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Comment 2 hours ago

Not sure why we care at the moment. Need to keep winning to even be worried about this sort of thing.

Comment 18 hours ago

You could argue they have the best players on both teams outside of Hamler. And even he, would just be in the group at OSU as opposed to the guy.

Olave has more TDs than he does and has played far fewer quarters.

Comment 18 hours ago

Yeah, really avoid turning the ball over or giving them momentum in special teams and they will have trouble. In 2018 McSorley had a fair number of big runs on that defense. At least one that I remember and others to extend drives. Not that it could not happen, but it seems unlikely that it would again.

It seems that PSU offenses usually struggle to move the ball against OSU. It usually takes their offense and a few odd plays for them to be in the game at the end.

I mean the refs basically gave them a few scores in 2017. And the last two years it has been OSU spots them points and then wins. It would be nice to just destroy them from the onset and be done.

Comment 18 hours ago

Getting Young back alone is going to be a nightmare for them. It will make the other guys better as well. Hampers the deep route and messes with screens and the run game. Not going to be easy but if OSU dominated Wisconsins line than PSU is not better from what I remember.

Only way PSU wins is if OSU comes out flat and PSU executes to perfection. And that would be uncharacteristic of this OSU team, outside of maybe Rutgers. They all seemed to have been waiting for these last two games in particular.

Comment 19 hours ago

I am not totally sure of a blowout, but haven't you thought no game this year was going to be a blowout outside of Rutgers?

You are basically giving a pity win to PSU to make it even. Maryland, at best, is a push. And even then, I think they had their starters in a fair bit of that game from what I remember. OSU had theirs out by the half. So, it is apples to oranges at best here.

Comment 19 hours ago

Sure but the 2014 team was not as consistently good as this team has been this year either. I mean it is not hard to find examples of games being close with PSU. It may happen, it may not. PSU has shown more weaknesses than OSU through this point of the year.

Whomever execute will win. I think an OSU blowout is more likely than the reverse. And an OSU win is most likely. Just based on performance this year.

Comment 19 hours ago

Considering he has been held in check by lesser teams this year. At least Pitt and some others did a good job with him. Minnesota beat them with a less talented roster.

And where is this highly susceptible stuff coming from? Are you basing that on the Rutgers game? They had like 2.8 yards rushing. They had a few successful plays against a vanilla defense without some of their talent going.

It is like we forgot all about Adrian Martinez as a running QB when it suits us. They owned him outside of one play.

PSU is a dangerous team, but they are a good team. They will get yards, but you are exagerating a great deal. Anybody who takes things away from the Rutgers game with that nonsense is. Highly susceptible is the slant route last year or outside runs. This team has not had any of that. A few "big runs" here or there of like ten or fifteen.

Comment 20 hours ago

I feel there are more fans that freak out about weather than there should be. Nobody wants gale wins or horrible conditions. And it does impact teams and the quality on the field, but the better team usually wins those things. And everybody plays in it. So, just have to suck it up.

It honestly does not sound that bad really. It may be a little slick on the field and chilly but nothing insane. Should not impact the passing game at all. It even looked fairly good vs Wisconsin when the WR started to lose their gloves some and they went to the air. Not worried about weather.

Comment 20 hours ago

He will play. He is a good player for sure, but I am not that worried about him. Particularly if there is a good pass rush. Hard to imagine many guys beating that secondary consistently. He will get catches but limit him and there you go.

Comment 23 hours ago

I guess Adrian Martinez is not a dangerous mobile QB? Granted Nebraska but he hurt them last year.

Mobile QB and the RPO is probably their best bet. And hope OSU makes mistakes with turn overs. That is going to be it mostly. They showed some ability to slow the game down against IU on that last drive but having a 19 play drive will be harder against OSU;s defense.

I am not as concerned about the Rutgers thing. OSU was missing a fair number of starting OL, a LB and a CB. They also played it pretty vanilla. A mobile QB is always good to have and will get them some first downs or points. I do not think it is really the blue print to just destroy them.

The key to beat any defense is to try and do things they will not expect and cause some confusion. Then execute. PSU has been slowed down by less than OSU.

There are ways I can see them potentially winning, but they are not likely.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Not that it matters much, I am just rooting for OSU, but Alabama will have a hard case to make. With no quality wins. They just have the eye test over lesser teams. That is it. It really depends on how the committee views things this year I guess. I mean the only situation that is for sure going to change is LSU and Georgia. Even if everybody wins out the rest of the way. 

OSU has the hardest path to that at the moment with three physical conference games in their way. I doubt they get much love for that either. Would be shocked if they win out and pass LSU. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

I doubt they would sit him or that he would want to sit. I imagine he wants to play right now. Have to see if he is able to in one of these games coming up.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

A RB would need insane numbers to be in the running and JK usually plays a half. If he played whole games, he probably would have ~150 yards a game and probably 2 TDs and would be at or near the top of the discussion. It is not happening as is though. It is mostly a QB award and if you are not a QB your stats need to be stupid. And OSU success has limited the numbers for the starters. Outside of Fields total TDs.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

It depends on what it means by demolish. It also depends on what demolish means. I think they should win by three scores. Could be more.

It also depends on how bad the weather is. I think OSU still wins and am not freaked out by some rain but it does change some things. I doubt the coaches are as conservative to start the Wisconsin game though and both teams will have to play in it.

OSU has more advantages than not, but if they do not execute and PSU plays a great game it may be close. It has been the last two years. Some of those were more wonky and last year the defense was not good but still. I think this year should be different than last year. Just given that the only team capable of stopping OSU's offense constantly is OSU. And if the defense can make them one dimensional than they are in trouble.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Everybody was worried about Michigan last year too. They were ranked higher and so on. Not saying it is a blow out this year for sure but not sure we should freak out and Day is not saying that Michigan or PSU are just another game. He said that about games earlier in the year. He gets the rivalry.

Both of these games are going to be very tough games. And them being back to back is going to be rough. But everybody always gives OSU their best shot. PSU last few years played OSU close then choked and came out flat the following week or two with losses. They will be battles.

And it sucks that htey are back to back more than I am worried about either alone. If they win out, I think they will, that gets them to play probably Wisconsin or Minnesota again. Another physical game. So, it will be a rough stretch. Might be the roughest stretch in football this year.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

I suppose so, but MSU has been a shell of themselves since then. I mean they lost to Illinois in a game they should not have lost at all. UM beat them, but it was a game for a while. And it is not hard to beat Michigan State down if the defense is on the field most of the game. 

OSU looked fine in that game just took a bit longer. If that and Rutgers were let downs than I will take it.