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Comment 07 Dec 2012

Hopefully after the first week in January 2014, there will be 14 more heads added to the wall.

with the caption "Still Undefeated"

Comment 04 Dec 2012


I don't know if you caught this but wanted to get your thoughts about your answers to questions 6 and 9 (giggity).

I am never one to care about the feelings of Michigan or their fanbase...but if you put Ohio State and Michigan into the same Division, and those Divisions are named Hayes and Schembechler, one team is going to be pissed.

Associating Ohio State to the Schembechler Division or Michigan to the Hayes Division seems to be a stretch.



Comment 21 Dec 2011

This may be way out there on the conspiracy line but...

Does anyone else think it is weird that the NCAA waited until after bowl selection to hand down this penalty?

1. The SEC and ESPN and NCAA are all in bed together

2. Urban Meyer comes to OSU

3. The SEC gets pissed

4. The SEC calls ESPN who calls the NCAA

5. The NCAA drags their feet until after 2011 bowl selection

6. 3:00 PM Yesterday

7. Today

You can't tell me that the NCAA didn't know months ago that they were going to give OSU a bowl ban. I'm sure that idea wasn't thought of yesterday morning. I think it is the NCAA's way of sticking it to OSU.  "We will have them go to a crappy bowl this year, and ban them next year. 2 for 1."

Comment 03 Oct 2011

If anyone has ever said anything bad about an OSU player...you have in fact BOO'd that person.

What is the difference from coming on to this website and saying things like "The O-Line sucks" "Bollman is a loser" "That was terrible play-calling" "Boone is slow" "Lydell Ross sucks"




Comment 03 Oct 2011

Apparently, voicing your disgust is worse than writing your disgust.

Comment 03 Oct 2011

What is funny is that people hate people that boo...but then they come on here and trash the team with their posts. IMO, it is the same thing.

If you are frustrated, let it out. Whether that is through booing or posting...who cares.

Comment 03 Oct 2011

Anyone know where the "Urban Meyer for OSU HC Job" website is?

I've been looking for the past 2 days.

Comment 25 Jun 2011

Dump Mark May and Desmond Howard.

New GAMEDAY cast....Urban Meyer, John Gruden, Erin Andrews and Cris Fowler.

Herbstreit to the sidelines and game calling.

Comment 30 May 2011


National Title?

They won't be sniffing a post-season game for a few years if the events of today are any inclination of what is coming.

Comment 26 May 2011

In reference to Ramzy's column on Tuesday...can we officially call this SmallGate?

Comment 25 Mar 2011

I think we should all wake up and realize that there is a slim chance Tressel gets out of this thing with his job.

It is only going to get worse as the NCAA keeps digging deeper.


Comment 24 Mar 2011

I'm not saying the scrutiny of Tressel's integrity is right...but being in the spotlight and constantly preaching integrity, and then breaking that integrity, is kind of a big deal.

Anyone who has strong convictions about something, and goes around spreading their opinions about those convictions, are often held at a higher standard when they don't follow those convictions.

Example 1 - A politician who is a big advocate against adultery and sexual immorality is caught cheating on his wife with another man.

Example 2 - A normal average joe cheats on his wife with another man.

Which of those two people would you dislike more?  Probably example 1.  It isn't right...but that's reality.

Comment 24 Mar 2011

I have no doubt he will continue to impact people in a positive way...I just think he has lost a lot of credibility. You preach and preach and preach about integrity, and then you do something that shows you don't have integrity. 

If I lie or you lie...it really isn't a big deal because we don't preach about integrity and doing what is right, even when no one is looking.  When someone who showcases themself as a person with unquestionable integrity, and you lie...that can shatter your reputation beyond repair.

I love Tressel...I just don't think he survives this. I'm trying to view this as just an average fan...not a Buckeye fanatic.

Tressel's case isn't as bad as Pearl's (like you said), but IMO it is pretty close. 

Comment 24 Mar 2011

And I will say this about the Tressel/Pearl comparison that Ramzy made...

IMO, the lying to NCAA is by far the most damaging of any of the transgressions.  You lose all credibility with your players. All it takes is one "Aww $#&@!" to ruin the reputation of someone in the spotlight.  How can a coach get in front of his players and preach to them about integrity and excellence when he has demonstrated he doesn't always have integrity?  And I'm not talking about lying that he stole a coke from the office snack bar.

Think of a church minister who admits to stealing money from the congregation.  The minister admits he was wrong and you forgive him...but do you still trust him? Does he still remain your pastor? How does the pastor stand up in front of the congregation and preach about how you should give money to the church and stealing is bad?

You can forgive someone...but that doesn't mean they keep their job.

I love Tressel. He has done a lot during his tenure. But his "Aww $#&@!" moment is pretty bad. 

I guess we will wait and see.

Comment 01 Mar 2011

Cam Newton weighs ~250

Dane weighs ~180

I'd say Newton is pretty quick for his weight.

Comment 19 Jan 2011

Herbie picked Ohio State to beat Oklahoma in the BCS CG before the start of the season.

He still likes the Buckeyes...but he is a businessman.

Plus a lot has happened over the past season that may have instilled a sense of anger at Ohio State.


Is outing the Tatoo-Five on national television a sign of disloyalty or is it a sign of anger towards these individuals who spit in the face of a presitigious program that Herbie takes pride in being an alumni of?

Comment 13 Jan 2011

I've said this before...but if OSU can get through the first five games undefeated, the suspensions might actually be a blessing in disguise. 

- The back-ups get some real game experience.

- The suspended players will be well rested (barring injury during practice) and will only have to play 7 games minimum...9 games max. Unless, of course, they sell the Sugar Bowl trophy for tats.

The only real scary game for me will be MSU.

Comment 18 Nov 2010

Attempting to put his arm around Greg Oden's shoulder....

"The sun will come out tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..."