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Comment 15 Nov 2019

Poop...well give me Chambers at that rate then.

Thanks for keeping me honest.

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Sparty sucks this year and scUM beats them by 28.

Crowley is leading rusher at 127 and 3 TDs...Ohio St: 83, Rutgers: 7

Comment 08 Nov 2019

I don’t mind the state flag because it’s unique. And if memory serves me, Ohio is the only one that isn’t a rectangle. Nothing wrong with being unique.

The problem is that they’ve pasted that pattern on their uniforms. They are literally the opposite of Penn St’s uniforms, which means both suck.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

scUM pulls the upset, 27-24, to save Hairball’s job temporarily. 

Bucks are slowed in the rain but prevail, 27-10.

Comment 11 Oct 2019

Penn St will blow Iowa out by 35.  Nittany Lions are legit this year and pose a real threat to our Buckeyes.

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Northwestern is a poor man’s Wisky. They play similar styles but sadly, NW has no offense. I think we roll NW 55-10 and then roll Wisky 38-17. We have too many gifted football players. Wisky beats talented football teams with crappy coaching or mediocre talented teams with good coaching, but typically struggles with good coaching and good athletes combined.