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Comment 04 Mar 2020

K.J. will probably not be a first round pick, but I believe he will be very successful in the NFL.

Comment 27 Feb 2020

Joe was hampered by a broken hand during the QB competition and was said to have been very close to the starter even with the injury. Joe was better than stats in his first year at LSU. If you watched many of the games, the receivers were dropping a high percent of their passes. 
Joe was good and obviously is good. I hope he does not get seriously injured in Cincy and continues to impress all.

Comment 20 Jan 2020

You know, so did a lot of receivers the year before they became Very good. Look at last years LSU receivers. They dropped a lot of balls.  Many of the same guys that helped Joe to the high percentage he had this year. It will not surprise me if Victor is suiting up for an NFL team next year. He was close late in the season and it sounds like he supported that in the All star game. We will see.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

There needs to be transparency on which team has the cartel and mob money on them. This is the only true way we will know ahead of time which way the paid off replay booth guy is going to go. As we know, it makes a huge difference and as we know, there are no consequences for the zebra on the take.

Comment 24 Dec 2019

He may be a starter before the end of next season. We have a lot of good young linemen coming up and Day thinks he is as talented as Davis and Meyers. Paris Johnson will be fun to watch too. It may be hard to keep these guys off the field in the near future. Great class. It should produce several early producers.

our 2 deep depth will be able to keep the scoring coming in the second half of not so close games. Whoever wins the backup QB will likely be competent to run the offense. Hopefully we will be in the Play-off picture again next year at this time.