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Comment 8 hours ago

Also, I do not get the logic of the piece meal voting. The COVID situation is fluid for sure and things could stop like that but they are making all of these calls and then deciding to cancel the season whereas canceling it would make the need for the others moot. 

I imagine it is a just in case thing, but still. I do not get what some of these folks were doing for so long. Seems like there should be ideas of plans all over at this point and just pick the best one in a given situation. It is not all about football, but it is a major focus at many of the schools and NCAA given the money it brings in. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I am not sure I agree with the more damage part, but it would be bad and pointless leading to potential injury increases. 

If they want to cancel it than do it, but wait until next fall. Most teams will lose their best upper level talent either way. And playing in the spring gives no benefit except having the schools and Big Ten get some of their revenue back. 

It would mean two training camps and depending on if they did some modified bowls or championship games it would go int othe summer with no break. 


Comment 8 hours ago

I think playing in the spring is a terrible call. Cancel the season if you have to. But playing in the spring will either mean two football seasons in a single year with the former having alot of guys opt out to go pro or whatever. 

If you go that way just cancel and hope things are ok for next fall. The only reason to play in the spring would be to get the money from it at the moment. 

Plus, how would bowls or anything work. Would it just be for conference titles and that is it at this point. That is all I could imagine or the seasons would overlap or run into each other. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I don't get releasing schedules at this point and then having talks. Figured the reason they released them at all was because they were going to play in the first place. 

Spring football is stupid. I love football, but you cannot have them play a spring season and then a fall season. It is too much. And you are going to lose alot of players. The ones that are eligible to leave are going to go to the NFL, not play in the spring and delay leaving another year for no benefit. 

Not saying that canceling would be wrong, just would be better to cancel it outright if you are going that way and play next fall as normal if everything is ok. 

Comment 07 Aug 2020

I am not sure that is fair. It is true that not all student athletes would be in such a good situation. And there are inequalities at every phase of things. Every part of society. But I will stick with football for the moment. 

One school doing things well is not really something to look down on, nor is it bad that other athletes did another type of letter. If anything, what OSU has going should be looked at as an example. Given the players a voice and let them know you are there for them. Take all the proper measures and then let them make the call. 

If guys see it being done right somewhere than they can put pressure on their respective schools to change what they are doing wrong or keep doing what seems right. I have heard the SEC make some pretty heartless sorts of comments but OSU is doing it right. 

Student athletes should be brothers and sisters and should be aware that not everybody has it as good, but that does not mean they cannot appreciate their situation or make it such that others may want to mimic their situation other places. 

Comment 07 Aug 2020

I think people worry too much. I could not get the link to work, but the reason one team wins or loses is not because the other side talks trash to public in some form. There is trash talking among the team all of the time. We, at least here, like the professional demenor but Fields did not promise a win, not by my understanding. He was saying his desire to beat them badly. Who are we to tell him how to feel when we all agree. 

These things just end up being self-fulfilling prophecies at some point. Somebody has worry in a given year about event x. The event may shift from year to year but they are right eventually and then it becomes some doom sayer thing that everybody remembers. 

The game will be decided by play on the field. 

Honestly, with the schedules I am more worried about the games after Michigan. OSU is used to throwing everything they have into that game, being at the end of the year. At most there was the Big Ten title game after that, but this year has three other regular season games with Maryland, PSU and Iowa. 

I think they do just fine, but it will for sure be different for everybody. Yeah it is Maryland, but they could and have put scares in there if OSU does not take the game seriously or is exhausted emotionally from the previous week. Day will have them ready but a minor worry. 

Comment 06 Aug 2020

Have to wonder, seems like it started hot and then petered out this cycle. Wonder if they will go for some development guys.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

Should have just done that from the get go. Either they already did and it was nothing. And he is mad about that or he just wants to stir the pot. Day does not seem like the kind of guy to do anything that would hurt the team or university. Everybody says that I guess, but particularly with ticky tacky stuff that everybody is probably very aware of at the moment.

Comment 06 Aug 2020

Have to like all of that. Very possible. The offense should be a machine this year again, particularly with a little more experience at back up QB.

