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Comment 17 Dec 2019

Totally agree. We have to come into this two-game series very, very hungry.

I'm optimistic in that these last few games (PSU, TTUN, Big10Champ) were considered and talked about by the players to be a football version of "March Madness" – individual single-elimination games where the Buckeyes were allowed to progress only if they won. Since the beginning of November, the final prize always was winning the final four.  And here we are -- about to step in towards the team's final goal and ultimate dream.

For The Bucks, it was:

(1) Win the division 

(2) Beat the team up north

(3) Win the Big 10

(4) Win the Natty.

Let's go bucks!

Stay Hungry!

Comment 08 Dec 2019

We are number one when the machines do the voting in the latest College Football Ranking Composite:

computer rank team ap
Ohio St 
2 2   1.22 1.0 0.48

LSU  1 1   2.10 2.0 0.65

Clem  3 3   2.81 3.0 0.76

Okla 4 4   6.05 5.0

In fact, the computers pick us as number one in 57 out of 70 of the computer models.