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Comment 13 Sep 2019

I mean who else should be mentioned in these games? It's obviously a list of games that could potentially happen this year. The chances are pretty high the SEC lands a team in the title game as they likely have three of the best teams in the country in the conference. They listed Boise State/OU 4th, which frankly I don't think many people would want to see or will see, but they tried to be creative with that one. The other ones are at least feasible title games. OSU got listed in two of the top three. The title game is almost certainly going to include two of: Clemson, OU, one (or two) of the top 3 SEC teams, and OSU/Michigan. 

Comment 13 Sep 2019

Good to know. I remember OSU was an early leader for Alfano and then we never even seemed to recruit him past his junior year. Makes sense that there was a reason for that.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Because there is evidence he did want to be a Buckeye and his family pushed hard to change that decision. FSU being a dumpster fire could be the excuse he needs to reverse that call without feeling like he is going against his parents. I'm not for punishing 17-18 year old kids because their parents unfairly pressure them. He's a really talented player so I'm glad the staff is staying in touch.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

That would be two top 5 overall DE recruits transferring out of Bama early in back to back years. First Anoma to Houston and now possibly Alfano. 

Comment 10 Sep 2019

My first thought is that the Miami 2001 team should be ranked ahead of Clemson 2018. No offense to Clemson, which had an amazing playoff, but Miami had a superior regular season schedule and walked through most of it. I was actually at the game @BC that year that they almost blew before Ed Reed intercepted a pass in the end zone and ran it back 100+ yards to seal the game. Outside of that, Miami was a unit all year.  

Comment 10 Sep 2019

Disagree with the premise of this thread. Teams that have a history of success get a bump in the early polls for better or worse. Kentucky was 2-0 to start last season including a win at Florida and was unranked going into week 3. So there ya go. No chance that SC or Kentucky coming off a 5-7 season would be around top 10 after two good wins to start the season. There is no evidence that would ever happen. Maryland got a fair ranking.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Washington is starting the same 3 guys with Browning again as the 4th. That wouldn't have changed if Jones were still here. Always thought Jones had great potential but he was Harrison's backup and Harrison is a very good player and was probably the only OSU linebacker to have a good season in 2018. Jones made the right move to go somewhere he could start.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Can't downplay how important it is to point to a guy like Olave having a major impact against Michigan last season and Wilson already having a TD this year and getting plenty of run. Not many true freshmen will play a role but at least Hartline can point to giving opportunities to those that prove they are ready for them.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Yeah, I hate to be a wet blanket after Michigan almost lost to Army but I agree. Michigan looked pretty rough for portions of the first half of last season until putting it together against PSU. Then they played very good football until the Buckeyes put a stop to it. I have Wisco beating Michigan but also wouldn't be surprised if that went the other way.

I had Michigan as a 9-3 team this year and would probably stick to that. I'm just not ready to proclaim they are going to go .500 or 7-5 because the offense looks like it usually does there. Harbaugh has had some pretty good seasons even with that being the case in the past. I hope I'm wrong and it all falls apart for the Wolverines though.

Comment 31 Aug 2019

Miami, amazingly, does not currently have a ranked opponent on its schedule after losing to Florida. That was a rough loss for them. Probably should have won that game and they have a cupcake schedule the rest of the way. If they can't go at least 9-3 with this schedule it'll be a bad year for them. The ACC is a mess.

Comment 31 Aug 2019

Wouldn't be surprised if things fall apart there and the Buckeyes check in. Would be foolish not to. I also wouldn't say that Knighton lied to the staff. I'm sure he was completely genuine in wanting to be a Buckeye and believed he would be. Then he went home and his family pressured him to go to FSU. I'm not going to blame a kid for his family putting him in a spot that, in my opinion, was unfair to him. I doubt the Buckeye staff blamed the kid either. It's really tough in these situations for the kid to tell his family "no" and it's unfortunate he was put in that position. 

Comment 30 Aug 2019

Agreed. It's legitimately tough to argue that Michigan's D personnel is stronger than last season. They lost 2 1st rounders and 2 3rds and their 5* nose tackle who should be playing a big role this season will be doing so at Tennessee. There are question marks across the D. 

That has been glossed over because a lot of focus is being put on Gattis and Patterson. I tend to think Patterson will improve again this season due to another year of experience and being a senior but a major jump to Heisman contending levels would surprise me. I just don't believe he is that type of talent. He's a safer bet than Fields for this season but Fields is a better bet to reach an elite level.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

I think the reasoning makes some sense but doesn't hold up when put under a microscope. Michigan returns a very good QB and has made changes to its offensive staff that many predict will lead in an improved offense. They were a Buckeye drubbing away from possibly making the playoff. Ohio State lost a record setting QB and head coach and now has a coach with 3 games of head coaching experience. So I think some are using that information to predict a OSU/UM flip.

The issue is that Patterson is a very good QB but not a great one. His numbers against top teams in both his college stops are not good. Gattis is an intriguing hire for UM but he is being overrated because he was at Bama. However, he did not have the freedom that a Lane Kiffin did to run the entire offense. Locksley was heavily involved and called the plays. Not to say Gattis can't be successful but the Bama connection is giving him more rub than he may deserve coming in. Michigan also lost two key defensive assistants to the Buckeyes.

