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Comment 26 Sep 2015

 Cardale under threw some guys today, he's not perfect,t but right now he is our best qb according to the whole coaching staff.  JT, who also can be great, is struggling for whatever reason this year.  Relax! We played pretty well today.  We have a coach with the 4th highest winning percentage in the history of college football.

The fun is going to be taken out of this year if the fan base expects 65-0 margins of victory every game. It is just not going to happen.  No one has looked great in the whole country.  Yes there are flaws, but no team in the country is without them.  MSU looked suspect today, TCU gave up 50 plus points. 

We got run on a little bit, but we only had 6 in the box the whole game, you have to think the coaches were conceding some rushing yards for some reason that we might not be aware of, or else they would have put an extra person in the box. 

I agree things do look a little out of whack right now with penalties and sloppy play, but we can only hope we play our best in big games, just like last year.  

Don't forget Cardale won the National Championship last year.  We can win, and win some of the biggest games in our programs history with him at qb. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Such a good time to be a Browns fan.  Don Strock won that playoff game against the Oilers (Jets)? maybe he lost it? 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

That is a great play.  Do you remember when VT's stud D end ran straight threw Billy Price on the way to sacking JT. I think it was on the last drive maybe.  That play has stuck in my mind above most others.  I wander how much of OSU's struggles were simply getting their asses kicked at the point of attack?  I mean we definitely got out schemed too.  I just wander to what degree did they flat out whip us at the point of attack no matter what we tried. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

I do agree that we had to run the ball off tackle more. The problem is that I am not sure our spread allows for a power off tackle play?  I know we run inside zone and outside zone but I'm not sure we emphasize a power off tackle.  I mean I'm sure we have it, just not sure it is our bread and butter thus we probably don't execute it as as well.  I may be completely wrong about this. 

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Yeah I may have exaggerated a bit on the line and I do understand your overall point and agree with it.  I was just trying to say that it may not have been the best analogy because the niners were 15-1 with Joe Montana and the Bears were 10-6 and gave up near 40 a few times.  They were no where near as good as they were in 85.  My point was only that I think the niners talent on O was better than the Bears on D that particular year.  I'm not so sure OSU's talent was better than VT's. It may have been possible but I am not so sure that OSU could have pulled it off. Although, I do think we had to at least try and run the ball more.  So like I said, I agree with your overall point. I just like talking strategy and wanted to play devils advocate.  

Comment 12 Sep 2014

Plus it didn't hurt that the 84 niners were one of the best teams in football history.  Quite possibly the best qb, receiver, and O-line in NFL history.  The Bears were not particularly stout that year either.  The gave up 38 a few times.