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Comment 11 minutes ago

Even if they lose four games or so he is not going to get fired. The program is not failing but it will depending on what UM wants. Do they want a coach that can get winning records but not consistently beat good teams? Do they want to win the Big Ten, or compete to win it, and go for national titles?

If they want to be more ambitious than sure, they may fire him. Not sure who they go after though to replace him. He was a very high profile get. And he is not doing that much for them in many respects. If they give him the axe than they are probably going to have to get somebody that may struggle to recruit for a bit and fall even further behind the 8-ball.

Unless they fire him and hire somebody who ends up being a great coach diamond in the rough it is not like great coaches are a dime a dozen.

Comment 32 minutes ago

I am not sure OSU trails in this game, and if they do, not for long. Maybe it is closer in the first half, but I still think OSU can do almost what it wants on offense. The Illinois running back would constantly get to the edge and burn them. Dobbins can run anywhere but likes to turn it out, with his speed, he should have a big game for sure.

I also feel that OSU adjusts on offense and defense faster this year than they have in the past. Granted, who they have played so far, but last year they would still give up points against Oregon State or similar all game. Has not happened this year really.

Very optimistic that the team to beat OSU is OSU. Even among the better Big Ten teams this year.

Comment 34 minutes ago

I am curious if they get the team back together for this one. If Smith is back and Cooper has his first game than the DL is even scarier.

Martinez put up good numbers in Illinois in a game they probably should have lost (turn over problems), but Illinois could never get pressure on him. OSU should be able to live in the backfield consistently in this game. So, very different and very much a problem for a turn over prone team.

The DBs for OSU are also just flat out more talented than Illinois. Cannot predict turn overs but Nebraska is generally overmatched on paper.

Comment 36 minutes ago

Given the results through this part of the year, I do not think anything wrong is happening. If they start getting exposed as the season goes on then I will worry more. I mean even the DBs came out playing cruddy at the start of the Miami game. They fixed it fast, but it was the way it was.

The LBs, honestly have played well. I am sure that folks are right and some are playing better than others, but I do not see any massive mistakes like last year, so no reason to be freaked out at the moment.

Comment 39 minutes ago

I know it is hard to figure so far, but I think OSU beating IU is better than anything Nebraska has at the moment. Nebraska has an explosive offense, but lost once and probably should have lost again.

Their defense is not that good, particularly against a running attack. Illinois should have been able to throw on them but QB play was inconsistent.

The pressure will be on the defense to slow down some of their skill guys and Martinez in particular. His ability with his legs is most dangerous to this point. But Martinez has not been pressure too much on the season, even in close games. The defensive line will be a terror for them.

It will be OSU's stiffest test to date, particularly on the defensive side. The offense should be able to score. So long as they can adapt to the environment quickly, as it will probably be loud. Still think OSU wins by three TDs though.

Comment 1 hour ago

Still really only matters what the committee thinks at this point. Good to see the computers have them high, but does not matter as of yet. OSU still has to face the meat of their schedule and see where they stand after that.

Comment 13 hours ago

It depends on the production from other members of the defensive line, since he he will get double teamed all of the time. So it will be hard. Not impossible though, I think that he will do it. 

He will be gone after this year one way or another. Would have been great to have Nick Bosa and him playing together a season but these sorts of players do their time and go. No other choice for them. 

Comment 16 hours ago

I would say how good Field's looks. Not to knock the great defensive play so far, but Fields looks comfortable in the offense. I am sure they have not shown everything, but he has not been at OSU a full year yet. 

My only worry for him is if he takes off for a first down or to get yardage he needs to slide. Don't take the hits if you do not have to. Or get out of bounds. 

Comment 18 hours ago

The A&M being ranked is surprising this early in the year. I know that they have two "quality" losses, but they still have loss twice. 

Comment 19 hours ago

I sort of expect MSU to move back into the rankings after this coming week. Their offense is not good but they will probably be. Still surprised they lost to ASU when they moved the ball fairly well in that game but did not score. 

Comment 21 hours ago

Of the people they can realistically get, none of them. Maybe if they got Saban or Dabo I would be a little concerned in a few years but that would be it. But those guys are not realistic. Meyer is even a few steps beyond that in terms of impossibility. 

Comment 21 hours ago

ESPN does not do a great job of updating their stats. I remember last weekend they were off by two or three for Young's sack total and such. They probably get it right eventually but it is wrong for longer than you would think it should be for a site dedicated to sports. 

Comment 21 hours ago

They have some players on offense, but alot of it is being able to move on the ground with Martinez and their RBs. The team has major fumble problems, but the LBs are going to have to play well. Broken plays will be the big worry honestly and Martinez making plays with his feet. He can make some throws but coverage should be solid. They majorly outgained Illinois last night but should have lost that game if Illinois had a QB and WR that could throw and catch. 

Their defense is not good. They do not seem particularly fast and can get gashed on the ground. 

Maybe they can keep it close at home for a while but they are overmatched. 

Comment 21 hours ago

They were pushed to the limits by Illinois...if by closer you mean OSU wins by at least three scores than sure. Their defense is bad. 

Comment 21 hours ago

They are good. Solid defense and very good running game. I am not as sold on their QB as some others are. He has the potential to be solid but I am skeptical that he can win a game on his own if the ground game is not clicking on all cylanders. 

For sure the toughest team OSU will play in the regular season, but Wisconsin has not played anybody near OSU caliber either. The speed and toughness will be a fair bit for them to handle. Michigan's defense is not good this year either apparently. 

Comment 22 hours ago

I watched Nebraska for the first time last night. He had a good game there, but Illinois also got zero pass rush on him. So he was able to stand in the pocket or take off with no challenge. If Illinois was getting any sort of pressure they likely win that game, and they almost did anyway. 

Nebraska has a few fast players but their defense was getting gashed to the outside by a guy that is not OSU RB quality. So, this one could get ugly fast. 

Only way I see them stay in it is if the tackling is super sloppy and they connect on some deep balls that let them score fast but overall they are flat out outmatched. I do not know how good or bad Illinois is but history says not good. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

No, but OSU cannot really control things either. You play who you play and the ADs scheduled. A&M will probably end up not being as good of a win or SC, but they were attempted solid games. They are hurt by not having good teams in conference. 

I think OSU has worse ooc on paper has better in conference games. Wisconsin alone is better than anything Clemson has. Add PSU to that and may be ranked by that point MSU and UM. 

That said, if Clemson loses a game along the way they are in trouble. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

OSU looks good at the moment, that is what I know. 

I think sports writters are a mixed bag. It is hard to call what is going to happen in the season. In terms of what teams will be majorly improved etc. If you assumed their defense would be roughly the same and that their offense would become modern and better than I can sort of see it. 

Add that to the need for hot takes and you end up where we are. Michigan is not good on defense at the moment and pretty bad on offense. 

That said OSU is good on both and special teams. Nebraska, looking ahead, does not look very good on defense but looks solid on offense. At least their RB and QB look decent. If they have that many turn overs against OSU than that game will be over quickly I think. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

It is a good point and I am not an expert on all the rivalries out there, but for the OSU vs Michigan rivalry there is a fair bit of dislike. At least on the OSU side. Be it from the 90's and that being passed on or that it has been more of a contest for years. Part of it from OSU fan perspectives has been to root for OSU and to dislike Michigan. Some have gone farther than that than others but it is generally true.