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Comment 12 Aug 2017


Grammar Creep here.

Comment 10 Aug 2017

We don't get the Natty without Herman.

Maybe over time the others coaches' values will spike. Wilson might be the key to the next Championship.

Not to devalue Johnson or Coombs, or even Schiano.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

An entire thread where I had to resist downvoting the majority of comments (Which I know is NOT encouraged for merely disagreeing with a comment). Almost unheard of on 11W.


Comment 12 Jul 2017

Oh, poor me I have to work on my Birthday..THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE YEAR FOR EVERYBODY DON'T YOU KNOW?? My backbreaking labor consisting of typing and phone calls. THE DRUDGERY. I could be selfie'ing right now!!! "Here's me eating the birthday cake I bought myself. I had to take the pic six times because I didn't like my hair. I am wearing my special birthday outfit though!"'s your participation trophy.

Comment 11 Jul 2017

I've been watching the sale religiously and I have to say it's the equivalent of your local Whatevermart's Markdown/Closeout shelf. A few nice teaser items and the loss leader electronic rental market drivers like Jang78's $400 Prime TV (which is pretty nice) or the Alexa thing. I am pretty unimpressed. I had held on to tax refund money thinking I'd get to blow a bunch on things I had on my Amazon wishlist.

A lot of the markdowns, even on the hourly specials, aren't much more than any of their one day blowouts throughout the year.


TL;DR: You mean they won't sell me the TCL 55" upgraded model 4k TV I want for only $250?

Comment 25 May 2017

CS:GO. 5000+ hours across all versions of Counter Strike. PC. It's a life (however sad :) ).