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Comment 15 Aug 2019

Yeah. Until we have a sense of if our QB can sling the rock and the LBs can get in anyone’s way.... I’ll hold off on getting cocky. If both those are true, I don’t see is losing until we hit the Clemson PED buzzsaw 

Except against UM. Just cause. 

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Was interesting somewhat entertaining and meaningless... with a baseball score ending. 

Nonetheless made me think of how exciting this year could be if

a) Dobbins is close to as effective as he was Freshman year (reasonable expectation)

b) Fields can keep it and show reasonable speed elusiveness when defenses start to key on Dobs (not too unreasonable)

c) with our insane WR corps... also have any kind of passing game since that is Yurcich and Day’s emphasis (hellyeah)

d) Defense has a serious point to prove and should have a chip (yes please)

this is an incredibly fun and exciting season coming up with all the unknowns and young potential and new coaches. 

Especially with TTUN up to their usual off season world beater trash talking. It’s glorious

Comment 11 May 2019

I feel one of the things that makes or breaks a coach is their personality with asst coaches. Being able to draw good staff, maintain their morale (or in some cases *cough Zach* their moral,, and most importantly maintain a positive energetic culture that they all buy in to... rinse repeat every couple years. 

I look at Clemson and feel their success is largely due to DC consistency at a high level. 

Im in wait and see mode but will give him 3 years before worry about it

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I kind of agree wkth this in that he needs to learn a new playbook but I also vehemently disagree as an HM all American should be adept at reading defenses and making calls as needed. He’s been seeing the same opposing defenses we have for more years than most of our pups. 

Also as a grad transfer let’s admit the course load is different and he should have plenty of time to study the playbook

Comment 06 Oct 2018

Iowa trap? Are we forgetting Urban just got back? I almost feel sorry for any player that tries to slack this early in his return. 

For all that stuff about Indy D being great. I can cautiously say... We. Are. Nkt. Rutgers!

Comment 02 Jul 2018

Rewatching the USC game... they ran Barrett because it worked ridiculously well.... to the tune of the first couple touchdowns. he was actually throwing ok too when he wanted to  IMHO Barrett was just almost phobic about protecting the ball so he would not throw into any kind of coverage  that mindset. #notanotherjtthread

We are probably all still traumatized by Iowa to beli he he can actually throw.  Now the excitement of the unknown has us all grabbing wetwipes on the couch