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Comment 24 Nov 2019

There was no intermediate or short route passing plan, it seemed.   With the incredible talent on the receiving corps and weak PSU secondary, should definitely have been challenging that a lot more.   The weather during the Wisconsin game was worse and that did not stop OSU from focusing on a complete passing gameplan that should not have been the issue either.    At point I was looking for Meyer and Tressel up in the coordinators booth to see if they were passing down the plays  - run QB, run RB, run QB, run RB ..... :)

Comment 24 Nov 2019

The issue from my POV was not the over reliance on the running game - it was the over reliance on the QB running game and it almost backfired spectacularly to the tune of 3 QB fumbles and an injured QB.   Yes OSU won the game, but it was not because of the conservative offensive play calling it was despite it.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Another significant suspension - Dec. 20, 2004 – Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel suspended quarterback Troy Smith for the Alamo Bowl for violating team and NCAA rules and standards.   

This suspension was over for the next year, but prompted Tressel to start Zwick over Smith in the game against Texas and shared time with Zwick as the QB.   If Troy had played the entire game, I firmly believe OSU would've won the game and changed the history of season, especially the narrative of Texas with Vince Young as an unstoppable force and the classic Texas vs USC championship game.

Comment 19 Nov 2018

"Haskins won't win games with his legs, "

Well he did have 3 rushing TDs in the last game and 59 rushing yds, so he could be the difference in a critical 3 and short or goal to go situation again.   He doesn't have to get 100 yds (a la Barrett) but just keep the defense honest and be able to get that short yardage if needed, with his legs, which he's shown to be capable of.