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Comment 08 Jan 2019

Mattison was on the way out of michigan anyway, dude is old and wasn't being offered a new contract. We could use an old but good and experienced coordinator/recruiter though during this transition. No one is saying Mattison is the DC for the future. Hes an Urban guy who will help Day grow as a HC, groom Hafley for the DC job, who has experience working with Washington, and who isn't going to go up against LJ. 

Mattison is a safe pick, all things considered. 

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Thats awesome that Dwayne knows the game so well at this point, but my biggest takeaway is how much Day helped and emphasized these skills with him. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018

Georgia Tech 
Penn State 
Ohio State

Is my guess on who will win. not necessarily who I want to win

Comment 28 Nov 2018

Our conference schedule next year is going to be tough, period. Indiana always plays us well, Nebraska with Frost year 2 edition will be better (and they had an under-rated season anyway), and @Northwestern will be big in magnitude. 

Beyond just who we play, the schedule is also difficult. @nebraska, Sparty, @Northwestern, Wisconsin all in a row. Then we get Maryland, @Rutgers, Penn St, @tun to following our bye. The only game that is easy is Rutgers. 

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Sucks but I can't fault him. its hard to sacrifice your health and future when you aren't getting paid for it. another injury and he immediately gets labeled as "injury prone" and it hurts his draft stock. meanwhile it would be poor form to force him out there when his head isn't 100% in it, even if he is physically healed. Hard decision that I doubt he took lightly.

Comment 15 Oct 2018

Lets also not ignore that millenials are now getting deeper into the "buying a house and starting a family" thing, all while generally making less money than other generations did at these ages (adjusting for inflation and such) AND having a lot of student loan debt. Even with millennials being less into football, those that are into football just can't afford it like others. 

Comment 12 Sep 2018

That is clearly the most questionable game, but would have us regain our homeland the quickest. 

The more likely outcome is that columbus ends up being controlled by UCF by the end of the season. We wouldn't regain it unless we play UCF in a bowl. 

Comment 12 Sep 2018

Worth mentioning that the one that began last year (its also at the bottom of the link) could have us reclaiming Columbus after we beat penn state in a few weeks. 

What has to happen?

Illinois defeats USF

Penn State defeats Illinois

OSU defeats Penn State

We also would control the vaaaast majority of the country as last year we claimed a lot of territory even after losing to iowa. 

Comment 10 Aug 2018

I think torreira-xhaka pairing is what xhaka needed and that torreira will effectively be a more defensive santi. Xhaka's defensive value is disrupting passing lanes further up the pitch rather than being the furthest midfielder back. In attack he is still a very good passer and is the go-to outlet pass to reset the attack. Or at least this is how i see it. 

I'm so excited because of all of that attacking power, but also am worried about the back line. I'm hoping that a better defensive midfield pairing will help the back 4 a lot. 

Comment 08 Aug 2018

Arsenal have a quality team and I think the changes will work out quite well. There is a new energy around the club. I would not be surprised if they challenge for the top 2 this year. I definitely think they will be better than United and Chelsea.