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Comment 04 Jun 2019

I remember listening to Herbie being out of this world excited on the Buckeye Roundtable the evening of Zwick's commitment.  I never liked the TP saga, and yes...I recall about 4,000 Torrance Gibson threads.

Recruiting is a bigtime gamble....some kids work out, others don't work out, and some kids come from out of nowhere to be great.  It's all part of the game, and that's what makes it fun.

Comment 28 May 2019

High school baseball in Ohio is generally brutal to watch.  There is absolutely no way to evaluate talent when it's 43 degrees with 20mph wind and awful field conditions.  Travel ball is huge...and with u14-u18 tournies in the Columbus area virtually every weekend of June and July, there is no reason to not be able to put eyes on potential future Buckeyes.  Schools are getting in earlier and earlier on kids, as my son played against a Kent State verbal (pitcher) and he's a junior.  He also played against a Penn State verbal (shortstop) who is 16 this past weekend in Cbus. 

There are many great travel programs in this State.  Why OSU isn't getting more of those kids is beyond me. 

Comment 11 Apr 2019

Compare what some of these kids look like at 18/19 years of age and what they look like at 21/22.  That is why...and I don't believe any 18 year old kid is ready for the NFL. 

Watch the BEST college teams play and then watch an NFL game.  NFL is about 100x faster in every aspect. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

As much as I loved watching Haskins sling it, I think I'll miss seeing Campbell get open, catch, and turn up field even more.  For as much heat as that kid took as a youngster, he sure turned out to be a fine receiver. 

Good luck to all of them....huge holes to fill for tOSU next season.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

Bwahahaaaa.....way to step into the spotlight and shine young man.  Kid made it rain in the Schott last night. 

Comment 06 Feb 2019

Welcome aboard young man!  Go Bucks!

Comment 29 Jan 2019

Having watched UFM since his first days at BGSU, I was fairly certain as to what I could expect from him during his tenure at OSU:

1.  Improved recruiting giving OSU more talent than any other team in the BIG, and for the most part in the Country

2.  Improved facilities (helps with recruiting)

3.  High scoring offense to gain national attention

4.  Mediocre defense

5.  Solid special teams

6.  Favoritism for a running-style QB

I'm not surprised in the least bit that he won all of those games with so few losses.  His teams fielded more talent than 75% of BIG teams combined on most years.  I'm not surprised at all that he beat scUM 7 times, given that the scUM program is in complete and total disarray.  I am also not surprised that there were bad losses to lesser teams.  That stuff happens...nobody can prevent it from happening.  

What surprised me?  The Zach Smith debacle and the fact that Urban accepted a 3 game suspension for something for which he believed he was innocent.  We all got to know Urban Meyer as the football coach, but we also got to know a lot more about Urban Meyer the person once all was said and done.  In the end, I don't think any of us wanted to believe that Urban would foster such an individual on his staff.  Having said that, we also know how loyal he is/was to those for whom he cared for the most (i.e. Tebow, JTB, etc. etc). 

Ryan Day has his hands full with this program.  OSU football isn't exactly "set it and forget it."  

Comment 17 Jan 2019

I'm not nearly as optimistic as some seem to be here.  I say 10-2 with a NYD bowl win somewhere.  I'll defend as to why:

1.  Coaching changes:  Virtually a complete flip of the coaching staff (i.e. leadership) will be a tremendous challenge for Day to manage.  I get why he did what he did, but the mass outflow and subsequent influx of coaching with the OSU program is quite astonishing.  How quickly can the players adapt to new schemes, techniques, protocols, etc. etc.?

2.  Uncertainty at QB:  Fields may get a waiver, he may not.  Baldwin "looks" the part but has zero meaningful snaps.  Even if Fields gets the waiver, he is 100% new to everything at OSU.  While many expect him to come in and lead OSU to titles, I think that is being very presumptuous. 

3.  Another new Center:  The Michael Jordan experiment at center IMO handcuffed the offense (spoiled we are, yes I know) by creating timing issues for the receivers and backs due to poor, excruciatingly slow snaps.  Jordan compensated for that by just flat out being a beast of an offensive lineman.  His replacement (Meyers) who has virtually no game experience, will be tested early and often. 

4.  The defense:  Sure, we have a lot of guys back on defense but what we all saw most Saturdays this season was downright ugly at times.  OSU has significant issues at LB, and until that gets fixed they won't be able to stop the big yardage plays. 

