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Comment 5 hours ago

Nice job. This is a very good blueprint for where OSU is right now with the class. I still think OSU could get to 6 OL but it probably depends on if they get someone like Carmody or Harrison as the 3rd OT. I do think they will find another OG by the end of the cycle. But not sure they will reach for another OT though when they are already taking a project in Leroux. May be better to bank the scholarship for 2021 when someone like Paris Johnson isn't already in the class, which makes it tougher to grab another top OT.

Comment 6 hours ago

Ransom isn't a lock to OSU. The Buckeyes are in the mix but that is certainly not a done deal. None of the Buckeye insiders have even CB'd him to OSU and he only has 4 logged and they are all to different schools (OSU got one from a UM insider) plus a foggy pick. ND has an official on June 8 and OSU on June 21. Wouldn't be surprised if those two visits decide his commitment.

Comment 6 hours ago

I do think that matters as well and that's why UGA and Bama were able to pull it off but I also would be surprised to see a team be able to bring in two top 40 overall ranked RBs from out of region in a class.

One example is Dobbins who was unwavering in his commitment to OSU but basically publicly stated he would leave the class if Akers committed. So that was one instance where OSU had a legitimate shot at two of the top RBs in the class but it never would have happened in the end. I tend to think that's how it usually would go in that scenario.

Comment 19 hours ago

He's close. Terrible football analyst though. Didn't win a Super Bowl but he led a lot of really good teams and he certainly never had the offensive talent Aikman had. But Aikman has the three rings. I actually think guys like Jim Kelly, Aikman, and McNabb are in a similar tier but Aikman has the rings and that means a lot. All three knew how to lead a team but rarely had eye popping numbers. McNabb was one of the last of those type of QBs as now pretty much anyone good has gaudy stats.

Kelly is in the HOF and is a good comp although they played in adjoining eras, not the same one.

Kelly's teams went 101-59 and he had 237 tds and 175 ints with a 84.4 rating. 5 Pro Bowls & 1 All-Pro. 8 playoff appearances with 4 SB losses and 1 Conference Championship loss.

McNabb's teams went 98-62-1 and he had 234 tds and 117 ints with an 85.6 rating. Also had 3500 yards rushing and 29 rushing TDS. 6 Pro Bowls. 7 playoff appearances with 1 SB loss and 4 Conference Championship losses.

At the very least he has a case. He was probably one of the 3-8 best QBs in football (depending on the season) for 10 years and that warrants serious consideration.

Comment 24 May 2019

I guess the question is if there would have been a further college suspension past the 2018/2019 playoff. Maybe that's been mentioned publicly but I don't remember seeing anything about it. I suppose the NFL could try and suspend him based on something he did before he was at all connected to the NFL and the NFLPA would likely fight that in court.

Comment 24 May 2019

Lawrence was not out of eligibility. He was class of 2016 and played as a true freshman, sophomore, and junior. His reason for entering the draft wasn't the suspension but he had a year of eligibility left.

Comment 24 May 2019

Wow he fell WAY out in 247's rankings. Lost 159 spots - 62 to 221. In the composite he went from 56 to 106 and he had gone from 41 to 56 a month ago.

Comment 24 May 2019

They were 79 and 98. There was a large discrepancy in Cain's ratings between different services though. 247 had him ranked 266th and I think they are more apt to move a player's ranking around based on performance and throw name value out the window. Still a good haul but I wouldn't put it near the two UGA pairings or the Bama one.

The Buckeyes trio of Gill (APB) #30, Snead (RB) #89 & Teague (RB) #228 was pretty impressive too. Again, 247 is more likely to move guys in the rankings and Teague was a late bloomer and they had him #139. In their rankings OSU got #s 63, 81 & 139. The caveat there is Gill is going to be more of a receiver than runner. 

Comment 24 May 2019

Forgot about Chubb and Michel in my post below where I mentioned a couple of other recent top pairings. Still, I think this type of thing is extremely unlikely to pull off when both players are not just out of state but way out of region. Michel (FL)/Chubb (GA) for UGA. Henry (FL)/Kamara (GA) for Bama. Cook (FL)/White (GA) for UGA. So all six of those guys were in region. 

Comment 24 May 2019

There is a good chance Williams ends up as a top 150 player. At the very least he should move there or even top 100 in the 247 rankings (he's at 198 there now.) Rivals has him much lower than 247 and ESPN and I expect that to change. He's got a full national offer sheet:

Pac 12 (USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington), Big 12 (Texas, AM, TCU, Oklahoma), Big 10 (OSU, UM, PSU), SEC (Bama, UGA, Tenn), ACC (FSU, Miami). Only important offers he is really missing are Clemson, LSU, Florida, and Auburn.

