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From Bowling Green OH. Currently in the Air Force. Wife and two beautiful daughters (all Buckeyes).


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Comment 30 Sep 2013
Wanted to be there so bad. Looks like it was a great time. Hopefully I can get some time off for next years event.
Comment 22 Jul 2013

Haha first off boss I have never slammed Hyde ever. I just said its not as big of a loss as some make it seem with the depth we have at the position. You are the one acting like I said something that was bashing him. I am a supporter of Hyde and I hope that this video shows Hyde didn't do it but if he did and he is off the team I fail to think that we are done for at the rb spot. But if you want to continue to battle me and paint this imaginary picture of me I gladly will continue to battle you on this. 

You are the one claiming the sky is falling not me. You can look at my posts on Hyde and see that I have been a huge supporter of him if you wish. I'm sure you won't because you would rather try to bash me for my opinion which is fine but there are others on here who may have seen the support I have had for this dude.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Not as big as you seem to make it out to be no. I never said it wasn't a blow, but at the same time we have the capable bodies there to fill the void comfortably. 

Btw I did not DV you. You coming at me with names doesn't bother me it just helps me know that you truly have nothing else for me in this convo. And you are looking at things one way instead of looking at the other experienced backs we have on our team. Not to mention that you obviously have no trust in them what so ever.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Everyone seemed to think regardless that hydes production was looking to go down this year anyhow. Smith can run through people and Dunn can do the same. This offense is not broken without Hyde. There seems to be a decent sized overreaction here. 

We were told you were gonna see a lot more passing out of brax this year and I tend to believe the coaching staff. Like I said we have two guys in the stable who have seen this offense before that are more than capable of pulling their weight within a pretty favorable schedule. But most people want to believe that we are gonna see the same inexperienced squad we saw last year.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

That was last year boss. Whole new season with the same kids in their second year of this offense. They are familiar with it. Plus a few new weapons. Not a big deal at all. Don't worry though when your singing the praises this year I will be here waiting. Don't worry chicken little the sky is not falling.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

you arent being realistic if you think that the sky is falling without a single game of this season being played yet. This is what you have backups for. They step up in times like this and do their part. Are they going to be perfect all season long? probably not but no better time than now to get that experience in.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

I see alot of people here are ready to call it a season already......... Real fannish IMO. Two blows but the Bucks will bounce back from it. You dont think this coaching staff will have these kids that need to step up now ready? Lets try to take a step back from the cliff please.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

saw this on tiger droppings just a bunch of he said she said IMO but thought I would share.


I am just a secondary source (so don't kill me) but my friend was here when all of this went down at the O. According to him, this is all being blown out of proportion (again I am just a secondary source passing along what I heard). Said the girl was hammered and out of control. She kept bothering Carlos and he kept ignoring her. He finally turned around quickly to yell at her to go away and inadvertently hit her in the nose with his elbow as he did so.

Edit. Just found it while scouring through some sites trying to see if anyone potentially had anything else.