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Comment 08 Jun 2019

I agree with you ELJSTA76. The stuff mentioned after your post are excuses for not performing well. Are those same people willing to accept poor performance this fall? How does 9-4 sound? Keeping in mind that there will be 4 new starters on the OLine. Coaches thought so much of our depth on the OLine that they brought in a transfer to start. This will be guys protecting our QB or opening holes for Dobbins.

Comment 08 Jun 2019

I am a fan, but Ohio State is not a top 3 program. 3 programs have more appearances in the playoffs than Ohio State. Oklahoma is a better program right now than Ohio State. Arguably Georgia is better than Ohio State now with Kirby Smart. It’s easy to see a noticeable gap between Ohio State and the top tier programs of Alabama and Clemson.

New Head coach, with 8 weeks of head coaching experience before being hired. QB that has never started, 4 new starters on the offensive line. A defense that wasn’t good. With new defensive coaches that held our offense to only 55 points and weren’t able to adjust and we laughed about it.

Ohio State can get there but there is more work to do to get there than at those other places. 9 wins would be a good record this year.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

End of day, you have guys you expect to produce. And other guys that if they make a play, you are happy, and if they don’t make the play, it wasn’t expected. 

Parris Campbell with the long touchdown catch on the jet sweep. You expect him to produce. Not surprised by the play, it was awesome!

Bin Victor against PSU, was surprised with the catch and stunned by the run for the TD. 

This is the difference from a starter to someone who is still developing.

Experience is one thing, returning as a starter is another.

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Very true. I am cheering for the team in every game as I take my family to restaurants each game to watch!

In my non fandom thinking.... I don’t think they have a  chance to win it all this year, so let’s go somewhere to get the most work done to prepare for next year when our roster is that of a title contender. I look at ways to get better,just like you from your post.

At this point, survive and advance! Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Mar 2019

I want to thank you for bringing up the wonderful memories of that Reds team! The A’s had already lost in ‘88 but did win the Series in ‘89. I do remember all of the talk about an A’s sweep! It was a sweep alright!!! Bottom line, the Reds lead their division the entire season. Then beat the Pirates with their awesome outfield of Bonilla, Van Slyke and (skinny) Bonds. It wasn’t like the Reds didn’t do much before the World Series started.

Those two title games were from a different era in college basketball. Those two teams were lead by seniors.

Nova beating Georgetown and going 9 for for 10 in the second half is phenomenal! Only taking 10 shots in 20 minutes and making all but 1.

NC State won their conference tournament to make the field. And beat a Ralph Sampson lead Virginia team and a pretty good UNC team with at least 3 long time NBA players in Perkins, Worthy and Jordan.  Their win over Houston didn’t exactly come out of nowhere.

Ahrens had 1 game, and scored 28 points, which is Awesome for him to accomplish that! I never did. But the next game he inexplicably took 1 shot.... means he is not ready yet. Not knocking him, he has potential but potential means he hasn’t done it yet.

The teams that were mentioned were not known for a surprising first round win except for NC State. Pepperdine had them on the ropes. But all of those teams had accomplishments involved, prior to them winning the title, Picnkey was an All American and Nova plays in the same conference and was competitive with Georgetown, so they weren’t intimidated, like others by their Twin Towers.

I will be cheering for the Bucks tonight! I hope they do win! Go Bucks!

Comment 24 Mar 2019

The goal is to win a National Title, not to make a tournament. They aren’t going to win the title this year. 

How much has last years NCAA tournament helped this year? It hasn’t even been mentioned!

In football, the biggest advantage gained in bowl games is the extra practice time, not the game. How much do you here experience affecting the outcome of the CFP?

So the goal this year is to get better for next, to keep playing and have more practices.

I am glad for the seniors that they did get to the NCAA tournament. And Woods had a good game!

i will be cheering for the Buckeyes today and will be happy if they win! But will continue to enjoy being a Buckeye fan regardless of the outcome. I imagine you will do the same. Go Bucks!!!