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Comment 30 May 2011

Terelle Pryor showed up at WHAC in a Nissan 350Z with dealer tags on it tonight. Then waved at cameras.




What a dick/idiot.

Comment 07 May 2011

Sadly you're right. I think Tressel has to go as well. 

Long story short, we got caught with our hand in the cookie jar. No matter how many other schools do it, we got caught and have to pay the price.

I think this season is going to end with a bowl ban, so I would rather get it all done now. Anyone mentioned in this car fiasco, doesn't play. Tressel is fired and we throw ourselves in front of the NCAA to take our medicine.

Next season, tOSU is the preeminent job avilable and we have our choice of coaches (Meyer, whoever) and we turn the page from all this ugliness. The longer we let it linger, the more damaging it is to the school and football program.

I appreciate everything Tressel has done for this program, but when you break the rules, you should be held accounatable, especially when you are in charge of young men.

Comment 07 May 2011

Anyone else think that #1 on UCSB is a complete a-hole?

Comment 07 May 2011

Already suspended and now his family is mentioned as part of the car dealership fiasco.

Why risk further violations for tOSU by letting him play? Move on with this program. We aren't winning a NC, let Miller or Guiton take over this team.