Fields is not my concern at all, defensive secondary is it for me. And I think they play well, just stinks they have not had the practice time they would have normally had through this point. Nobody's fault. The situation has been a mess for everybody but just from an OSU football point ofview.

Comment 05 Aug 2020

Yeah, I think not practicing and stuff much is going to make it hard. Particularly for young guys. I know that the Big Ten is supposed to rule on camps and such sometime this week. If they are expecting football, that one would have to imagine at least a few weeks of camp.

Guys have been conditioning but if you do not have camps or not much of them than these will be messy games for sure.

Going to be a strange year. Who knows about if the season or full season as it stands will end up happening anyway. I am skeptical but would love for it to so long as it was handled well and responsibly. Which will be even harder with COVID happening.

Comment 04 Aug 2020

I think that would be a bad idea. Liability reduction is also a bad idea in my view. You bring in the worker or athlete at the desire of the school or whomever to get various revenues from the product. People get sick and then have no real outlet to pursue potentially reckless behavior or the burden of proof is so high that it is practically impossible to meet. 

Not a fan of that at all. Better, at least for college, for the conference to make a call. Since each university should have a voice in that. And after that it would fall to each school on their own if the situation in their state gets worse and they have to delay games or whatever else. 

Comment 04 Aug 2020

The Big Ten is supposed to make an announcement in the next couple of days if I understood the release or reports from the weekend. It said something like in five days, so Thursday or Friday? That may have mostly been about fall camp but if there is a call about that it would probably be about the season too. Big Ten already went to conference only games. 

The situation is very fluid, as most states are going to be have to evaluate their situation. For that matter, even if football is given the ok, you need to prepare for games being cancelled if one team has an outbreak and cannot field a team or wants to avoid infecting others. It will be a weird season if it happens at all. That is for sure. 

Comment 03 Aug 2020

I feel this year has sucked for so many reasons related to COVID. For sure, it is a shame for the players. And high schoolers and darn near everybody. 

Comment 02 Aug 2020

That is not what he meant at all. If you want to do something but are not being compensated appropriately than it is exploitation. Particularly if it is ongoing. It is pretty much the definition of labor negotiations or boss and employer negotiations. 

The only thing that complicates it is the student athlete thing. Which is fair, but if one party is making billions and the student is getting a free education for it than there is an imbalance. They adjusted some of that, but I imagine they are referring to that sort of exploitation. 

Not that they are being forced to be gladiators against their will. That was never true, at least in any sort of large number. 

Comment 01 Aug 2020

I am not sure that pro athletes are better behaved than college ones. They just have more money. There are always some number that are doing something really stupid and that is going to be all it takes to infect the rest of the team. Just the way it is at the moment. 

Comment 30 Jul 2020

It sucks but probably the right thing to do. With things getting worse and all. If folks would have generally taken it more seriously than it may have happened, but even then it would be rough.

That many people around with a contact sport would probably lead to outbreaks as well, particularly in areas where folks were opposed to obeying any rules to reduce risk.

Comment 30 Jul 2020

They still often get the disease but are not prone to the nastier versions of it.

Kids around 10 and older spread it just like adults do though. Younger than that it is less clear, but if you are talking elementary through high school, putting them into spaces with poor circulation could mean they expose others more at risk for the severe forms.

It is the tough call with all of this. Individual risk is one thing, but given infectious disease it is not about personal risk but more of a collective risk. And there is not 0 risk for anybody with this. Less likely, but not 0 as there have been far to many young kids dying from this.

Comparing this to the flu has got to stop too. It really does. I am not sure why that keeps happening. The flu is a nasty virus that kills far too many as well. And flu season will be starting up shortly and things could potential be much worse with that as well. Or better if folks use masks and social distance. And get the vaccine.

Comment 30 Jul 2020

Given fairly young kids can still spread the thing to parents, teachers, grandparents about as well as adults (around 10 years old anyway) it would be a risk.

It is also not known if the reason kids did not get as sick from it was because schools were closed earlier and were not exposed. In New York there were some rare diseases showing up.

Education is for sure important but it is also a health risk. The Health Department has the job to make all of that known. What those in power do with it is up to them, but it would be irresponsible to pretend that this is just being chosen to hurt kids in their education. There is a reason for it.