New coach(es), new QB, new Center, and many, many question marks on defense.  10-2 with a win over scUM and a NYD bowl win would be considered a solid first year for Day and crew in my book. 

Comment 02 Jan 2019

LOL....why in the heck would he stay at OSU?

1.  UFM gone

2.  Heisman finalist and didn't even get discussed

3.  50 TD's, broke Brees' records....saved OSU last year against scUM...crushed them this year...

4.  Defense ain't getting any better

Dude balled out like none we have ever seen at OSU and still didn't get a Natty or the Heisman.  Tua is a sophomore.  Clemson's QB is a freshman.  Who you think is gonna be in NYC next December?  Haskins?  LOLOLOLOL....he was the token "third dude for conversation" this year.  He had ZERO chance of winning the Heisman.  All that did for him was raise his signing bonus come April. 

Go get paid man....Giants have Saquon and'll be alright.  I'm glad he got the chance to prove what he could do in Columbus.  He's the best QB that OSU has had in a long, long time. 

Comment 02 Jan 2019

As much as I like to watch him play, Michael Jordan is not nearly as good as a center as he is at guard.  His snaps to Haskins can only best be described as 8U fastpitch softball-ish.  There was a play yesterday when Mike Weber was almost past the LOS by the time the snap got to Haskins.  On many occasions this year the offense was already in motion before Haskins had the ball in his hands.  Slooowwwww...I'm talking painfully slow snaps.  Compare that to Texas' center almost taking Ehlingers hands off all night.  It makes a difference, that's for sure. 

I thought Davis played very well, as did Alabi.  I did find it odd how Alabi would push his man outside the pocket and then just sort of disengage?   When UW got pressure on Haskins it was mostly up the gut, and when that happens to any QB, they will rush throws.  Combine that with snaps that take 2 seconds to get in their hands, the QB is put into a bad spot altogether. 

Prince is an absolute giant of a human being.  He's about to be a very rich giant of a human being.  JB Shugarts may hold the false start record, but I would counter that for every false start for which Prince was flagged, there were 10 that he should have been flagged for given he always had the outside foot behind him and it often moved before the ball was snapped.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

LMAO at getting to the field from the south side of Chicago in less than 3.5 hours on a Friday night.  Even though traveling through there today is light years better than it was in the early 2000's, the I-55/I-90/I-94 interchange with those big curves is still a mess.  Add in the tunnels...and better plan to stay north of Chicago on Thursday evening.  Even taking the 294 loop isn't a guaranteed winner anymore. 

Stupid Friday night College football game.  Stupid Stupid Stupid.

And screw the Cubs.

Comment 19 Dec 2018

Someone mentioned Mathis earlier in this thread, and that ship has now sailed as of today.  He flipped to Georgia.  Whether that flip was because Fields left, or because Fields may be coming to Columbus, is a moot point.  He gone.

I agree with a poster from above when they stated so very many thought Haskins was "not ready" etc. etc.  Dude balled out in a big way.  Martell has shown me enough that I am willing to give him some leeway when it comes to being the QB at tOSU.  The competition with Baldwin should be a good one.  I'm leaving Fields out of the entire conversation, because if for some reason he decides to come to OSU, all bets are off in regard to the QB room.  If I am Ryan Day, I cannot possibly say no to Fields, right?  Or can I....

This is a situation that Ryan Day cannot possibly screw up.  He's got one chance to get it right.  Pick a guy, and stick with him unless the situation gets so bad that there is no other choice.  I'll agree with RK above in that UFM handled the JT/Cardale situation about as poorly as possible.  I hated that season.  QB controversies are divisive and rarely turn out well. 

Comment 20 Nov 2018

Good analysis, and I would argue that scUx was playing for it's proverbial CFP life during the xid-point of the IU gaxe last week.  Did they get caught looking ahead?  Perhaps, but IU xost certainly provided an adequate fight, and I don't believe for a second that Harbaugh was "holding back trying to not get players hurt for next week." coach does that in Week 11...not at 9-1 with a dogfight on your hands. 

The sheer lack of the ability of the OSU defense to turn over their opponent this year has xe puzzled.  Turnovers and untixely penalties seex to play xore into big gaxes than anything else.  Ohio State has been brutally awful in both of those categories this season.  They don't force a lot of fumbles, they don't pick off a lot of passes, and they seex to shoot thexselves in the foot at the worst tixe with really bad penalties.  Advantage:  TTUN.  If OSU can xatch TTUN in regard to lixiting penalties and forcing turnovers on Saturday, I like OSU's chances. 

