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Comment 01 Jan 2020

How long?  I thought that sounded like a lot.  Just moved from Montana to Washington and can actually drive to a Buckeye game in a reasonable amount of time.  Wife almost bought them this afternoon.  

Comment 01 Jan 2020

My wife and I are going too!   I haven’t been to a Buckeye game since Eddie George was playing.  Wife is an IU grad but has been totally converted to a Buckeye (not in hoops though).  We were looking at tickets and want good seats.  There is a pair in row eight right above the OSU bench for 700 each.  Do you think that is reasonable?  I don’t have a clue what tickets cost these days.  

Comment 08 Nov 2019

Don’t know.  I would hope our compliance office does, but they have a real poor track record lately so who knows.  If it isn’t against the rules he will play against Rutgers.  If it is who knows.  The NCAA sucks and nobody can predict what they will do.  Chase made the decision to take the money then made the decision to pay it back.  Hopefully, all is good.  If not, he only has himself to blame.  I’m rooting for him and would support him either way but rules are rules.  You can try and change them, but do it before you break them.