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Comment 18 May 2020

HYI3RID and Ron Burgundy hit it right on the money. Theres been a noticeable downward trend in US cases the last week. Its ok to have a plan but Lets be patient and not make major attendance/cancellations decisions in May. Not just fall events but people who have already cancelled major Independence celebrations might end up regretting it big time! 

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Yep RunningFree has bought into the media fear. Have SARS and Swine Flu (which are in the same exact family as CoVid-19) ever spread outside the Winter/Spring? Exactly. Were having a full football season (tho the bowl game might be questionable)

Comment 13 Mar 2020

thats my whole thing. I can understand if COVID was like the Black Death pandemic that literally killed people left and right in the Middle Ages. But were talking about a Virus that even with Zero containment is way closer to a Bad Flu season than a Global Killer. And we could CARE LESS about containment, supplies, Hospital Overflow, and all those other things during Flu seasons when Tens of Thousands of people die from it. 

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Disappointing on 2 fronts:

1. I love March Madness, especially the Buckeyes and Cinderellas

2.  We saw Months ago how big of a deal this Virus was in Asia and inevitably Europe. The USA is a country surrounded by 1000s of miles of ocean in both directions from the source. I asked myself as far back as late January Why we arent doing more of the stuff were doing now to temporarily ban international travel, cruise ships, etc. Im not saying we wouldnt have any Sporting events cancelled BUT it would likely not be on the grand scale we have seen the last few weeks

Comment 10 Mar 2020

i was getting DV too a few days ago because I said if we dont get an elite RB recruit again in 2021, we should think about firing Alford. I Agree now that statement went a little too far BUT if we wanna continue competing for Playoffs & Nattys, we definitely should not give him a Mark Dantonio type leash if his recruiting starts falling off over several years just because "hes the same guy who coached Zeke Elliott and recruited JK Dobbins"

Comment 08 Mar 2020

@Jimjohnston Yes im aware of Wisconsin & MSU developing low rated RBs. It still bothers me to this day we missed out on LeVeon Bell (a Columbus area kid). But when it comes to those teams---how many times have they finished in the top 4? How many recent National Title teams did not have an elite RB? When it comes to being Elite, recruiting matters more in college football than any other sport.
And yes im aware that this article is about a 2021 player. Its just my general frustration with the Buckeyes RB recruiting the last couple years that could very well keep them from achieving their potential. While the Buckeyes are gonna be awesome throwing the ball and Fields is (hopefully) gonna run a lot more with decent QB depth this season, I feel like not having that elite go-to RB like last season is gonna end up hurting us along the way


Comment 08 Mar 2020
Can we (a school that has 5 Heismans at RB and continues to run a RB focused offense) please get someone great or else think about canning Alford? Yes i know Stars rating arent the end all, but how many great OSU RBs this century were not highly rated?! Clarett, Beanie, JK, and Zeke all were 5 stars or real close. If Teague misses part/all of this season, we could still win the B1G BUT im not thrilled with our playoff/National Title chances starting lower rated guys
Comment 12 Feb 2020
Yes I agree with all the people on here who say its unfair to automatically assume these players are guilty. But like all the nonsense that has happened the last few years with Zeke Elliott---WHY put yourself in risky situations? Even if they arent guilty of the crime, these guys are almost Always guilty of putting themselves in the wrong situations to risk something like this.
Comment 12 Feb 2020
When i visited the WHAC in the early 2010s, one of the things that stuck out to me when the guide was giving us a tour was how they said most of these football players are basically "big kids". Whenever someone on the team screws up (especially in a disturbing way like this), i always think about the "big kids" thing and why it is so hard for some of these guys to make mature decisions when they have such a great opportunity here!
Comment 13 Jan 2020

Thats all fine and dandy BUT the fact is-----we havent made the Playoffs 2 straight seasons yet (which made the Clemson loss that much more frustrating to me because you never know when the next opportunity will be!). Lets focus on getting past Oregon and getting through the Big 10 first before we worry about a Natty