment 08 Dec 2019
That's a bunch of SEC bias bullshit with ESPN (Everyday Sec Propaganda Network) lobbying for LSU. Could it be tied to their financial agreement to the SEC? Maybe. Georgia should never have been #4 anyway losing to a 4-8 team at home and having a crappy offense. They really need more transparency with their selection criteria. Apparently it is doesn't hurt a team to schedule FCS teams instead of having all power 5 and group of 5 on your schedule and to only play 8 conference games. OSU had the better resume if you look at strength of schedule, game control, defensive and offensive stats. You can't count Texas as a good win for LSU because the pre-season rankings were wrong about them. Texas was not a good team. Oh well, can't worry about that. Need to prove the committee wrong. Need to exact revenge on Clemson and beat Joe Burrow. I still like Joe. Once a Buckeye always a Buckeye but if OSU plays LSU they need to put a beat down on them.
Comment 03 Dec 2019
What's funny is the stat lines listed under Dobbins tells you how may yards he averaged against the best defenses OSU has played and lists them as Michigan St, Wisconsin, Penn St and "TTUN". As much as we promote that name for that school do you think the Heisman voters know who that is? I'd think they probably do now since Urban will not mention that school by its name on national television. I think it's hilarious.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
I think I have the same anxiety. I think the presence of a perceived constant TTUN threat level is a residual effect from the Cooper years. How many times did OSU have the better team on paper but somehow an inferior TTUN team would win the game, ruining National Championship seasons. Every year 2 days after Thanksgiving this thought creeps to the forefront of my consciousness creating the anxiety of "Is this the year the Cooper curse reemerges"? Gratefully the last 2 decades and the 2 most recent ass kickings of TTUN have decreased the intensity of this ridiculous anxiety.
Comment 27 Nov 2019
You're right Xgo bloggers cry about 2 things when they lose football games; cheating refs and "bagmen" paying athletes. The ironic thing about TTUN recruiting is that they have had top 10 recruiting since Hairball has been coach but one has to ask why in the world would a recruit go there considering their many years of irrelevance? They haven't won anything in years. Last outright Big Ten title since 2003 (2021 recruits were just being born), last outright National Championship was before the Korean War, never been in the Big Ten title game or the final 4 of the College Football National Championship. Harbaugh fails to develop recruited QBs even though he's the so-called QB Whisperer and really fails to develop any other position group (Rashard Gary comes to mind), they've never been known as BIA; WRU, or best at development of any other position, OSU puts out more NFL draft picks than TTUN on a continuous basis. If you're a kid who is a top talent then why would you want to go there? Maybe TTUN has the "bagmen" that their fan base accuses others of having. They are desperate to be relevant again so it wouldn't surprise me. Hairball was close in 2 out of his 5 years to taking TTUN to that next step but when it came down to it he still failed and TTUN still hasn't won anything. Go Bucks!! Crush their souls on Saturday and keep them in the Pit of Irrelevance.
Comment 20 Nov 2019
Hamler is a very good player but after watching him he looks small and doesn't like to get hit. Our big DBs and safeties need to lay the wood on him early and I think he will not be quite as dynamic. Being physical with him at the line of scrimmage will hopefully ruin their timing.
Comment 09 Oct 2019
The 2nd half will be more interesting. Up to now the defense hasn't been tested. The biggest tests the defense has faced are a FAU offense ranked 49 in scoring offense and Nebraska at 56 in offensive yards per game. Wisconsin and Penn St are 25 and 24 in yards per game and 7th and 13th in points per game. The defense has played exceptional to now and I think they will against these two teams but it will be definitely be a test on how far they've come. Both Penn St and Wisconsin have shown their offenses can be shut down by mediocre defenses (NW and Pitt) so I'm hoping our defense can dominate both opponents. It should be fun to watch.
Comment 06 Oct 2019
I'm not sold on Wisky or PSU just yet. Wisky's offense at home only generated 7 points in 1-1/2 quarters against NW and only 10 offensive points for the game. Penn St was losing to Buffalo at home at half time in week 2 and only beat Pitt 17-10. Sure rivalry game but not a powerhouse. They will be the 2 toughest tests but we should roll. Neither team has seen an offense or defense like OSU.
Comment 04 Oct 2019
Mich St is starting a 4th string true freshman at left tackle who is actually a guard. They will have to max protect with a TE and maybe a RB to stop Young. This will limit the offensive options for Lewerke. They won't move the ball well and their defense will tire out. They are nowhere as deep as OSU on D and the score will reflect that. 42-7 OSU.
Comment 03 Oct 2019

Listened to Tim May podcast yesterday and he had on the Mich St football beat writer for last 20 yrs.  He said Mich St will start a 4th string left tackle who is actually a true freshman offensive guard.  They started their best available lineman at left tackle against Indiana who was actually a guard too but he got hurt and is out for the game.  They'll have to max protect with a tight end and running back but I have a feeling the Predator is still gonna eat Lewerke alive.  If not the others guys will definitely eat their share.

Comment 25 Sep 2019
I watched the Nebraska/Illini game and the Illini D line got good pressure on the QB. On a CBS sports show they said the starting left tackle is supposedly out for the game. Our D line should get pressure and Harrison or Browning should be fast enough to spy Martinez and hold him to minimal yards. Tackling in space will need to be spot on for everyone. Watching the Illini game Nebraska's skill players are susceptible to being stripped of the ball. That's why the Illini were in that game.