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Comment 11 Mar 2019

This article does make it seem like the coaches don’t know what they are doing. And is concerning.

Coaches bouncing around. Players bouncing around. Coaches not knowing what positions they are even trying to fill.

if a company is moving managers around to different departments and employees are being moved around to different departments. And management is not sure of the positions they’re going to have....

Seems these steps might have completed already.

Comment 03 Mar 2019

Today Coaches should go to win games now. Experience an be gained outside of the high school season as so much AAU and other leagues are available.

My kids high school Coach is in his 3rd season. First year had 10 seniors in the roster and went to state tournament for the first time in 20 years. 2nd season, won the State Title. The High School program had losing records each season for at least 6 seasons. 3rd season, back in the state tournament. They play this upcoming weekend.

Comment 03 Mar 2019

Didn’t watch...

Did he not touch the bell on offense?


Is he not able to get a shot off unless he is wide open?

Seriously, 1 shot attempt after scoring 28? Searching for an acceptable excuse because at face value, this is inexcusable and irresponsible of Ahrens not being there for his team.

Bottom Line:

if scoring comes from players catching and shooting, Holtman needs to set him up. That is on Holtman.

if scoring comes from 1 on 1, those guys need to attack and finish.

if scoring comes as a group effort, these games can happen as there is no “go to” for an answer. And Coach drastically needs a roster upgrade. 1 recruiting class isn’t enough.

I am curious as to what type of team Coach really wants to put on the floor.

Comment 16 Feb 2019

For an article written about not scoring and to bring up a player who was very well known as not a scorer seems silly. Scoonie Penn makes more sense than anyone else in this he last 20 years. Conley was known for not being a very good shooter also.

Comment 10 Feb 2019

I am curious as to how a scouting service even ranks players.

You have the measurables: height, weight, technique, 40 time, 20 yard shuttle, all of the weightlifting numbers....

How do these factor into rankings? Football IQ, Attitude, Determination, Resolve, Being Coachable....

With film study, being coachable isn’t the easiest to see but is an extremely important trait.