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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Troy Smith goes right then goes left and launches to the end zone straight to Brian Robiskie and basically sealed up the Heisman with that pass again Penn St.
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Comment 18 Mar 2014
His season long funk is a "once it turns mid February, I'm bricking everything". LSJ is the only player that have less confidence than Aaron Craft's WNBA style shot. Every time he pulls back to shoot I know that if we're lucky he's going to just graze the rim. More than likely it's going off the backboard and then to the front of the rim. I do love his defense and hustle tho. Just don't shoot. I'd rather see Q put up a triple teamed 3 from NBA distance every time. I don't mean to hate on him tho. I hope he proves me wrong and goes off during the tourney
Comment 08 Mar 2014
Don't forget your man Diebler and Lenzelle Smith Jr. He's frustrated me at times (mainly last year when he went cold this time of year but just kept jacking up threes) but I'm going to miss him. He was scrappy too and has hit a few big shots this year. But we're going to miss craft big time next season
Comment 04 Mar 2014
I don't understand who made this schedule and maybe someone here can tell me why, but we just went to East Lansing the year we went undefeated. And then obviously we didn't play them last year and now we're going back there again?