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Comment 20 hours ago

GM handcuffed with Mularkey. Wanted to extend him with a change at OC and Mularkey wouldn’t do it (rumored). Jon Robinson Titans GM and Vrabel have shared Patriot history so I bet that buys him at least 3 years. I think he knew he had opportunity to get Vrabel and jumped at chance to get an up-and-coming coach in the league. Mularkey was a hold-over from Whisenhunt era and last GM.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Great article as always Ramzy. 

Watching Michael Thomas in the pros and I feel just a tinge of regret OSU didn't target him more. What an outstanding player. Watching him put Kendall Fuller on skates on that stop-n-go and just walking into the end zone against VTech is one of my all-time favorite Buckeye plays. 

JT was phenomenal. Have some recency bias in the way he played his last two years as compared to 2014 with lowered expectations. I see him as the 2nd best QB in OSU history although statistically #1 (Troy Smith is #1 for me). Ready for a new era and hopefully a new downfield passing attack.

Go Bucks.

Comment 05 Jan 2018

What I want most in '19 is a QB to come aboard early and recruit the heck out his class. Last three cycles we took QBs late over QBs we had committed, granted it seems to have worked out (Haskins, Martell, Baldwin). 

Just personal preference. Tisdale seems to be the leader and #1 target - could help with Wease and Garrett Wilson.

Comment 08 Dec 2017

Love the tape. Seems advanced in throwing into tight coverage windows with plenty of back shoulder throws. Would definitely fit a new wrinkle on offense where we run the RB and design throws for WRs to make plays. Purposely underthrow ball in tight coverage to the back shoulder.

Need to have QBs in the room. Had to rely on our back up this year and our 3rd string broke his hand. Position you have to have quality depth.

Semi related. Need bodies at DE. Any grad transfers that could look at OSU?

Comment 30 Nov 2017

Some really good moments last night. Glaring hole at PG. Hard to see Braxton Beverly and Markell Johnson playing well for N.C. State.

Kyle Young needs more time. Kam may need to concede some minutes.

Tate plays hard but the talk of him becoming a perimeter player hasn’t shown yet. His handle is still loose, jump shot erratic and poor free throw shooter. That said he battles.

As it stands I see maybe 14 wins. Maybe up to 18 if we can get hot and stay healthy.

Comment 30 Nov 2017

Bar Louie has a good happy hour, food and alcohol. Close to Half Pint, Brothers, Callahan’s, etc. 

Cant go wrong with Half Pint, really enjoy their food and craft selection.

Comment 19 Nov 2017

Is there an aspect of your overall game that you are focused on improving the most? What aspect of your game do you pride yourself on most?

Comment 03 Nov 2017

Emory Jones is the QB of this class. Really hoping he remains a Buckeye because he has all of the tools to be a great one here. He's making a huge decision and Bama has a ton of things to like about the program. My scarlet glasses say that this is the best program for him in terms of playing time, exposure, leadership and life development.

Hoping the offer to Williams is a means of leverage to keep Jones in the fold. I'm not optimistic that J. Williams is a realistic flip even if it is Kentucky. If Jones flips, bank the scholarship and go all in for 2019/2020 QBs or use the scholarship to gamble on an uber-athletic project player (Malik Hooker, Malik Harrison, Rashod Berry, etc). 

About to go check out Jarren Williams. Urban has had a lot of success late in the process looking at a 'Plan B' - Collier and D. Haskins.

Collier is a member of the coaching staff as a GA i believe.

Comment 06 Oct 2017

Keita may also be a candidate for a 5 year graduate transfer somewhere else. Not been reported but if he’s looking to go pro he may transfer to a program closer to a championship to bolster a resume for maybe NBA but probably a higher level European league.

Comment 20 Sep 2017

Maybe Cal needs to boost his APR and sees Hayes as a four year potential project? Not a knock on Jaxson just curious why UK offered as early as they did when they will chase a number of 4-5 star McDonalds All-Americans through and past signing day.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I think OSU BBall is a great gig but Brad Stevens is not coming here. He is head coach of Eastern Conference #1 seed and runners-up with the #1 pick on a young roster. He won't be the coach here. 

Donovan - there is always a chance. He's in a tough situation in OKC with Westbrook potentially leaving and Warriors locking up the West for the foreseeable future. OSU has resources to come close to salary (Don't think OSU is giving out 6 million/year when competing with Thad's buy-out)

More realistically - Tony Bennett, Buzz Williams, Steve Wojciechowski (Marquette), Danny Hurley (Rhode Island) - think all of these guys are in play, young up and coming, potential for great recruiting.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Very outside the box guys that I would be very happy are Buzz Williams and Dana Altman but both are very unlikely. Don't think Shaka is looking like a good hire (unlimited resources at less of a rebuild at Texas and finished last)

Gene mentioned recruiting as one of the foundational reasons for letting Thad go, so doubt it will be someone like Holtman or Kelsey.

As crazy as this sounds Donovan, Sean Miller, and Mack are in play here. Donovan the most likely and I cannot believe I just typed that. Mack is a Xavier alum and Miller is in a good situation with next to no ties to OSU or Big Ten having to coach against his brother at the school that fired his mentor.

Comment 10 Mar 2017

I think Conley will have a better career simply because he will be drafted later and onto a better team. Lattimore is maybe more talented or has a higher ceiling but will likely be drafted by a bad team and is likely to be exposed more often. 

Not based in any reason or logic. Just my two cents. Hoping both have great careers! Titans could use both and/or Hooker