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Comment 13 Oct 2019

Obscurity? I dont like them as much as the next person but Obscurity at NOTRE DAME is not a good choice of words. More like overhyped and overrated like the team Up North. 

Apparently he wanted to get far away from home (like I did at that age) and make a name for himself outside of his dads alma mater. Obviously winning championships is not a priority. 

Comment 27 Jul 2019

Well it cant be worse than when the Buckeyes were a power and lost to Iowa and Purdue on a saturday

Comment 02 Jan 2019
Believe it or not, most members of MgoBlog think the same thing of Portnoy and Barstool that Buckeyes fans do. And he went to school there. I guess hes the TUN version of Buck I Guy
Comment 05 Dec 2018

So....the situation has to be perfect to satisfy your definition of “retiring on his own terms?” Frank Beamer retired after several mediocre seasons. Same thing with Bear Bryant because he felt Alabama deserved better coaching. Bob Stoops retired out of nowhere. While his teams were still doing well & he didnt have the health issues that Urban has, he was still very worried about dropping dead on the sideline like his dad did. 

Just like Urban, these guys still retired of their own free will. Thats all you need

Comment 08 Sep 2018

Even my girl (who barely knows anything about football) pointed to Tate and asked me “What position does that little guy play?”

I told her yeah hes small but he was the still the National High School player of the year

And the fact that he came from one of the best high school teams in the country proves he can play Elite football at this level