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Comment 29 Nov 2015
I believe we will be #5 at a minimum once the championship games are played. After the beating we gave UM the loser of the B1G Championship game will drop below us no doubt in my mind. If Clemson gets waxed I don't see NC jumping us so I would say there is a stronger case for us to move to 4 then for almost anyone else. If Bama loses to Florida there is no way IMHO a two loss SEC team stays ahead of us. I think if Clemson loses a close one they MIGHT drop to #4 best case for them. OK is in, winner of BIG is in... we need help but I see a very strong case for us developing if chaos ensues for Bam a or Clemson.
Comment 19 Oct 2015

Of course I don't have all the information. I'm simply agreeing with part of a narrative that was brought up on Mike & Mike. There are a million possible narratives out there for this situation and 99.999999% of them are wrong. Doesn't mean I cant get behind one of them and think that their might be something to it. What I am judging off of is what I see on the playing field on game day.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

So you are saying that there is no chance that Urban is capable or falling prey to the petty psychological foibles of being human and that there is no chance in the world that he has even the slightest possible ego?

Don't get me wrong.. I trust him completely and in the end he will always make the choice he feels is best for the team. I can roll with that. But I also believe sometimes before we get to that point it is entirely possible for anyone to be just the smallest bit stubborn.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I got as far as "I just tweeted UFM a screen shot" and wanted to reach through the monitor and break your fingers........ Until I read the rest and started to laugh my ass off. Well done Sir... Well Done!

I agree with the last statement. Hard choice at the start of the year.... but I think the waters are starting to really clear up and the reflection that is seen is JT's

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Listening to Mike & Mike on the way to work I would say I have to agree with one of the comments a guest made. If a change isn't made I got to believe it's partly out of Urban just being stubborn. I don't understand how JT can be so efficient and NOT be the teams starter. It's time to #freeJT!

The Iron King is an amazing person and athlete. I think that all of Buckeye Nation is greatly appreciative for all he has done for the team and it's fans. But he has been given ever possible chance this year to prove that it truly is his team and unfortunately (Yes I understand we are undefeated) he has not done that. Time to see what the other driver can do with the keys in his hands from start to finish.

Comment 23 Sep 2015

HAHAHAHA.... I completely missed it during Lee's interception that the poor referee was completely obliterated by and NIU player. it's at 1:39 roughly in the highlight video. OUCHY... but nice block

Comment 07 Sep 2015
The hell has already been caught.... and it wasn't Urban. If Urban doesn't have the backbone to suspend his star players then he's not doing his job. This is a teaching moment for Bosa and the rest of the team. Bosa and company are the ones who let the team down... NOT Urban. He already saved face by doing what was right and suspending those that messed up.
Comment 24 Jan 2015

Respectfully disagree. The difference in the playoff games was an offensive line that hit another level (good lord they were on fire)... EZE... and a defense that went from being a siv in the running game to an immovable object.

I love Cardale... but as stated in the article, there is a reason he was behind Barrett and I suspect that in the lead up to next season those same reasons will become prevalent again when competing against JT head to head.

I also dont think that Braxton is going to be a player in this equation. I suspect a position change. I love the kid and he has mad skills.... but I don't think his skill set will get him far in the NFL as a QB and that is his ultimate landing spot. If I'm wrong I will eat my words, I just dont see him competing in this battle.