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Comment 23 Mar 2016
Humphrey played great all tournament! Would love to see him get some mid-major love. Neither Wesson had great offensive games in the final but had great seasons and couldn't care less how many points they scored as long as the team succeeded. Need more team guys like that! They will both be major contributors at tOSU. Best thing is, they will more than likely be 4 year Buckeyes.
Comment 16 Mar 2016

As a recent Westerville South Grad and Basketball player, I know the type of kid and type of player that Coach Calo breeds at South. Talent aside, superb work-ethic and high character are non-negotiable. Andre is a hard working, high character kid who has the talent to contribute to OSU basketball. Granted the Loving's and Lyle's of the world may have more God given abilityt, but I'd take 10 Andre Wesson's (and Jae'sean Tate's) before signing another Loving or Lyle. This kid gets it. He'll work hard and play hard and make the team better. A 6'7" wing that can shoot it, has handle, is a great defender and has OSU ties just makes too much sense.

Comment 03 Oct 2015
A few things: 1. As a major Ohio St fan, it is tough to watch the offense go through growing pains. With expectations at an all time high, it seems like when good things happen we say, "there we go, we should do that every time." when bad things happen we say, "what the f*!$" is going on, this year's team is not what we thought!" 2. We need to stop with the panic. This team is different than the 2014 team. That's not necessarily a bad thing! We've obviously changed our offensive game planning and play calling. We're not running the read option then play action pass. We're more pro style. Through 5 games, the new offense has not been nearly as effective as the "old" offense, but we're only 5 games in! With our schedule, we don't HAVE to play an "A" game until much later in the season. Trust that there is a long term vision for the offense and (like last year) by the time we need our "A" game, we will have it. If we keep winning, it doesn't matter how we win until we play MSU, ttun, and the BIG Champ. Imagine if we convincingly win against MSU and ttun how quickly the national rhetoric of OSU will change from "underachievers" to "they are who we thought they were". 3. We need to stop worrying about the performance of the teams we play after we play them. Each team that tOSU plays sustains a number of key injuries throughout our game. We are a brutal opponent that takes a toll on each team we face. Hence today, IU loses their starting QB and RB, those guys are going to need weeks to once again be 100%. Even the guys that are "healthy" after a game against tOSU are physically battered. I'm summary Trust Urban, stop panicking, who cares what IU does the rest of the season, and Go Bucks!
Comment 22 Sep 2015
Darron Lee starts at QB. Becomes the first buckeye to throw for a touchdown, run for a touchdown, have a pick six, and a scoop and score in the same season all in the same game. QB controversy becomes a 3 man controversy again. We win anyway. 34-3
Comment 10 Sep 2015
How much longer would the list of UFMs recruiting hits be? 2014 Raekwon Conley Webb Samuel Dixon 2013 Zeke JT Jalin Dontre Bell Apple Bosa Coaches Herman Warriner Ash Johnson Mick Just to name a few. I wish Urban could start recruiting for our basketball team. I'm sure Calapari would be phased.
Comment 09 Sep 2015
Ha! If you're right my friend I will buy your tickets to the CFP final!
Comment 09 Sep 2015
I like where your head's at! Would love to see Braxton's role continue to increase. I think last year we had about the same amount of rushing and receiving TDs. If I'm not mistaken Devin Smith led us in receiving touchdowns so someone needs to fill that void. You figure we get 40 rushing and 40 receiving touchdowns this year. Give 20 rushing and 1 receiving to Zeke for 21 total. You think Brax can get somewhere near that total? Would love to see it!
Comment 09 Sep 2015
It would be an interesting side bet as to who leads us in non passing TDs this year. I'd go 1. Zeke 2. MT 3. Braxton It's conceivable that Marshall, Samuel, Wilson, Dixon, 12 gauge could be in the top 3.
Comment 09 Sep 2015

I think the fact that Hawaii will attempt to play fast will work in our favor. This just means more possessions for our offense that should score about every time it touches the rock.

I've got 84 - 13 good guys.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

All fan bases have their irrational outliers. It's not a good representation of the majority. That being said, it's good to hear that visiting Buckeye fans were overwhelming positive and good sports.

Being passionate is one thing. It's a lot easier to be an ass on a message board than in person.

Glad to hear your perception of traveling Buckeye nation is a good one.