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Comment 13 Aug 2020

I understand what youre saying & i definitely do all that protection stuff for this virus. But I understand the frustration of the person you responded to. I used to have your same opinion up until recently. Then I began to realize Even If everyone in America "did their part" the last 5 months and reduced the amount of people with Covid, you STILL would not be able to control the overwhelming fear & uncertainty of this virus thats gonna be around til we have a Vaccine. So we STILL would have seen the B1G make the same decision of postponing the season regardless of the amount of people who "did their part"

Comment 12 Aug 2020

as with a lot of new things in life (especially when it comes to enforcing rules), people go hardcore/overboard on it at the beginning & then let their guard down after awhile. When he realizes this virus is here to stay for the long haul, as a former NFL executive, he has to have SOME clue of how important football is to a budget (especially in the B1G), how much it basically pays for the other school sports, etc and cant Possibly think there wont be mass shuttering of Universities with a 2nd straight Fall missed. 

and i would sincerely hope he monitors how the other conferences/NFL manage their season and take notes. And you can bet if the leagues get through their season with less difficulty than expected, there is no doubt gonna be a fall season in 2021. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

Furious George, i would worry more about our current players (like Fields, Wade, etc) "decommiting" from here because of their NFL opportunity over a high school kid decommiting because of 1 season cancelled before he even steps foot on campus. Admittedly the cancellation may have swayed the kid today who decommitted from OSU but he was never projected to go here anyway. i believe he has a good friend committed to Alabama whos been in his ear. All of our other 2021 recruits (at least the top ones) were complete locks to commit here & are still complete locks to sign here. Now maybe that might change if some commit wants to enroll early (which we wont be able to at OSU if theres a Spring season) but that doesnt seem like such a huge deal 

Comment 16 Jul 2020

Im gathering from this article that potential spread to high risk individuals is the biggest obstacle to playing a season. The easy thing to say is why dont we just take extra precautions with the high risk individuals. But other than the obvious age factor, how do we measure whos high risk and whos not and what do we do with those high risk people? 

Comment 10 Jul 2020

Remember Purdue is probably not gonna have fans. That would make a huge difference from last time

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Ok ill give you the majority of people closer to the water arent doing that horrible. But dont ya think all those people under those umbrellas at the back are just a TAD bit close to each other? Did I mention this pic was South Carolina (which we all have heard about regarding Covid). 

If being outdoors was such a huge benefit, we wouldnt have all these fairs, festivals, and stadium attendance being cancelled

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Look at the head coaches man. NO comparison between a National Title coach & Hugh Freeze. Freeze literally came from obscurity to competing with Alabama within a few years. If Mack was cheating, why was he never found guilty of anything when he was winning 10 games with UNC the 1st time? Why hasnt anything been uncovered at Texas (a football team that hasnt done much outside his tenure)? 

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Im not really sure about a D II private school starting a domino effect. Their sports budget and football team are on a COMPLETELY different level than most D1 programs. Ill wait for one of our Power 5 peers to do this before I get really worried

Comment 26 Jun 2020

Do you seriously believe theres a 99% chance or are you just telling yourself that to avoid the feeling of bitter disappointment JUST IN CASE theres no season? Im not optimistic either but like one of the other posters said, lets see what happens with the 3 Pro sports about to restart (and their proposed rigorous daily testing to immediately isolate Covid cases) and see what happens with them first before being that sure

Comment 18 May 2020

HYI3RID and Ron Burgundy hit it right on the money. Theres been a noticeable downward trend in US cases the last week. Its ok to have a plan but Lets be patient and not make major attendance/cancellations decisions in May. Not just fall events but people who have already cancelled major Independence celebrations might end up regretting it big time!