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Comment 20 Sep 2019

Losing games is one thing, getting blown out by Purdue and Iowa is another. Expecting one of the most talented teams to not get blown out by middling to bad teams isn’t an “imaginary standard” and comparing urban to 99% of the other coaches in college football history makes zero sense because 99% of coaches have never had the consistent talent advantage that he had. I liked Urban and I’m very glad he coached at OSU, but he is certainly deserving of some criticism. Championships are always the goal, but a lack of them wasn’t the only issue. Your arguments are repetitive, tired, and lazy. 

Comment 11 Sep 2019

2 of the three major efficiency stats improved and they were arguably the most important ones, completion percentage and TD to Int ratio. Improved efficiency is a product of improved decision making, which is a skill. Arm strength isn’t the only QB skill.  

Comment 08 Sep 2019

He was saying based on that performance, LSU looked like the #1 team, but he even backed off of that by saying he needed to see how other teams performed, specifically mentioning OSU. And to be clear, he wasn’t saying he thought they’d jump to #1 in the polls, he said they looked like a #1. Based on the fact that Texas was by far the best opponent of any of the top 10, A&M looked like crap to me, it’s not a ridiculous take. Outside of Clemson and LSU, no one in the top 10 played anyone with a pulse (sorry cinci).

Comment 08 Sep 2019

I’m ok with seeing Borland in the red zone. He does have very good instincts and there isn’t a ton of space so the lack of speed isn’t as much of an issue. Unless he intercepts the ball and gets caught by O Linemen, but hey, that’s still a win. 

Comment 07 Sep 2019

While I agree with your first point, most of us don’t want other people seeing us take a shit.