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Went to Indiana and one of my kids was on athletic scholarship at Iowa and another recently graduated OSU. Having lived in Columbus near campus for more than 20 years now I root for the Buckeyes the most (except when my daughter competed). I do love to cook - and not just BBQ.

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Comment 18 Jan 2020
Love the idea and the donation, but Jeff Ruby's always seems like one of those places where you need to bring your W-2 and other proof of income before you can get a table.
Comment 16 Jan 2020

BGN - And isn't Cupp like that too?  Wasn't he a late addition, a flip from MSU?  Sometimes it's more than enough to be part of great team at a high-profie school.  He's likely not a NFL prospect is he?  No shame in that.  Enjoy the ride and the OSU experience!

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Good morning everyone!  I'm happy to say I have ended my self-imposed 17 day exile from college football.  I needed a mental respite from things starting the second the Fiesta Bowl ended and decided a cold break from 11W was the best way to achieve that.  It was hard, but I look forward to catching up, finding out what I missed - and next season.  Go Bucks! 

Comment 26 Dec 2019
I've just tuned in and saw a targeting, then a facemask, and an interception - possibly on consecutive plays. Has the whole thing been this bad? Oh and Tathan on the sidelines