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Comment 29 Oct 2019

though and I gotta say, Herbie is terrible. I know most people like him calling games but he just bugs the shit out of me. Him and Fowler have gotten really really lazy the last few years on their pregame research.

Thank you for saying this. I have never been on the anti-Herby bus and always thought he was a decent announcer. Now though I just can't stand to listen to him on a broadcast any more. It just seems like 3 hours of Captain Obvious takes.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

He also mentioned that when 1 team in a rivalry has a streak of elite years the other team drops. You never see a rivalry where both teams are playing at a truely elite level at the same time.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

1.Sucks to suck. Cats in single digits at home.  67.03%  (555 votes)  
2.Sucks to suck. Cats getting shut out at home.  15.82%  (131 votes)  
3.Sucks to suck. Cats under 20 points at home.  15.46%  (128 votes)  

So wouldn't #3 be inclusive of picks 1 and 2?

Comment 12 Sep 2019

Ok having found out what slap meant I dug up the slappiest sax solo ever.....