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Comment 01 Sep 2019

I guess i'm in that "certain" portion of the fan base.   A win is a win is a win, sure.............but.    While some will say the team took a nap after the 1st qtr., i say they quit.   And, Day couldnt get them refocused at the half.    Seven straight possessions w/o a score of any kind?    Come on.    And, after the 1st qtr., F fuckin AU actually outplayed us.   Even the announcers pointed out that the Bucks had "lost their sense of urgency".   Not good.   Some things to build on?   Absolutely.   But, right now, i'm a little concerned about the D and the team attitude.

Its a long season.   GO BUCKS!

Comment 17 Sep 2017

JT does pretty well on straight line throws.   The '14 season aside, he hasnt done so well down field when he has to put some touch/air under it..   Anyway, i great record for him.

Comment 20 Apr 2017

Seemed like JT got a ton of balls batted down last yr.    WRs/QBs were 5-11 on hookups of 20+yds in the spring game, and 3 of those were from Burrows.    Those #s dont exactly make my hear flutter.

Comment 27 Feb 2017

Chaz, im sure you're aware that  MOST football plays come down to execution.   Therein lies the problem.   And, as Kyle, points out, it wasnt just a one group problem.    Theres plenty of criticism to go around.   Im not so hard on the play calling as some on here, tho it was certainly a factor in some games.   Execution, or lack thereof, is the crux of the matter. 

Whether it be WRs not getting open, running wrong/poor routes, drops or the Oline not blocking consistantly.   As we've seen in our last 2 NCs, a dominant Dline wins games.   Often, our Oline was dominated.   I know some will point to Weber's 1,000+ yrds. and say how bad could the Oline have been?   It was BAD to average.   We're an Oline driven team, remember?

Now, we come to JT.  I love me some JT, but he certainly seemed to have "regressed" last yr.   Whether it be missing wide open receivers, or not seeing wide open receivers or a new QB coach.    Also, is it just me, or does JT get a LOT of balls tipped at the LOS?

Execution.   EVERY play is designed to be successful if it is executed properly.   Lack of execution will make ANY called play look bad.