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Comment 4 hours ago

I find it amusing that some posters are worrying so much. 

"Reading the tea leaves" as it were is something you can do what you want with. If you want to find reason to be worried you will find it. And vice versa. Sometimes there is reason to worry but we have nothing so far that I have heard about. It is better if the visit not happen for OSU, but at the moment it is not like he goes there and then it is over. 

Lots of OSU commits have visited other schools at the end and still committed. For any single example you can think of there are others. 

The human mind is focused on remembering negatives or exceptions and ignoring other things. 

I don't think anybody is disputing he is a big get or would be a bad loss, but there is nothing out there at the moment other than speculation. If the OSU guys start worrying than worry. Before that, not going to worry. Guys talking to Hartline or other OSU staff are going to be pretty tunned into this and one thinks they must like their chances. 

Comment 5 hours ago

A kid delaying throughout the summer in the hopes that there may be visits allowed at some point in an official capacity...madness. 

Folks need to settle. It would be better if he did not visit, but if everything in the world was normal he would have visited them on an official, just like OSU and there would be the same freaking out. 

If we start seeing OSU insiders saying OU is taking the leap then we can worry, but worry is a relative term because it is not like OSU is hurting at the spot. 

Everybody at the moment is still saying he ends up at OSU. May that change...yes. Will it? Hard to say, EE does not say much. He likes OSU and Hartline we know that. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Because OU insiders, one in particular, has been saying things for months that have not panned out for them about numerous OSU recruits. 

You are worrying too much. Is it possible that he chooses to go to OU, sure, but the logic you are putting out there applies to anybody that does not commit right away. Why is person x waiting? They had all of this time? That is true but it swings multiple ways and guys commit. 

The thing to keep in mind is that this is not a normal year. If it was than he would have visited OU, OSU and others on official visits. 

There is no sense getting worked up unless there is something to get worked up about. No clue who Huffman is, but it is probable he goes and has a good visit. After that visit everybody can take a look but at the moment OSU seems pretty confident. 

There are reasons it is being laughed off and it has more to do with people getting worked up over every little thing that mostly turns out to be a lie in these threads. Alot of truth but a few OU insiders have been pretty terrible this cycle. 

Comment 9 hours ago

Not on the same scale. Cooper had good teams that had really good players and underachieved a fair bit. Particularly against Michigan. 

It was not the same level because the media and social networking landscape was different or just not there. Right now everything is always magnified one way or another compared to then. 

I imagine that he would not be that popular on the OSU fan scene if he were the coach right now and it would fall into an echo chamber of anger in the end. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I mean to a point I understand what I think he is trying to say. That the guys are playing hard and just need time to bring things together, but the reality is that it has to be both right? A new coach is going to come in and be given some time. Maybe things are not great at first but give time to improve and get there in the end. That makes sense. You believe in your process and build but after a few years if that is not working and no results to show for it than you are out. 

Sometimes it is just a grind and things do not go your way but it is not clear at me at all what he is getting at. I do not understand most of what he says to be totally honest in the end. Outcomes do matter and we are not talking about a first or second year coach here. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I think that is what I last saw as well. Although, they have to wait a bit longer I think to determine for sure. Seems like whatever exposure event they had was isolated but it would not be unheard of to have positives pop up towards the end of the week either with longer incubation in some cases. 

Comment 9 hours ago

The biggest shame is with everything this year, you have to wonder what this class could have been. It is on pace to finish great and get a few more big pieces, but how many more guys would they have been in on if visits happened as normal and things were more normal. 

Small potatoes to other problems in the world, but from an OSU perspective it makes you wonder. Hard to be upset with the class. It was always going to be hard to stay with Alabama, just because of numbers alone this class. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I cannot comment on the third week being a get back into period, but the 14 days I can. The CDC and research has indicated that the virus can be spread up to 14 days after symptom onset or a positive test. Generally, people with symptoms have a higher viral load and are more contagious but that is not always the case at all. Asymptomatic people can very much spread it. 

However, in most cases after 10 days post onset the person is no longer shedding infection viable virus. So, if symptoms have improved and 10 days have past than most people are no longer contagious and are good to go. For some it can even be as short as 7 days and some more data is out there to indicate that this may be a bigger number than originally thought. 

So, it seems like they gave the 10 days to the coaches but not the players. I get being cautious and buy the 14 days, I do not get the 21 days though, it is far too long and not much justification. Honestly, if the person has resolved symptoms and it has been more than 10 days they should be allowed to start up again after medical evaluation for other potential conditions if any, rare as they may be. Depending on their illness maybe they need to get eased in, but one would not expect that to be too different than some other illnesses unless they had more severe disease. 

They were hedging on caution I think but it is pretty unreasonable in the end. Most other leagues use the 10 day numbers and there is some more merit to those. Anything from 10-14 days is justifiable based on the data out there. Longer than that is iffy. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Yes, if OSU can play the game and so long as MSU does not pull out after Weds. Simple as that. They would go for it I think, but it is not much time in the end to figure things out. 

I think it would be a long shot in the end. Probably better to hope that MSU is in good shape and OSU is able to field a team for the game. 

