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Comment 5 hours ago

It matters. If your goal is just to win the Big Ten, you still have to beat OSU. To win a national title or even compete you need the talent and the coaches. 

Does not mean that you do not have teams like Wisconsin that develop well and do their thing. Those teams can pull upsets from time to time but that is the exception and not the rule. 

Comment 9 hours ago

I honestly do not remember the DBs being bad under Coombs, so not sure what you are getting at with that one. They played alot of man coverage and that makes it harder for turnovers. Partly because guys are not in the area. It is going to be the defense Day wants to run which seems to be a mix of zone and man.

It is a pretty good trade really. Hafley would have been good to keep but if one wants to play games. Hafley also came in with one of the most talented secondary groups, in terms of ratings, that I remember. He had the talent there to do nearly whatever he wanted to do back there. I loved the guy, but he is gone.

Comment 9 hours ago

Does it matter? That was an NFL game. They generally did a solid job against the Chiefs running game and passing game but the Chiefs have so many guys that are so fast that one wrong step will beat you. Plus their QB can beat you even if you are doing your job well.

Coombs has not been a defensive coordinator, so we will see how he does there but in terms of coaching up secondary players he is pretty darn good. And is an elite recruiter. It should help him a little that Day has a base defense he likes already in place.

Comment 10 hours ago

Yeah, have to imagine he helps pull in a few big DBs, he has to form relationships first, but there are a number of guys that already like OSU and coach Day. One has to imagine they will like coach Coombs a fair bit too. NFL experience, high energy and history of getting guys into the league.

Hard to beat that.

Comment 10 hours ago

Seems like a reach. They are the highest scoring on any team with an ok kicker. And it usually means the offense stalled out. And they always get a point on any TD. I doubt kickers would stick around if they were being attacked all the time either. I imagine it was a joke of sorts.

Kickers are usually not the most athletic on the team. I would say for OSU there are more important positions but it depends on the situation. The only time the kicker is the most important is that game winning drive, but the offense still needs to get them in range in the first place.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

Apparently Michigan leads for Kiner at the moment according to Birm. Edwards is sort of an unknown but given he is in their backyard and at a school that likes to send guys to Michigan it may be uphillish for OSU? At least that would be Michigan's hope.

That said, Edwards has visited OSU a fair bit.

For top guys though it is interesting to see them not really developing much at Michigan, as other posters are pointing out. Particularly when you have teams like Wisconsin that take a fair number of three star guys and do pretty good things with them. Same with MSU classically anyway.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

I would have put it on the top of the list if they won the title, or at least second. The regular season was probably the best one that I remember for an OSU team. I know the high drama was not there.

As a whole it probably comes behind 2014 and 2002 because those teams won titles and the whole story of 2014 is hard to beat.

Still salty about how it ended with the 2019. Winning the Big Ten is a good season. Just knowing they should have won that game, but they could not get out of their own way and the refs not helping just make it frustrating.

Comment 17 Jan 2020

Its alot of speculation more than anything and most of it we have heard before (and filmed pre Gibbs not coming). Edwards is the guy OSU wants the most this cycle. He has been quiet and Birm speculates that is good for OSU. Kinar in Cinnci prefers Michigan at the moment. Wheaton, the number one back in the class is a guy to watch even though he does not say much.

Seemed bullish on Edwards, with Alfred recruiting him for so long and how many times he has visited OSU. Although there is alot of pressure for him to go to Michigan. That high school has sent a number of guys to UM, but they seemed positive.

They pretty much go through the usual suspects brought up in these threads. Pryor is talked about some

Comment 17 Jan 2020

Only thing with some of those it has a major impact on other teams too that did nothing wrong. Like not fielding a team or home games. Those would take games away from other teams in terms of getting guys work and game experience. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

The staff should have told Hilliard to hit bricks? But they are not pushing kids out?

Day said during the press conference the base is one safety but they will use more two safety looks.

I get you are upset and thinking highly of your own opinion but back off the ledge a little there. We are talking about the difference in one player at most.

Not to mention that Gibbs was a long shot at best.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Seems like a good number to me. If they added another they would be at five and it is likely that only two see consistent time.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Really, it is probably a good rule of thumb not to slap anybodies butt unless you are pretty good friends with the person as a joke. Smacking anybody you do not know, male or female, is not ok. 

Comment 16 Jan 2020

It is an interesting thing with how the mind works. I imagine part of it is just being smaller ourselves at the time and the memory of all of that proportion. Just a good example of our untrustworthy senses I guess, although it is cool. I have experienced the same to varying degrees over the years.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

It is sort of crazy how different this class would be if Robinson would have stayed on. Totally different feel at RB. Looks like 2021 OSU is in line for some solid guys though. Just have to hope they can seal the deal with them and there is no funny business.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Day seems like a generally honest guy though. He seemed to leave himself wiggle room in his statements. He did not say we are for sure done at the position. He used qualifiers so he is fine either way. Not sure he is intentionally misleading or obfuscating. Does not seem to be what he does really. Seems fairly straightforward and honest.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

There was a qualifier there too though. He said they were probably done unless there were changes or something like that. He left it open if they do get one.

Just did not sound like he is optimistic. Which seems to match about what everybody else is saying at the moment. OSU is outside looking in for Gibbs. He likes OSU, but seems to prefer staying in the South. And with the other guy, it is not clear there is mutual interest.

OSU seems to be in better shape for RB in the 2021 class though and will need to take two if they miss on both of those guys though.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

The guy is a good LB. Browning has work to do but has potential. I hope he reaches it this year. I do think it is hard to find great players like that though. Even for top tier programs. You tend to take for granted the good ones that you get and then get mad that the next guy is not that.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I think the poster made it more sound more for sure than what Day did in the presser. Day said that but they he said that have to see what happens. If Gibbs wants in for instance, they will take him. At least that is what everybody is saying at the moment.

Numbers are tight but that is for the coaches to figure out I guess. There has been talk about OSU getting another CB as well. Either recruit or through transfer portal.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

As far as has been indicated he is not trying to commit this second, if he was doing that and OSU was holding him off than I agree with you. But he is leaning OSU and OSU is still looking over everything. AE did not say they for sure would not take him. That would be crazy, but they have a higher target.

If he told them he wanted in and OSU said no, it would be pretty wild.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

I really do not understand why you would be out there doing that? Would have to hope there is an investigation, but I imagine the defense would be they will pay the players eventually anyway, but this seems blatant.