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Comment 16 Jun 2020

Great article, Andy! I'm starved for wrestling chatter and there's bee nothing to talk about for way too long. 

Gallagher and Sumate are two Ohio guys that I think will be fantastic. Figueroa is the one on the wish list that may be the best get. Of course, he'll have to grow into 125. My guess is that he'll go 120 next year and then redshirt at tOSU as a frosh. So, we'll be waiting a while to see him on the mat. 

Next year (if there's a return to the mat) will be all IOWA again, as they return nearly their whole lineup. PSU loses a bunch of NCAA champs and will be in the crowded pack for runnerup. Hopefully, the Buckeyes are in the mix as well. I think 2022 is realistically the next chance to make a run for the title, and tOSU could be among the favorites with a loaded lineup. 

Comment 17 Apr 2020

Andy, I know I speak for many in saying how much we appreciate your wrestling coverage. There are forums out there that do decent coverage in forum formats, but no one does regular articles, in and out of season, for tOSU wrestling. Thank you.

I have a random question not related to this article. Will KeShawn Hayes be requesting a medical redshirt? I know he would likely be granted one if requested. However, I know he is pursuing a medical degree. Is he ready to call his wrestling career over? Will he once again be bumped from his ideal weight (Sasso and Echemendia)? Is he finally healthy enough to give it a go? Any insight would be appreciated. He was a top notch recruit and never was able to perform at the level that he was capable of, due to injuries and/or wrestlers like McKenna and Jordan bumping him. 

Comment 16 Feb 2020

I've said this on other forums, but not sure if I've said it here on 11W. NO ONE wants to see GTG in the blood round of NCAAs. For those not familiar with the term, "blood round" is a name given to the final match of NCAAs (and other tourneys) in the consolations bouts (losers bracket) that determine that the winners will AA and losers will not. It is the 5th match of the tournament for these wrestlers, at a time when fatigue sets in and heart and stamina rule. Depending on how GTG does at B10s, He's likely to get a rank of 16-20. I don't see him winning any more than 1 match in the championship bracket (prove me wrong. GTG), but then I think he shines in the consos. 285lb'ers aren't known for stamina, unless your name is GTG. I see him topping one guy after another, all in dramatic fashion, and getting on the podium. I may be wrong, but wouldn't be surprised. 

Comment 16 Feb 2020

Great write-up as usual, Andy.

The good...
125 Malik, struggling all year, beat another guy who has been struggling. This was a "must-win" match leading off the dual.
133 Decatur looked good against one of the top 133s, holding him to a decision.
157 Kinner welcomes formerly #4 ranked Berge back to the mats (been out for 2 months), beating him w/ a TD and ride-out in the 3rd.
197 Moore MDs AA Rasheed.
285 GTG gets a late TD & ride-out to wipe out RT and secure a come-from-behind victory.

The bad...
165 Smith gives up a late TD to lose by a MD.
174 Romero gets caught in the mixer for a fall.
184 Rocky was no match for Brooks (I was giving him a chance, altho not betting $ on him).

The ugly...
141 #1 Pletcher gets handled by #2 Lee. This seemed similar to Lee surprisingly beating McKenna in a dual last year. McKenna would beat Lee at B10s & NCAAs, but the margin of victory was 1 pt in each of the 3 matches vs McKenna. This one wasn't close at 8-4. I'm not counting Pletcher out, though. I think he can beat Lee. I would settle for 1 out of 3 times, preferably at NCAAs. And this is a weight where the 1 seed at B10s or NCAAs isn't a big deal, as I think Lee and Pletcher are comfortably ahead of the field.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Nice article, Andy. I was at the Covelli 2x and it was a great experience. One was the Maryland match against the worst team in the B10s and the worst home match this year. The place was packed and the atmosphere was great. At St. Johns that match would have been around 1,000 at best spread around a 13,000 seat arena (8,000 seat arena if you close off the upper section). I do worry, however, about the casual fan (2 or 3 matches a year) that can't get a ticket in coming years. 

Comment 11 Jan 2020

As always, great work, Andy. Made my first trip to the CC last night. What a treat! A packed arena, deafeningly loud, and then there was Gas Tank GARY! The only way this story gets any better is if he somehow finds the podium. No one would want to be facing this guy in a blood round match. In non-GARY news, Romero looked very good last night. I think he’s looking more and more like an AA this year. He's another guy no one wants to wrestle in the blood round.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Thanks for the update, Andy. As always, great work. It'll be interesting to see Decatur take the mat. But I'm a little surprised he's pulling the shirt in an off-year for tOSU. It's fun to say "off-year" when they are likely the 3rd best team in NCAAs. Not too shabby. 

Andy, any update on Echemendia? His presence in the lineup won't get us to Iowa or PSU but could help in the race for 3rd.

Comment 01 Dec 2019 has tOSU dropping this one, losing both tossups at 125 and 157, and winning 285 with or w/o Singletary. The only bonus wins, per WS, is a TF at 184 for Darmstadt and a MD for Singletary. IMO tOSU gets more bonus wins from the likes of Pletcher, Sasso and Moore and pulls this one out. Also a win at 125 and/or 174 wouldn't surprise me. Altho, a tOSU loss wouldn't shock me either. Cornell is always a well-coached team, but their impressive records are more of a reflection of an early soft schedule.

BTW, Cornell has three studs watching this one as 2x NCAA champ Yianni, AA Arujau, and 2x AA Dean are all taking Olympic redshirts. With their full lineup, this is all Cornell. 

Comment 18 Nov 2019

As usual, great writeup, Andy. OK, #3 tOSU got beat by #21 VT (IM tourney rankings) and #7 OKST got beat by #12 LEH. As I've said a few times on my rankings threads, 3rd place is up for grabs. There's a lot of teams that could end up anywhere from 3rd to 10th. It's early in the season and things will sort itself out.

The Sasso loss was a fluke IMO but he certainly didn't look like a title contender. He'll fall a few spots in the polls but will have plenty of time and opportunities to get back in the good graces of the rankers.

Heinselman looked the same as last year - too small and incapable of beating decent guys. He looks like a NQ - no better, no worse.
Kinner has wrestled 2 very good matches vs Phillipi, but I'm wondering if Phillipi is one of those guys who keeps things close. He looked like a guy hoping to get a NQ but not much more.
tOSU's answer at 157 may be coming in from Cuba as a Christmas present.
Rocky showed why Romero will be the starter at 174. And Romero is yet to beat a top 20 guy, but is undefeated.
Neither Steiner nor Hoffman have shown they could be much better than a NQ.

On the good side
Pletcher looked very solid in a MD over a top 20 guy.
Moore gutted out a TF when the team needed it (all for naught).
Singletary looked decent but not AA decent. I think he's good enough to beat some at the bottom of the podium, but could just as easily lose.
Smith finally had a great win. He's come close to very good wrestlers on several occasions last year but never has gotten the win. Today he broke thru. Hopefully, that will continue.

I don't think Ryan worries too much about losing a dual. But the production at 125, 133, 157 (could change) and 184 will generate few pts at NCAAs. In the battle for 3rd, he'll need some pts here to beat the pack. And until Romero beats a ranked guy, 174 is a question mark.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

This happened at MSU:

Romero beat Shannon ILL 4-2 Finals
Shannon beat Mantanona OK 7-2 Semis
Mantanona beat Jordan 17-7 quarters

Romero beat Covaciu IND 3-1 Semis
Covaciu beat Jordan 6-2 Consos

I think this explains why Romero and not Rocky wrestled vs Pitt. Rocky is listed today, so the spot may still be open, but Romero definitely outperformed Rocky at the MSU Open.