Comment 24 May 2019

They would take both. It's unlikely both would pick the same school though. Bama pulled it off with Henry and Kamara in 2013 (5* and high 4*) but of course one transferred. Georgia in 2018 pulled in a similar haul with 5* Zamir White and high 4* James Cook. However it's even less likely with two out of region players. If one were from OH I could see this happening in the future if the stars aligned.

Comment 24 May 2019

I'm not sure why people keep saying that. They have one in the class and he committed recently in OT Tosh Baker. Ohio State has four, including the top OT and the 2nd ranked interior lineman.

Comment 24 May 2019

Sorry, got it confused in my head if he had dropped to 4* territory in the composite or by 247 and didn't check it again when I posted. The composite dropped him to 17th but he remained a 5* after 247 dropped him to 49th and a 4*. Either way, NPF was ranked 7th in the composite and 9th by 247 so OSU got the higher ranked player after Carman picked Clemson.

Comment 23 May 2019

Because his brother plays for Ohio State and Jake was committed here so some people may want to know where he ended up. You could have moved on to another article in the time it took you to post about why you didn't want to read this one. There are plenty of other articles and forum topics to browse.

Comment 22 May 2019

It's a high risk hire. Michigan did the right thing contacting Stevens, Donovan, etc. A guy like Donovan could easily be fired in a year and may have wanted to make the move now if a job he likes is available. Not contacting those guys would have been stupid.

The recent history of NBA coaches or NBA connected people jumping right into major college jobs hasn't been amazing. Avery Johnson and Chris Mullin are two examples that jump to mind. Neither were terrible nor great. The safest hires always seem to be coaches who start at a smaller program and push that program into the NCAA Tourny, win 20 games for a few years, and then jump to a top job. 

This is not to say Howard won't work out. It is entirely possible he has a great basketball mind and figures out how to run a top program. People certainly seem to think highly of him. I just think the odds of success are much lower given the route he is taking and it's certainly a risky hire.

Comment 21 May 2019

MSU is in the same situation as OSU with having a junior starting kicker this year. I guess it depends on how normal it is to have two kickers on scholarship at once. I would think MSU would have less of a problem with it if they are getting an elite kicker as they aren't trying to find roster room to cram in new 4 and 5 star players each cycle. Having a successor PK in place may be worth it for them to use the scholarship, especially with the way they play. So then it all comes down to how badly the kid wants to be a Buckeye.

Comment 21 May 2019

Saw another article that said former Bills owner Ralph Wilson wouldn't allow it to be reissued. May have been a matter that wasn't revisited in the few years since he died and the team was sold.

There is always a tension when a former great player does something terrible in his or her personal life. Obviously his stats and achievements can't and shouldn't be erased. Then the question is should he still be enshrined in the HOF? Tougher call. I think letting his number be reissued is a no brainer though. I try to have a common sense approach to this. The man's achievements can't be erased as a player but there is no reason to take steps to continue celebrating him. Keeping his number retired or out of circulation is a step too far for me.

Comment 21 May 2019

Lol. You just pointed out one of the first really annoying plot holes introduced by the show in season 7. The speed at which Gendry got help and that help arrived in the form of Dany was tough to buy. Not only Gendry's speed but even Dany on dragons seemed to arrive quicker than was realistic.

Anyway I accept my DVs and fully acknowledge my explanation is probably wrong and not what the writers/producers intended. I guess my issue is the reason that was my explanation is because I simply didn't buy that Arya, even as a trained assassin, could sneak past these creatures that the story has given so much power to.

They seemed to always be the ones stealthily moving and having a certain extra sense. And if she were sneaking, it seemed strange she was doing so forcefully enough to make one's hair move. I mean she had issues sneaking past the wights and barely got out. So my reaction was she would have needed to use a mask to do so. And there are issues with that explanation too. 

Comment 21 May 2019

I assumed he was referring to if one guy grabbed a spot in the class the other likely would go elsewhere. So Milton would be in position to make that call first after having the first OV if he wished to. OSU would definitely take both.

Comment 21 May 2019

The blowing hair is a good explanation for that. As for the face, we saw Jaqen H'ghar put on Arya's face and she was not dead. My initial reaction watching it again with the way she shot it was that they showed the white walker to show Arya was there. The blowing hair makes sense although usually when we see Arya move its stealthily, not in a way that would be forceful enough to make someone's hair move. But it also didn't make sense how the dragons can easily burn down walls yet Jon could hide behind a small pile of rubble untouched by Viserion. Your explanation is probably right, but if so it has some holes, and obviously my explanation does as well. Story of the final couple seasons I suppose.

Comment 21 May 2019

Yes she did. Watch the scene again. Right before she jumps through the air at the Night King they cut from Bran and the Night King to a seemingly random White Walker. Wasn't random though. It was Arya and that's how Arya got so close to the Night King. How else do you explain her getting so close right through a massive group of them? Did other people really not pick up on this? I thought it was clear.