I think what a lot of folks are over-looking in this xatchup is the fact that OSU has run the ball increasingly well over the past few weeks.  XSU was stingy against TTUN, yet OSU found a way to get Weber over 100 against that vaunted run defense.  Let us not forget that Haskins ran with xuch xore effort and diligence against Xaryland than we had seen over the course of the first 10 games.  That cannot be overlooked because when the threat of the QB run coxes into play, it'll bring back a lot of what has bothered TTUN over the past few losses:  Pick your poison....Tackle Dwayne, tackle JK/Xike, or defend the pass.  Xy xatter what anyone says, given the throwing ability that Haskins possesses in that right arx, and given the fact that our receivers are playing at a level that xost of us have not seen in a long time, and that if one guy misses JK and/or Mike in the hole.....TTUN has their work cut out for thex on defense this week. 

I would be xemiss to offer this:  If TTUN juxps out to a 14 (or xore) point lead early in this gaxe, I don't believe that OSU has the ability to stop the bleeding and coxe back and win.  The OSU offense needs to xanage the clock with long, extended drives that end in points.  This will prove to be a difficult task, as the TTUN defense is well-coached and plays at a high level. 

IMO the Buckeyes will need to run to set up the pass on Saturday.  I hope to see the score soxewhere in the 14-10 range at halftime.  Doesn't xatter who is leading.  If the OSU defense can jax up the run and xake Patterson throw the ball frox the pocket, I like their chances.  If the OSU defensive line loses contain and blows past Patterson and he gets out in the open and can create with those is going to be a very long day for the Buckeye defense. 

I scoff at the idea that OSU will get blown out this Saturday, let alone beaten.  I fully expect the Buckeyes to leave the field at 4:00 with a victory, and quite honestly it would arguably be the best win since 2006.  TTUN is getting all the love, all they hype, and all of the attention.  It's put up or shut up tixe for Harbaugh.  The seat warxer gets turned up should he lose this week.  It's now, or never for hix. 

Urban Xeyer was brought to OSU for two reasons:  Win BIG Chaxpionships and Beat TTUN.  He's done a fine job at that, and I expect xore of the saxe this week.  The OSU lockeroox is full of very, very talented players, but we have yet to see thex play to their very best this season.  For a lot of the players, it is also put up, or shut up time this week. 

Do your job.  Play for your brother.  Give it everything you have.  Hold nothing back.  This is why you lift all those weights, run all those gassers, and watch all that filx.  As coach Xariotti says...."IT IS TIXE...."


Comment 16 Nov 2018

Tater Tot in the Red Zone was all we needed to see in regard to 2019 and the status of Haskins.  Same story, different characters looking back to 2015.  Kmp10 hit it on the head...the offense isn't designed for a QB like Haskins (or Jones) and trying to fit that square peg into a round hole just doesn't work.  The first three weeks of this season looked different because, well, the guys calling the plays on Saturdays were, uh...different.  UFM was forced into playing Haskins last year when JTB got hurt, just like he was forced into playing Jones when JTB got hurt.  Why did both have nearly instant success?  The same reason that Tate had success last week in East Lansing.  The opponent had game planned for one thing, but eventually had to defend something completely different.  One poster above makes a great point:  You don't hear UFM gush all over Haskins like he does Martell, or like he did with JTB and how can we ever forget the first time he got to see Braxton Miller play in the 'Shoe while calling a game for ESPN?  He treated Leak and Jones in the same manner as Haskins.  Never said anything negative, but you sure didn't hear him stumble all over himself with pride when he talked about them. 

I think what you will find when Tate is behind center is that our offensive line and running game will improve significantly, but all of a sudden our receivers will no longer be open, and the use of the dreaded "sideline outlet" will become more and more prevalent.  UFM don't give AF about any Pro-style offense or what it should look like, and Haskins should realize that when he was subbed out last week for Tate in the Red Zone, his time at OSU was soon to be finished.  An above-poster is correct:  OSU fans will go from bitching about "too many passes" and a "QB who is a statue" to bitching about "Tate has a weenie arm" and "He can't hit receivers on time" and finally "He's too short..."  Never satisfied it would seem.  But don't forget...UFM gets paid to win football games at Ohio State University.  His offensive style wins football games because for about 90% of the games on the schedule, he has a talent and skill advantage at nearly every position on the field.  Tate Martell looks EXACTLY like his prototypical QB, and by the way...did anyone else notice the pipes hanging off of Martell's shoulders these days?  Kid is being readied for the gauntlet that is running the UFM offense.  He'll be 15# heavier by the fall of 2019, ready to take the abuse just like Tebow, Brax, and JTB. 