Michigan lost quite a bit on D and if Charbonnet isn't ready as a true freshman, its RB depth chart is concerning. They also have lost a lot of depth through transfers the past couple years and injuries would have them relying on many young players. 

I would still have OSU ahead of Michigan in projections, but acknowledge that there is going to be a question mark for the first time in years until Day shows there won't be a drop-off from Urban. I don't so much have a problem with OSU starting the year ranked between 5-10 in various polls but I don't see the big draw with Michigan. I think Michigan's roster was better last year so it really comes down to people buying a breakout year for Patterson with Gattis changing the offense. I just happen to think that impact is being oversold.

Comment 29 Aug 2019

Maybe co-DC who also coaches DL. Not likely a young NFL coach who was also a NFL DC would fall all the way back to college DL coach right away. Could see him coming back in a DC capacity but a lot of guys prefer the NFL and not having to recruit once they get used to that lifestyle.

Comment 24 Aug 2019

As a frequent traveler, there is nothing sadder than being excited to see a Chick-Fil-A in an airport and then remembering its a Sunday.

Comment 22 Aug 2019

Not sure I agree. Teams use the personnel that helps them win. Wisconsin has rotated two backs in many years, but right now they have a top guy who excels when he gets the ball 20+ times a game and has separated himself from the others on roster. OSU has typically leaned on one guy but the last two years they've tried to split the load because they had two starting caliber backs.

UGA and Bama many times have multiple 5* or high 4* backs on roster so there isn't much of a drop-off if any. Not every school has that luxury. I think if you did a deeper dive you'd find many Big Ten schools do rotate two backs, but if one guy separates himself of course he's going to get the bulk of the carries. Even Bama has had years where one RB dominates the carries besides garbage time.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

The team rankings highlight what you are saying also. 5 or 6 schools should surpass 300 points in the composite this season (Bama, Clemson, OSU, LSU, UGA, TX). There has never been more than 3 schools in one cycle surpass 300. So this really is a top heavy cycle and likely to be a record setting one for that reason.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

I actually don't think there should be much validity to that. The Buckeye running game was better with Braxton/JT/Cardale than it was with Haskins. It's a lot tougher to defend the run when the QB could fool you and keep the ball or vice versa. The potential for big gains increases. Of course the passing game was insanely good under Haskins so there's always a tradeoff. Having a QB who sits in the pocket makes the running game more predictable though.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

You have no clue if that is the case or not. That's fine if that is your opinion but you're stating it like it is a fact. In the case of Georgia I don't think they have to negatively recruit OSU. They have a legitimate claim to be RB U and from what was reported their success with Milton had to do with striking a very close personal connection with the family.

Texas likely leaned on Robinson's family's preference that he not go to school across the country by selling Texas as a middle ground for going away from home but not too far away. I'm sure Drayton portrayed himself as the one who helped Zeke progress at OSU. I don't consider that negative recruiting.

Your theory of how these schools are negatively recruiting OSU frankly doesn't make much sense. Regardless of some of Zeke's personal problems, I don't think pointing to a RB who was a star in college, was drafted high, and is a star in the NFL is a great way to negatively recruit.

Comment 18 Aug 2019

Pretty stupid to attribute it to a real writer and potentially harm his reputation. This is not parody, as it is something that is absolutely conceivable. It's just a lie. They published false information that could harm Kaufman's reputation. People throw out that this or that is defamation often, but this could actually fall within that legal definition.

Comment 17 Aug 2019

Not sure there is "no way" they lose 4 games. Michigan has @WIS, Iowa, @PSU, ND, MSU, OSU plus a trap game against Army. I think their most likely regular season record is 9-3 but there are certainly scenarios where things could go worse than that. Then they have a bowl game. They have a largely revamped defense, a ? at RB, and their QB has not performed well when facing strong competition at both Ole Miss and Michigan. 

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Noticed that Florida's 2019 recruiting class has turned into a complete mess. 4* WR Arjei Henderson, who committed to 3 different schools during his recruitment, can't clear UF admissions. Two other 4* players from the class are going the JUCO route first after failing to academically qualify. They also have a 4* from the Bahamas who is working on visa issues and hasn't been able to enroll yet.

On top of all that, 4* QB Jalon Jones is long gone due to sexual battery allegations which also led to the departure of 4* CB Chris Steele, whose family had requested he not room with Jones before the incidents took place and the coaching staff ignored those requests. He is now immediately eligible at USC. 

I think Dan Mullen is a really good coach but these types of missteps can sink a coaching regime. Just can't remember a situation where about 1/4 of a very good recruiting class was gone or not qualified/enrolled in August.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

Eh the problem with that is even 247 has some rankings that seem very out of whack as well. The composite tends to iron out the times where two of the sites are in the same ballpark and one is an outlier. That's why even 247 promotes the composite above everything else - because none of these sites are perfect but the more opinions you have the less chance one outlier will be the only valid ranking for a player.