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Comment 13 hours ago

I'm sorry but you are wrong here.  Ohio State offers nearly ten preferred walk-ons a year.  You think the staff thinks even close to those ten guys will be eventually put on scholarship?  I was a preferred walk-on going into college.  I was told there was a possibility of a scholarship down the road but I knew it was unlikely.  I played my first two years, and then quit the team to focus on my academics.  The coaches knew that I wasn't going to ever be put on scholly, and so did I.  But I was a 4.0 HS student, a practice grinder and had no character issues so I was perfect for a walk-on spot.  It also didn't hurt that my best friend was being heavily recruited to go there.

Comment 19 Jan 2020

No major logic fail by you lol. Preferred walk-ons aren’t expected to play at OSU.. he’s expected to be a great teammate, good student and help at practice. If they feel like he could “play” at tOSU then they would offer him a scholarship 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

As a bengals fan I understand what you’re trying to say here.. but mike brown is a cheap ass. He would never throw away money on purpose 

Comment 12 Jan 2020

I’d take Gibbs over Zach Evans for sure but Evans would be such a crazy ass story. I’m good with either and then people can quit complaining about Alford 

Comment 12 Jan 2020

No doubt.. but that’s why I used the word “just.”  May as well put full court press on him with only about 3 weeks to go before NSD 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

I love the increased pace and speed of the game. The game will go from about 3 hours and 15 minutes in the NFL to probably 2hours and 15 mins in the XFL.

Comment 07 Jan 2020

This is so illogical to me. Recruiting always works itself out as well but people sit here and discuss it for 90+ pages. This is a buckeye forum... where we fans discuss buckeye related posts. We, fans, don’t impact the scholarship numbers anymore than we impact the recruitment of a certain player in the coaches eyes.