If OSU drops a game in the next two weeks, look for Haskins to declare and sit out the bowl game.  He won't be alone, and I don't blame the kid one bit.  His dream was to play QB for The Ohio State University.  That dream came true, but unfortunately he played under a coach that really didn't want him in the first place because quite frankly his style doesn't fit the offense. UFM won't change the offense to adapt to his QB, as was evident by him putting in Tate in the Red Zone last week.  You don't change the offense, you change the QB.  

I wish Haskins nothing but the best, because he seems to be a genuinely good kid who has a very, very high ceiling. 

Comment 13 Nov 2018

Ah yes, growing pains sure will test a fan base.  One only has to watch other games (I know, the horror right?) to realize that tOSU defense is certainly not the only Division 1 defense that struggles to stop the other team.  I'm not sure Oklahoma even has a defense? 

Comment 13 Nov 2018

I'm sure it has been stated in other threads, but the mere fact that our offensive line looked like they knew what they were doing with Martell behind them as opposed to not looking like they know what they are doing with Haskins behind them is all we need to know.  The line has been polished to run the UFM offense, not some discombobulated love-child version between Day and Wilson that we see every week, strictly because Haskins is exactly like Jones, and the offense doesn't fit them.  Of course the line is going to give away the play, and that's because they truly don't know how to set up for just pass, or just run, without giving it away.

I've noticed that lean from Haskins as well.  No doubt it's a run.  Every.  Damn.  Time.  It's like they need to get Haskins to watch some tape of Troy Smith doing the lean and hop back....that worked, what Haskins is doing does not work. 

Having Haskins as the QB presents a very uncomfortable scenario for UFM in 2018, and likely for 2019.  Martell getting on the field on Saturday shows that UFM has recognized that his offense under Haskins just doesn't work well in the Red Zone, very similar to how Cardale struggled in 2015.  Reason being, the threat of the QB run is non-existent.  Couple that with the line giving away the plays, and Haskins nearly false-starting on every run play, handing the ball off 14" away from the butt of the center, and topped off with the fact that I've never seen slower snaps in my lifetime.....and we find ourselves as predictable, and very, very beatable when facing an opponent with an offensive pulse. 

D'Antonio didn't have the horses on offense to beat us.  scUm most definitely does, and they have a defense that'll give them plenty of possessions with extended drives.  This stuff needs to be fixed, and fixed quick. 

Comment 02 Nov 2018

There have been so many September Heisman's won in AA over the years that I must pause when I think of placing a bet on The Game.  Arguably, our Buckeyes have looked much better in years past at this point in the season.  #ichigan is getting all the love (over the top it would seem), and the Buckeyes are getting all the criticism (most of it very deserved). 

One thing about UFM-coached squads at OSU:  They have responded well to their (few) losses in their next game(s).  Now, the distractions in 2018 have been immense.  In general, teams do not respond and/or perform well under such circumstances. 

If OSU wins the next three games, they will crush Michigan.  Slip up this week or the two weeks'll be the other way around as the players will pack it in for 2018. 

Take 'em one at a time Buckeyes. 

Comment 01 Nov 2018

All the teams expect & prepare for this

Pretty sure none of us were prepared for you Zimmy. 

Comment 30 Oct 2018

Shazier wasn't exactly the type of LB to knock someone's helmet off and then drive the RB back into the turf when he first took to the field.  Cracks me up that everyone expects these kids to play like 22 year old Seniors when a heck of a lot of them were just finishing their high school seasons not 2 years ago. 

It would be interesting to compare the years in the program of our competition vs. that of the current Buckeyes.  Call it what you want, but just like everything in life rarely does inexperience beat experience.  Only in cases of extreme talent disparity do we see it, and against Purdue...(and likely Sparty and scUM) that won't be the case.  

The young Buckeyes are facing a very tough month.  One game at a time.  Get better every week.  Learn from the mistakes and grow from it, but most of the games.