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Comment 15 Feb 2017

i remember that PSU game (i was fhere so take the blame for that loss).  there were many things killing us there i felt, weather, crowd insanity, but worst of all a predictable count and playcalling. the LBs were at full speed right before the snap and blew by before Prince could even twitch. that wasn't all on him but i bet it wrecked his confidence. 

At least he didn't turn into Shugsrts twitch

Comment 18 Jan 2017

not sure why we would just omit Curtis and Dontre from the receiver discussion. on key downs and most of JTs long pass plays production came from them, no? They knew how to adjust to coverage and find openings in the coverage and had good hands (unless it bounced off them for a pick or a punt fumble... but I digress).

Both of them had experience. We have never had a receiver in my memory come in and do squat their first or even I dare say second years that I can recall. The fact Zone6 doesn't have JTs confidence is obvious. the poor play calling was obvious to the whole Buckeye nation (and opposing DCs) and the OLe production was underwhelming giving little time to find openings.

I for one will give a pass for this year but I admit not much more