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Comment 16 Jul 2017

I know I'm a bit late with this but I would agree with all the things that have been said previously and I would add if and when you get into meditation that you find someone who can lead you in meditation. It took me a while to understand this aspect. i'd hear people say that meditation works well but I could never get into it by myself and it took someone to actually guide me thru it a few times. I would also try writing down at least three things that you are grateful for on a daily basis. After having a gun drawn on me 9 years ago, which put me into a major depression and anxiety riddled state and basically being locked in a box of my own thoughts, I actually had a friend tell me it helped her and I started doing it and truly it helps you focus on things that are right with your life. You could be thankful for simply having food while others don't have any, or you could be thankful for this day because as we all know we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. I hope this helps you..................

Comment 18 May 2017

One of the reasons that Delaney admitted both Maryland and Rutgers was because of east coast exposure and an expansion of the B!G  not only in athletics but for advertising for the network..As intriguing as it might be to think anybody would be shifting from the big xii the population doesn't make sense for any real advancement for the B!G Network.. except for Texas and that's not going to happen. I think if anywhere would be in play it would be the southern part of the east coast, more exposure for the network, more subscriptions to the network more households and I, for one, would much rather have a Ga Tech  than a Kansas or Iowa State.

Comment 05 May 2017

The thread title should read "Shoe collections release Lonzo Ball" Bugs Bunny says "What a maroon!"

Comment 21 Apr 2017

Sounds like he learned his double talk from Nick Saban and lots of other Bama players. Sentences that start with an excuse for why it happened are generally a lie.........Ohio State beat us because... I failed the drug test because...See who says none of the Bama players are learning anything down there?

Comment 26 Mar 2017

Maybe he lost some speed from when he was first recruited?. Honestly I'm sitting here trying to think of any one play where he just flat out ran away from a defender and cannot think of one. This isn't all that surprising to me

Comment 10 Dec 2016

love, light and healing to family and friends and love and light for a safe and easy transition for Dr Fritz............Condolences to all.

Comment 25 Nov 2016

He did more I think than anyone to bring Missagain down with his mouth than most did on the field..................

Comment 10 Nov 2016

he held a presser and no one came..................