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Comment 10 Sep 2019

I appreciate your enthusiasm but Werner doesn’t have the athleticism to slide back as a safety. Clemson would exploit that to no end! Werner struggles in space. 

In other words, that defensive play/coverage is window dressing with no real merit.

From what you’re saying, it sounds like the coaching staff is in the wrong scheme if the best players aren’t on the field. Look what our offense did to this scheme last year. 

If a player doesn’t affect the game, then what are they doing?

86 plays out of 95, Werner didn’t make the tackle or get in on it. That is pretty consistent. 1 play out of 10.5 Werner makes a tackle. 1 play out of 95, Werner made a tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

28 plays out of 34, White didn’t make a tackle. 1 play out of every 6, White makes a tackle. 1 play out of 17, White made the tackle behind the line of scrimmage. White also broke up a pass and had a sack.

Sounds like White is more talented or has a better knack for making plays!

Comment 25 Aug 2019

They don’t hear about Ohio State. The Big Ten doesn’t get any one excited except for Iowa Wrestling. Outside of that, Oklahoma, Montana, Montana State, Alabama, Clemson and LSU. 

Outside of my family, there was a PSU grad, Nebraska native, a TTUN fan, Tennessee fan and a USC fan as his sister went to school and played in their band. Most people could care less about college football, as they are hunting, fishing, or hiking/riding.

Comment 25 Aug 2019

It appears to me that it was known that Baldwin was leaving as he was showcased in the spring game similarly to Burrow in the previous spring game.

I think Day will handle things so the pressure won’t be placed on Fields. I see a mix between Barrett and Miller. If the Bucks make a run, it would need to be made with the Defense leading the way.

Comment 18 Aug 2019

Along the Big Horn River at the edge of the Big Horn Mountains.

SEC and Oklahoma get the love. Bucks split with OU. OU has 2 Heismans and 3 trips to the playoffs. Alabama and Clemson get love. 4 playoff meetings in a row and 4 National Titles in a row.

 Ohio State was not even in the game their last trip to the playoffs. I listened to the National Broadcast of the game on Westwood One. The broadcast did not say 1 good thing about the Bucks! I was pissed off before I got home from my sons basketball tournament to watch the second half. PSU, MSU, and TTUN not living up to the billing hurts.

Not a lot to say about 3 teams that have been better than mine for the previous 5 years. 

Learned to enjoy the wins, enjoy the development of young men as people and as a player. 

Comment 18 Aug 2019

Haskins and Fields are similar how?

Who stated Haskins/Fields sucks?

4000 yards passing this season is a stretch for Fields. Fields had quite a bit to work on mechanically.

Could he have gotten better? Sure

Did he get better? Probably 

4 new starters on the offensive line. That alone is a huge change! Juggernaut, probably not this year. If it is , I will be surprised and very happy!! But realistically not likely.