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Comment 16 Aug 2017

If the truth were to conclusively come out that the accuser was intentionally setting Zeke up, as his camp suggests, then someone should go to her job and have her suspended without pay for a comparable amount of time. But, of course, that won't happen. Accusations like this can forever ruin the accused's reputation even without much merit, yet there appears to be little long-term backlash for false accusations. Now there is the legitimate concern to harshly treating those situations that in may result in a chilling effect on actual victims coming forward, but there has to be some sort of balance for their to be some equity to the situation.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

So we all listened to the very hard-to-listen-to 911 call from the Dunn matter, correct? There was undeniable raw emotion present in that call, real hurt could be heard in the tone of that woman's voice. 

I just listened to the 911 call from Zeke's accuser and it compared to the Dunn call could not be more different. She has a cold, calculated tone. She is even seemingly kind of flippant in her answers. The bottomline is that there isn't the same kind of raw emotion in this call.

I have all kinds of speculation and theories swirling in my head as to motives, what could have really happened, etc., but I will keep that to myself, as the search for truth on those matters belongs with law enforcement and the rest of the justice system. I just wanted to point out the stark contrast between the calls. It's worth a comparative listen.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Regardless of fan affiliation, any time I see four witnesses present at the time of the alleged incident and none of them witnessed an assault, I am skeptical. Maybe it's the defense attorney bias in me, but regardless of whether this was Zeke or random TUN player, I'd still be extremely skeptical with the victim's allegations being outweighed 4 to 1 by other statements. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

I take issue with your comment in that I haven't seen really any "excuse Schiano" comments. The majority of the comments that you are presumably incorrectly labeling as such have simply been those most rational ones that ask that more than the two sentences of a deposition that leave the rest of the story very much untold be considered before condemning Schiano. If it comes to fruition that he knew and essentially did nothing and posters on hear continue commenting the lack of evidence, etc or any other excuse Schiano sentiments, then by all means, use the hypocrisy comment. Until then, the comment has really no place based upon the comments I've been reading int his thread.  

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Very astute point and probably the most troubling. The fear of job security, career blackballing, etc is not justifiable, but at least something most of us could see as a factor. Once out of that regime, the doors should have been blown off the place by each and every one of them with firsthand knowledge.

Comment 12 Jul 2016

It's not a play out of their book at this stage. At least not for me. For me it comes from a place of not unfairly and prematurely lumping Schiano in with the worst scum of child rapists and those who cover up the same who are essentially equally as guilty. Those types of premature conclusions can severely damage one's reputation and snowball into all other types of hasty consequences. That's very different from the JoePa truthers and their use of the "playbook" in that they employ it even after unequivocal evidence to the contrary of their defenses. The testimony here does not say that he did nothing after witnessing whatever he did it did not witness. I agree with you that he needs to come clean on all of it, and as said before, if any of it is true that he didn't take significant action on what he saw, then let what comes to him come as deserved. I'm just saying let's not condemn and shun him and lump him in with the child rapists just yet. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

There was absolutely no testimony under oath that Schiano "did exactly that." I'm not saying you're wrong in your feelings if that does turn out to be the case, but all we have is one singular (and VERY secondhand) event of Schiano purportedly seeing something and mentioning it to a peer with nothing further. That's very different than unequivocal testimony that after Schiano discussed with peer he absolutely took no further action. If the latter is true, then he deserves whatever is coming his way. However, let's all patiently await all the facts before we unfairly lump Schiano in with child rapists and cover-up artists.