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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field in '02 after OSU beat Michigan, watching the National Championship victory over Miami, watching OSU crush Alabama live in NOLA, and Zeke running all over Oregon to win the 1st ever CFP
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Comment 10 Mar 2020
WTF are you looking for in this thread? What do you want, mass panic and hysteria? We're all gonna die? You keep blasting everyone, but haven't said shit about what we should be doing, other than posting your screenshot over and over again. Go wash your hands, drink a beer, and chill the fuck out
Comment 04 Mar 2020
Not disagreeing with you at all. Just saying maybe this was going around before we knew it was a new strain of a common virus. There has been a weird amount of pneumonia this season before we knew about this virus. Most doctors were probably just testing to see if you had the actual flu, it came up negative, and they said it's just a virus it'll run its course. Just a thought I've been having about this whole thing. Of course we need to do everything possible to prevent the spread, but I'm hoping and thinking this is being overblown a little. The weather needs to warm up soon, get people outside and active, and hopefully this slows down
Comment 04 Mar 2020

It's an upper respiratory cold virus. It causes common cold symptoms, runny/stuffy nose, low grade fever, chest congestion, cough, etc. Yes, it can lead to pneumonia in people, and sometimes severe pneumonia and death. Right now that is 3% of the people who have tested positive, which is scary, but think about all the people who probably experienced mild cold symptoms and never went to the hospital, so that % is probably lower. 

If anyone knows people who work in the medical field, there have been a significant amount of people hospitalized all Fall/Winter with pneumonia. Nationwide Children's was overflowing with cases, and the ICU was maxed out. Kids weren't leaving the ER because ICU was over capacity. They can receive the same care in the ER as ICU, so that is how they were managing it. 

This was not on the news to my knowledge, no mass hysteria and panic, but it has already been happening with other viruses going around all Winter. I'm honestly wondering if this virus hasn't already been circulating without us realizing it. 

Wash your hands people, stay home if you feel sick, but I agree that it's probably being least I hope so. 

Comment 31 Jan 2020

He actually usually has guests on now, former players, recruiting experts, etc., so he doesn't have his friends chiming in like in the beginning. I think they are just support staff guys/friends/family that would say a few things here and there when they were first starting. 

His podcast is really not bad, it's worth checking out. He does provide good insight into college football, and shared very solid analysis throughout the CFB season. 

I haven't listened in a few weeks, but he is following Austin Mack through the NFL draft process, and is having Austin provide updates/insight. 

Comment 03 Jan 2020
Fucking pathetic. Lose to Clemson, and look forward to basketball season, then they hit us with back to back bullshit losses. Pissed
Comment 29 Dec 2019
Mayfield has disappointed in year 2, but the offensive line is shit. He was running for his life all season. I knew that would be the weakness this season, and it was worse than expected. The defense was also ass. I thought 9-7 this year, but having a shit coach too will get you 6-10
Comment 22 Dec 2019
Saw it yesterday and loved it. Not perfect, but it was a lot of fun, and there was some really cool stuff. Was shocked when Rey started pulling the ship out of the sky, and then had lightning shooting out of her hands. They could've made the movie longer to actually explain things better, it felt rushed, but I still loved it. Wanna see it again
Comment 19 Nov 2019

PSU views this as their rivalry game, plus it will essentially decide who represents the East in the B1G championship, so they are going to come out swinging haymakers.

If OSU does not come out firing on all cylinders, they could see themselves trailing in the 1st half, and it could definitely be a close game going into the 4th. 

Don't think it will be a blowout, but can see OSU pulling away in the 4th to win by double digits. Really hoping for a blowout though!

Comment 01 Jul 2019
#1 - 2002 I was in my 3rd year at OSU. Knew guys on the team, was at every home game, and it was so much fun. #2 - 2014 I was at the Alabama game. Along with an amazing season, and partying on Bourbon St. on NYE, the Bama game and after party is something I will never forget. #3 - 1995 EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE