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Comment 30 Aug 2016

Flipping through channels while bored this summer, I noticed that the Nebraska game and the TTUN game are being replayed by BTN as classics for those schools. Kind of says something about their programs when a close win over a severely hobbled Buckeye team is considered a highlight moment.

Comment 03 Aug 2015
I picked Lewan over Bo because at least I respected Bo. Lewan was a loser and an a-hole, whose loserdom made the a-holeness even more obnoxious. I definitely want to see karma get him more than Bo, even though Bo did more damage, and that's how I pick my villains.
Comment 24 Jun 2015

I have no problem with the team being the bad guys this year. Honestly, who doesn't secretly cheer for the Galactic Empire a little bit?

Comment 12 Jun 2015

I agree with Birm that Tressel's best coaching was behind him when scandal forced him out. The two games against USC, especially the 2009 game, really convinced me. The breakdowns after the 2009 game showed that the offensive strategy was borderline incompetent. Blowing a game with hyper-conservative play calling and then winning the rest of the season with a more aggressive approach was already becoming a habit, and he was starting to get really defensive when he was called out for it (shades of the bad Cooper years).

My dad gave up his retired faculty basketball tickets before this season and I agreed with him when he asked if it was a good idea.

I've recently started dating a woman who is a bandwagon Notre Dame fan. But at least she knows a little college football, right? Ok fine, don't judge me... she's super pretty.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Mr. Hall was a phenomenal teacher, coach, and person, and I'm happy that I had the chance to learn math from him at the start of his career. He was one of those rare people that was genuinely loved by an entire community and will be missed by anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. The Dispatch also had a very nice obituary for him today:

Comment 17 Feb 2015
I've never understood how someone could get to this level of basketball (or beyond) and not be consistently 75% or better at free throws. How many thousands have they taken by this point in their careers? So many mid-major schools are excellent at free throws with "lesser" players, which implies that the problem is practice or concentration.
Comment 30 Dec 2014

Have to wonder about the shot selection, especially in the late rally(taking unnecessary quick threes after turnovers). Those point-blank misses off steals were also a dagger.  Hopefully that's just the perils of a young team.  And hopefully they can age quickly.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

OSU may have returned part of the ticket allotment, but UMD have been selling tickets to anyone who called for months (had to also buy a ticket to a bad game, but still) and the StubHub availability is generous.  I still bet it'll be 50% Buckeye fans.  UMD doesn't really have a football following here outside of current students.  Basketball sure, but not football.

Comment 02 Oct 2014

Having lived in the DC area for about a decade, I can tell you that Terps football doesn't really register here outside of the current students.  And even then, it can be spotty.  Heck there are 2000+ tickets still on StubHub for very reasonable prices.  They were also selling tickets to anyone who called and asked when the season started.  Non-alumni also had to buy a ticket to a bad game, but all of my OSU friends took the hit.  This will be a sellout, but given the availability and the huge number of OSU alumni and non-alumni Ohio transplants (like me) in the area, it'll be at least 50% Buckeyes.