Comment 10 hours ago

They did not really have a choice about canning Illinois. If they had lots of new positives on Friday than they have to screen on Saturday too and then figure out if they have more then and so on. You cannot play a game if you are potentially going to expose more. One imagines there was alot of testing over the weekend through today to reach this point and not seeing new cases pop up. 

From a football point of view it is frustrating but it seems to be the right thing to do in the end. Sucks to miss games against Maryland and Illinois as those are the games where you potentially get more than starters work. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Still wondering who is going to be out for three weeks. I know we do not have a right to know until we see the injury report or who is playing but it is still something that makes it more curious. Parts of the team, at least from a football point of view, were struggling before anything else. 

The important thing is to make sure that they have isolated everybody and nobody else has been exposed. That is about the best you can do right now. 

Wonder when coach Day's quarantine is over, I am not clear on when he first tested positive, just the announcement. 

Comment 11 hours ago

Yeah, he is going to have one year on the roster before he signs and then will probably be the guy the year after that as the other guy has to get into the system and figure things out in the best case scenario. After that, maybe the other guy is a threat but you are already on year three and if you had a good career probably ready to head out. 

Not really a big deal honestly. 

Comment 11 hours ago

I don't know much about evaluating high school talent but I am not sure I have seen the burst Henderson has in a RB coming to OSU in a while. Guy looks elite. I have not seen Wheaton play to make a guess. Probably will be a good back, but OSU got a good one in Henderson. 

Comment 11 hours ago

I am skeptical that they do without a few more games. And it is probably not in their best interest either. Fields is pretty good when he is on his game. Great even. But there are issues. 

Other teams have the chance to work most of those out but OSU is relatively early on in the season and that probably hurts them more in any potential match up. It may not be as bad if they played all eight games and a big ten title game, but as it is, I would be a little worried. 

The main issue seems to be adjustments are not really happening. Either on offense or defense after the half. They look good in the first half and lost in the second. The reasons for that may vary some but they are there and worrying. Some of it may just be no crowd to feed on and things being so weird this year, but on defense they did not really make adjustments to use more pass heavy formations when that was all IU was doing until the last minute and the offense starts doing some strange things. Like no screens despite constant blitizing and so on. 

I am a Monday morning QB on my best day and I think the coaches know their trade, but the trends are a little worrying this year. Particularly with fewer and fewer games to fix any of the problems. Even if there was a full season a game against Alabama or Clemson is no gimmie, but you can gain confidence that guys will be in the right place to make the play. And that is all you can ask for, I am not sure I think they do at the moment outside of a few guys, particularly on defense in the secondary. 

Comment 12 hours ago

I think testing results would be the first step, but in terms of playing the game they would need to get started pretty fast and get things going again or they will not be ready in time anyway. Which is a mess. 

We also do not know who is healthy anywhere at the moment. Just that folks were hit. It would be nice to know that most of the starters are alright or something. Not sure it helps much if it is a patch work of whomever they could throw on the field after a day or two of practice...

Comment 12 hours ago

Honestly, the best choice in terms of health is the one the Big Ten made initially in cancelling the season. If they wanted to play they should have kept the initial schedule they had in August that allowed more flexibility. 

Without that, they pulled in a false sense of security. The midwest is hammered right now and it is hard to impossible to avoid that altogether. Just the nature of the beast. It is hard with small groups let alone hundreds and it spreads like wild fire. 

The testing stuff makes me wonder what the doctors on staff were thinking. They deal with this more than me but the rapid testing is not a great test to determine if somebody is infectious. By the time they are positive in one of those tests they have probably already been spreading for days at that point. 

All it does it potentially let you shut it down more quickly, but at this rate not that much faster. 

Comment 12 hours ago

That is terrible. I am hoping they are all of the mild kind. Still terrible for the program. The Big Ten country is getting hammered at the moment. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Not sure that was the goal. The goal seems to be to cut off the infection as quickly as possible. It sounds like even if they had not hit the threshold, they had a large number of cases that kept coming up everyday indicating an ongoing problem. Don't control that and you hit whatever the threshold is pretty fast. 

I doubt it had anything to do with trying to keep one game or another in the sights. 

Comment 12 hours ago

Not sure why they are so resistant to it. I imagine the Big Ten was in a strange spot since they did not start on time. So the CFP group could just consider it as a knock on teams from those conferences. 

Not starting on time or around there really hurts the Big Ten. The cancellations in and of themselves do not, but getting them with a shortened schedule may just be a fatal blow in the end. 

I am not sure I agree with the record thing. Not making the title game hurts more in my eyes. Getting an extra however many wins over mostly bad opponents is largely moot. Yes, they played those games, but it is not like most of them were ever in question or should have been.

Alabama has looked really good this year. Everybody else has been a mixed bag. 

Comment 12 hours ago

That really sucks for them, he was having a very good year. This was going to be that team that IU probably will not get again for a while. 

Comment 14 hours ago

Yes, every other team is doing things to screw over OSU specifically. Michigan would rather play the game too. As it is not impossible that they win the game. Very unlikely, but it is never impossible. 

OSU is the center of our interest but not the center of everybody's.