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Comment 06 Aug 2019

It’s also August. Lotta ballgames to be played. If OSU is in the cfp or wins the BIG, and FSU or Texas is a dumpster fire. Maybe there’s some reconsideration. It could go the other way too. Day could be Lincoln Riley or he could be Tom Herman or he could be Charlie Weis. I know where I think he stands but it is early and anything can happen this year. 

Comment 21 Jul 2019

You really think they’re not practicing? It’s not technically organized, but if you think they’re not doing a lot of this on their own, I have some swampland in Florida I can sell you at a good price. 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

I think the push to get it full AND the move to big recruiting weekends is to build camaraderie amongst this class like the ‘13 class had. This will help keep them together if the season doesn’t go perfectly and build the foundation for day’s culture going forward. 

Comment 06 Jul 2019

Was thinking about this after listening to the Dubcast the other day. I wonder if seeing chip Kelly struggle and bounce around has any effect on how he views future nfl opportunities. Especially considering their connection and his first hand look at it. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

And if you had said something like this at first no one would be arguing but you want to claim the earth is flat because no one falling off is just correlation. 
I’d like to state I’ve never once said they shouldn’t take 3 stars or that they are bad players. I do say that recruiting rankings have gotten more accurate despite their inherent bias, and that I’d rather have more 4-5 stars than 3 stars. Same reason you might be a superbly intelligent person who graduated from duke or unc, but that kid from the Ivy League is a safer bet to a prospective employer. Not fair, might be wrong, but they play the odds. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

I’d say look at his last 4 as opposed to 8. He’s an elite developer on offense and venables is the same for defense. Those first 4 were developed. He’s maintained that even with staff losses with better classes.

But you’re right, saban would be better. I even left the door open because you could say some coaches (paging mark dantonio) do better with lower ranked kids because they have the chip on their shoulder and they need that motivation. 

Still don’t think you’d find a coach in the country who would prefer more 3 stars to high 4/5 stars. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

I actually work in data analysis and trend forecasting and more than hold my own but you think what you want. I could give a shit. I mean you held a conversation with friends who work for a statistical software company. Who could compete with that?

 That being said, you seem to be trying to say correlation doesn’t equal causation which most people learn in what, middle school? So cool. Thanks for trying to teach me something 12 year olds know. But most people also know that correlation can sometimes also be there when there’s a causal relationship. Ask your friends about it. 

We could look to the nfl draft:
“It’s not a scientific set of data (you'd need years of it to make an absolute conclusion), but here’s what the percentage of players drafted per recruiting rankings look like if you combine the two years of draft data: Five-star (61.6%), Four-star (23.3%), Three-star (5.95%) and two-star (1.25%).”
Then this from 2015. 

Per capita, there’s a higher hit rate on higher ranked players. 

Also. SAS is not who I’d claim if I were you. They get hired to do analysis. Get paid the same amount, and then rehire the people the company just fired for 2/3 the amount they were just making. And I deal with them regularly as a company that deals with others who hire them. The people they have in the field who weren’t just rehired for pennies on the dollar are undertrained and in all honesty, not great bob. 

Sorry fellow buckeye fan. Plenty of prototype passers fail, but there’s only a few Brees/Wilsons. You reaching for that 5’9 guy hoping he’s the next. Or are you going for the prototype that fits the other 90%

Comment 05 Jul 2019

That’s asinine. The composite is fairly accurate as an aggregator. It’s not gospel but pantoni on wade’s dad’s podcast and other coaches have mentioned they use it both as a guide and a double check. And every school that has won a national championship in the recruiting era has had a blue chip ratio of > 50%.

if stars didn’t matter that wouldn’t be true. Yes, some of them are biased towards camps and big school/tough conference kids, but saying they’re gospel is closer to the truth than saying they don’t matter. And ask Dabo if he’d rather have the recruiting class from this year or the 3 star heavy classes. 

Comment 05 Jul 2019

Carter has been wrong many times before.

Disagreeing with you does not make someone “butt-hurt”. 
It also doesn’t mean someone is incapable of logic. I hate Zach smith but he thinks UFM coaches again. Who do you think is closer to Meyer, carter or smith? That alone is a logical basis to believe he coaches again. 

You sound like a fucking child. It’s ok to disagree. He might not coach again. He might. The only one who knows for sure is Urban. He might feel right now like he’s fine but when working for FoxSports this fall he could realize he can’t be away. Shit jerry kill basically died on the sideline. 

Comment 01 Jul 2019

Caught me, it’s how I promote. Just go to random team sites looking for the one FSU battle. 
In all seriousness I thought the same thing after I posted. Like damn, he even spells the last name right. 
He’s just crazy connected with FSU so if it’s over, he’ll know. 

Comment 29 Jun 2019

And that says nothing of the negative recruiting he’d get because of the smith situation and how bad the defense was last year. 

“You really want to send your kid to school with a coach that allows nepotism to reign supreme and who will allow people like that to run wild around your kid?”

agree or not, fair or not, but that’s going to turn a lot of parents off.